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Friday, 20 January 2017

Smelling of roses with Paul Smith Rose

Paul Smith Rose eau do parfum 100ml £28.50 (shop here)

"A rose by any other name might be something you'd expect..." - Paul Smith

The beauty of a rose seems to be endless, be it from it's looks, scent or meaning.  My boys will often buy me a bunch of roses to have in the front room and even when they've truly had their day i still see such beauty in them.  My mum knows me all to well and for Christmas bought me one of my favourite perfumes and although I'm not the best at describing scents i had to share this beauty. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

My current flawless makeup base

Not that i get to spend a lot of time doing a full face of makeup these days but when i do these are the products I'm reaching for repeatedly to wipe the tiered mum face away. My base products are what i care about the most and spend the most time and not to mention money on. The way i see it after skincare products your base products are important as it's what all your other makeup is going to sit on and is going to make them shine. 

No7 Airbrush away primer £16.50 - This primer has a very soft creamy texture and is great for using all over the face. It doesn't quite fill all my pores but it does blur them slightly and gives a nice smooth base for my foundation to go on. I also find this primer very hydrating and not heavy so it feels comfortable on my skin as well as benefiting my makeup. I can't really say if it makes my makeup last better through the day but i do feel my foundation sits better when i do use this. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Making the most out of the year with 17 month agenda - magic hour from Rooi £27.95 (shop here)*

One thing I'm best at doing is procrastinating and it drives me wild. I want to be one of these people who has their shit together and knows exactly what their doing and when. That's what your meant to be like when your an adult right? Clearly i missed the memo or more truthfully i looked at it for hours instead of doing it. Last year i got myself a planer and started writing down weekly to do lists and dates with friends etc. and i actually found myself starting to do more but then i kind of stopped when Esmé come along. This year from the get go I'm saying no to letting life pass me by and i figured the best way to do so was to get myself a nice new planner that I'm going to want to fill. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Swimming with Water Babies #NBSW

Water babies swimming lessons (find your local pool here)

Whether it's because we had a water birth or it's just part of her, Esmé absolutely loves the water. Even at this early stage I wanted to embrace this love of hers and take her swimming so we could both learn some valuable lessons whilst both having fun. Swimming at this age wasn't much of a thought when I had Aiden, we took him to the local swimming pool once or twice but he got cold far to fast and there's only so long you can sit still holding your baby. Until I was contacted by Water babies I had no idea that children so young could be taught swimming techniques, which is incredibly important and could save their life.
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