Monday, 4 August 2014

Wedding Series // Beauty Wishlist

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Among the billion things i am currently doing planning a wedding for 4 months away is now one of them and a very big one you could say haha. Of course planning a wedding means organising food, flowers, venues etc etc. but to the bride and certainly one that's a beauty blogger it also means thinking of lovely products to use to make myself look and feel the best. 

  As a beauty blogger in general i have a wish list as long as my arm but these are the six that are at the top of it and that i especially want for my wedding day.

1. Corioliss C2 galaxy hair straighteners £120 - Although i am having my hair in an up-do i always find my hair looks and feels a lot nicer after being straightened, being that my current ones are nearly a decade old now of course i want a nice shiny new pair.

2. Glamglow mud mask £40 - Of course it's only natural for every bride to want their skin looking flawless on their biggest day and with the glamglow range getting such high reviews i am dying to try this out.

3.Urbam decay naked 2 palette £37 - Being a beauty therapist and extremely into beauty and make-up i am actually doing all my own beauty treatments and makeup on the day. I am very much a nude kind of gal and although i already own the basic palette i think the naked 2 would create a wonderful bridal smokey eye look.

4. Urban decay all nighter setting spray 30ml £9 - I'm hardly going to have the time to touch up my makeup on the actual day so a good setting spray is in order and i hear good things about this one.

5. Glamglow brightmud eye treatment £40 - Most brides could more than likely just get away with a skincare treatment but my dark circles are the last thing i want showing up in photos so urgent treatment will be in order for them!

6. Marc Jacobs daisy dream 100ml £70 - As well as looking like a princess i want to smell like one and as soon as i took a whiff of this perfume i knew i wanted it for my wedding day. 

7. Pearlys smile box £40 - This is a complete vanity wish but i think for the occasion it's completely allowed and as i plan to have a beaming smile on my face all day i want my teeth to sparkle too. 

What products would you want or did you have for your big day? x 
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Giveaway // 2 Year Blog Birthday

Yesterday my little blog turned two and I'm such a proud mummy..haha! But seriously i am very proud of how far my blog has come and the opportunities it has opened up for me is unbelievable. Although i haven't been able to post half as much as i would like to due to being at college, trying to start up my beauty business and generally having quite a busy life lately it is still so lovely to see that you are all still following and reading my little blog. 

To show my appreciation i am holding a little giveaway in which one of you shall win either a MAC lipstick of your choice or a £15 Lush gift voucher, i wish i could give all my loyal readers a treat but i sadly can't afford to do such a thing. I have chose these two options as i love my MAC lipsticks and know many other gals do too but just in case that's not your bag and you rather some pamper time what better place to chose than Lush. 

As always i am running this giveaway through rafflecopter so I'm not personally choosing a winner so it is entirely fair, however i do check so no false entries, it doesn't wash with me! There will be several ways to earn yourself extra entries and some that you can do daily if you chose too. If you are under 16 than please get permission prior to entering and this is open to the UK only, sorry. Thank you all again for reading my blog and good luck!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review // LUSH Movis Face Soap

Lush Movis face soap £4.50 100g

Without a doubt this has to be the oddest Lush creation I've tried and i will be completely honest something i completely overlooked until a sample was kindly given to me to try from my local Lush. It's odd brown rectangle slab form covered in brown crumbs is not something i even glanced at long enough to actually engage in what it was for, because it wasn't that pretty i completely turned a blind eye and shame on me!

It turns out Movis is a gentle face soap that contains hop & wheatgerm oil, cocoa butter and wholemeal bread. This was made by one of the Lush founders oddly enough called Mo who joined her love of baking with soap making and there Movis was born, an ingenious name for a bread soap in my opinion. Now if your like me your probably thinking that bread is surely an extremely alien ingredient to put in a soap but it actually works as a very gentle exfoliator, who knew? It has a very unique scent which is quite hard to describe, it's kind of like a sweet bread... which may sound like it wouldn't be nice but I'm actually really attracted to it. It's certainly one to sniff next time your in a Lush just to see for yourself. 

The soap itself is rather squidgy unlike normal soaps, which you can either brake small pieces off or rub to lather in your hands like normal soap, i personally choose the latter. Although it doesn't lather up loads like your average soap bar it's just enough to cleanse your face and really feel it working, even the lather feels soft and delicate. Since I've been given this i have used it morning and night and i have to say it really has worked wonders on my skin. Before this i have never used a soap on my face as i find it too harsh and leaves my skin feeling rather horrible and dry, this however leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth and not to mention clean. 

This odd little soap has fast took the spot of my cleansing milk as aside from the amazing benefits it has on my skin it's fast and easy to use. I've got to admit I'm gutted i overlooked this product for so long as i now quite simply adore it in every way and it now certainly holds a spot on my bathroom sink!
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