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Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines // Budget & luxury red lips

Red lips are a big makeup trend and it seems we all like to rock a red lipstick for valentines day so i thought i would share my favourite red lip products, no matter what your budget is these will get your red lip game on point.

Budget - Rimmel Kate Moss shade 111 £5.49 

Rimmel lipsticks have to be saluted for their quality and price and are one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks. The lasting power is great, ok so it does wear especially when eating and drinking so touch ups will be needed however that can be expected from a lot of lipsticks. The pigment and velvet matte texture is also brilliant and it glides on so is easy and comfortable to wear. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review // Mama mio the tummy rub oil

Mama mio - the tummy rub oil £27

Deep moisturising and nourishing your skin is an absolute must when pregnant in the battle against stretch marks. I tried a few different creams and oils in my first pregnancy and never come across one that i loved enough to go straight back to so i started hunting around in early pregnancy and came across the brand Mama mio. Although i hadn't tried anything from this brand before i was really interested in the fact they had a special line targeted for pregnant skincare from a facial cleanser, stretch mark prevention and leg gel. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Review // Sleep easy with Lush

 Sleeping is one of the biggest thoughts to most of us, whether it's down to did we get enough, how good it was, feeling tired through out the day etc. Whether your pregnant, male or female sometimes relaxing sleep aids can be very welcome and who doesn't want to drift off easily into a nice deep well rested sleep. For over a year i have reached for certain bath bombs and products to help me unwind and relax for a good night sleep so i thought it would be quite nice to share my little collection from Lush.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Baby // Baby Wishlist

Mama mio gorgeous glow 3-step skincare £42 - I already have the tummy rub oil from this brand and really like it (review to come) so want to try their other pregnancy skin care range. As i mentioned in my pregnancy update post my skin has changed quite a lot and has gone from being slightly combination to full blown combination, oily nose, dry skin round my eyes and hormonal spots and redness. As this skincare line is specially designed for pregnancy it's certainly one i want to try in hope to improve it from it's currant state. 

Babystyle Oyster 2 Humbug colour pack £90 - I already have the Oyster 2 pram as i found a bargain on my local gumtree and it has the grey colour pack. As much as i really like it in grey for a boy, i have fallen completely in love with the humbug colour pack for a girl baby. I love that you can change the colour of this pram so when we know the sex i can customise it accordingly. 
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