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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Haul // Lush Christmas & Halloween Products

If you have read my previous post on the Lush Christmas blog event i was kindly invited too the other week you would have seen the vast amount of new and amazing Christmas & Halloween products. So here is my current haul from this collection, some which was very kindly gifted to me from the event and others that i bought on that night cause of course i needed more....and i still need more ha. 


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life // Lush Christmas & Halloween Blog Event

 I know i know don't shoot me I've mentioned Christmas before it's even been Halloween, however it is for a fantastic reason as last Friday Lush launched this years Christmas and Halloween products *yaaaaay*. All Lush fans know that Christmas at Lush is a very delightful treat and we all wait in suspense to see if our favourites from last year will return and what new goodies they will bring, so when i was invited to a blog event to hear about all these lovely products i was very excited! I apologise if i don't go into much detail about each item but there are so many new products in this launch it's literally ridiculous but i do want to share them all so sorry if i sound a little like a Lush catalog.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Video // Halloween Gas Mask Horror - Burn Victim Makeup Tutorial

Personally i find gas masks terrifying and eire so of course i had to put one on and create my next halloween look. As soon as i saw this gas mask in my local fancy dress shop this image popped into my head of some sort of burned horror underneath. This look is easy to replicate if you can get hold of the products and although i made my burn prosthetic, similar ones can be bought. I really hope you like this look and if you do please like the video and subscribe it really does make a difference. 
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog Sale

I have finally decided it is time to let go of makeup i just simply do not use so please note the majority of these items have only been used a handful of times and a lot only being swatched. Please read the rules of sale before commenting as i don't want time wasters who haven't. 

- All items are 100% genuine! 
- Postage will be £4, i am keeping it as this as i will be getting proof of postage and items will be sent securely, mutable items bought may increase in postage depending on weight. Shall send orders at the  end of the week and sorry but UK only.
-  First come, first serve basis, so if you would like anything please tell me what and your paypal email in a comment or DM me on twitter.
- Please pay within 24 hours via paypal after i send you an invoice as items will not be held back and all sales are final. 
 MAC costa chic - £6
Gerard Cosmetics tequila sunrise & kimchi doll - £5 each
Estee Lauder pure colour envy powerful - £13
Estee Lauder pink parfait - £7
Dior rouge dior rose crinoline - £13
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