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Monday, 4 April 2016

Review Emma Hardy amazing face moringa cleansing balm

For me if I'm going to spend on luxury items skincare is at the top of my list where i do like to treat myself. Naturally when i was getting married i wanted my skin to be at it's best so i did splurge on several different skincare items, this being one of them. From that moment (which is now over a year) i have been using the moringa cleansing balm so i think it's about time i actually posted a review.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 28 - 31

Maternity clothes: I haven't needed to buy anything other than underwear as i wanted some comfort bras to sleep in so i picked some from Asda and they are so incredibly comfortable. This week i have decided that my maternity jeans are at their final stage as the bump band it getting a little too taught but i refuse to buy the next size up for the sake of a few weeks so i will now live in my maternity leggings and long tops. 

Sleep: I haven't been having any problems sleeping, thank god as i know broken sleep will be coming my way shortly. I have however found i have to get up in the middle of the night to pee and i am using my pregnancy pillow to get more comfortable as the weight of bump is quite heavy. 

Miss anything: I must admit last week i did start feeling a bit low and wanted my pre-pregnant body back with a nice spray tan and my skin to not have so many blemishes but this is completely natural and i soon snapped out of it. 

Monday, 29 February 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 20 - 28

It has been quite sometime since my first pregnancy update and now that i have finished the second trimester i thought i would fill you guys in on the last eight weeks of my pregnancy. It seems completely crazy that i am now in the third and last trimester of my pregnancy and i think from this point i will do my updates more regularly as more will be going on etc. If you haven't already read my first baby update than you might like to as that will take you up to me being 20 weeks. 

Second trimester - weeks 20 - 28

In my last update i had mentioned about having quite intense dreams, well after having them for a little while they have finally died off, i think it was down to hormones and having quite a bit going on at that time but they didn't get too serious. I have also introduced a better sleep routine and believe this has helped relax me so unlike my first pregnancy I'm not finding sleep an issue and hopefully it will stay that way. If you'd like to know some of the products I've been using you can read about them here, and are great whether your pregnant or not. I am also extremely lucky and grateful that I'm still not having to get up through the night to go for a wee, hooray! 

Friday, 26 February 2016

Lush Mothers day & Easter 2016 Collection

On Monday i was very lucky to be invited to my local Lush's spring tea blogger event, where they showed off this years mother's day & Easter collections. As always they pulled out all the stops and the shop looked incredible, we was greeted with adorable mini treats to nibble on and drinks on ice. Tea party themes are always one of my favourite and an Alice in wonderland spin on it certainly made it beautiful.  Without further a do lets jump into this years products at there are many to go through.

Mothers Day

Rose bombshell - bath bomb  £3.95
As the name of it suggests this bomb is filled with rose including yellow rose petals in the middle so is a real treat. Unlike the rose jam scent i would say this has a more traditional rose smell so if your not a fan of sweet rose this will certainly be one for you. 
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