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Friday, 20 May 2016

Bottle-fed shaming

This is an extremely deep and opinionated topic and i don't right this post to cause any offence to either parties however it's one i wanted to discuss as I'm soon coming into that world again and i wanted to share how i felt the first time round compared to now. I have no issue with how a baby is fed by it being via breast or by formula, nor do i have an issue with it being in public or in the comfort of your own home. I suppose you could say I'm quite easy and laid back and believe it's entirely a mothers choice how they feed their baby. 

However what i do find is the shaming mothers are faced with if they choose not to breast feed their babies and the fact it seems to come from medical professionals and other breast-feeding mums, not saying I'm taring you all with the same brush but this is my personal observance. When having my son i had no idea what to expect from breast feeding but wanted to give it a try, he had the colostrum and i attempted to breast feed on our first night in hospital however the pain was greater than i expected and he just wasn't latching on which was causing more pain and distress for both of us. At that stage the mid-wife suggested (in a not so supportive tone) about formula, tiered and concerned about him being hungry i said it might be for the best but asked if i could try breast feeding again on his next feed to which i was told simply no. This upset me greatly, i was young, tiered and on my own as it was the middle of the night, I felt pressured into making a decision and was made to feel ashamed by the midwife cause i chose the formula. At the time this really upset me and i felt like i had already made my first mistake at being a mother.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

OOTD H&M tie dye maxi dress

H&M tie dye maxi dress - £15 ( Shop here )

Despite dropping any day now with the weather warming up i gave in and went shopping for a nice maxi dress. Trying on clothes at this stage in pregnancy wasn't exactly the most excitable or enjoyable thing I've done but nor was the sun being out and me not having anything nice to wear. 

I instantly fell in love with the 90's tie dye vibe of this dress, perfect for festivals and bbq's i think. This isn't actually from H&M's maternity section, as it's jersey material i just went for a larger size so it fits nicely round bump and I'm hoping it will still fall nicely after baby too. I teamed this with my vintage wrangler denim jacket and navy vans for a chilled casual look but will also girly it up with some nice sandals and long floaty kimono. 
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Monday, 16 May 2016

Pregnancy update weeks 38 - 39

Not going to lie i am in complete shock that I'm righting this update as i was convinced i was going to be early. Despite already having a child this is also uncharted territory for me now as i had Aiden at 38 weeks, i know I'm only a few days over yet my mind is still running off with the idea of being late and what happens with being induced etc. 

Maternity clothes: Clothes wise i am getting a little thin on outfits i can actually wear, especially seem as my Adidas trainers are the only shoes that will fit my swollen feet. I have however caved and bought a nice maxi dress from H&M as the weather is warming up and i pray to find some flip-flops that i can wear. You may have also seen my post earlier in the week ( read here ) on the stunning maxi nightdress from ASOS which i have been loving lounging around the house in. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

May goals & dreams

Lately i have been feeling somewhat deflated and not entirely happy with certain areas of my life, not in a dramatic sense more that I'm sitting back and letting time and life pass by. To help shake this off and not be so much of a procrastinate kind of person i thought i would start a new monthly goals and dreams post to help push me in the right direction. 

1. Take steps to become a morning person. For awhile now i have envied those who not just wake up super early but actually get loads of things done by time it's 10am and there's me only half ready for the day and just had my breakfast despite doing the school run. The waking up early shouldn't be to much of an issue considering I'm about to have my baby any day now but i hope to have myself up looking fresh, kids ready to rock and roll and a bit of house work done. 

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