Friday, 20 February 2015

Lifestyle // Benefit Rollerlash Event

Pink wand the new roller lash brush compared to the black they're real. 
  It's not going to come to much surprise that Benefit is launching a new mascara as everyone in the beauty community has been talking about it. So when i was invited to my first Benefit event to get a first look at the new roller lash mascara i was very excited and when i arrived and saw biscuits and eclairs i knew it was going to be a great evening. 

With hundreds of different mascaras out there it can sometimes be a bit hard to get overly excited about yet another mascara, however this little wonder has a few hidden gems up it's sleeve. Firstly the wand itself has tiny tiny hooks which gently catches, lifts and curls each lash, apparently so well it means no more need for curling your lashes prior to application. The hook and roll brush as they have called it is patent pending and is small and soft which makes it suitable for all eye shapes AND lash types. The formula lasts for 12 hours and also contains vitamin B5 which is conditioning so it's nice that our lashes will be getting a bit of TLC whilst looking good. 

The packaging is of course cute (did we expect anything different as it always is) but what is brilliant about the packaging is that in the bottle is a built in wiper which gets rid of excess product ensuring better application and less clumping. I personally love the idea of this as there are several mascaras i love but when the brush is so loaded it can look pants, i actually prefer mascaras when they're running out due to this problem so bravo Benefit. 

Whilst being there i also got a chance to have a look round the boutique and the beauty services they offer such as tanning and waxing and even got a complimentary eyebrow wax from the brow bar, which i must say I'm very impressed with. It was really nice being shown round the rooms and having a look at the services Benefit offer as on face value it just looks like a make-up shop that have a brow bar. Roller lash is due to be released on the 28th of this month and will be priced at £19.50 however if you can pick yourself up an Elle mag you can try it early too.
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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wedding Series // Tips on finding THE dress

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Wedding dress shopping is probably by far the most important and first thing that springs to mind when the big question is popped, the thought of actually being "allowed" to now go and try on these magical dresses is rather exciting. However before going to appointments there are a few things that are good to have in mind especially if you've never even stepped into one of these shops (like me) before and have no idea what to expect. 
Who's going with? - Ok so this isn't something you aren't going to know but choosing who will go with you when trying on your dress is really important. Pick people who will actually give you their honest opinion and not just nod and agree, sure pick which ever one you love but it is good to know what an on looker thinks. They may also pick out dresses you've over looked and it could turn out to be the one, which was what happened in my case.
Looking good - On appointment days take the time to make yourself feel and look pretty, have a pamper sesh the night prior and do your make up and hair nice on the day. This may seem a little unnecessary but if your having a i hate the way i look day your going to hate how you look in every dress where as if you feel pretty your going to evaluate every dress fairly.
Try everything on - Some dresses just simply aren't going to work for you and you might look at it on the hanger and think is out right hideous, however have a slight open mind as it's good to try the different types of dresses on. You never know you may go in mind set on a big puffy princess dress and fall in love with a fishtail and vice verse, your only going to do this once (.....hopefully) so why the hell not try on every dress you please.
Underwear IS important! - This is key for two reasons No 1 the sales assistant will be coming in the cubical with you at some point to help you in and out of dresses don't get me wrong the ladies i had was lovely and have seen a billion ladies so it's nothing to them but if you have no idea it can be a little embarrassing if your in your comfy pants. No 2 underwear changes our body shape, it's not extremely important that you have your wedding underwear until the fitting however it is a good idea to keep this in mind and going in sensible underwear that will take this into account, like a multi-way bra so you can get a rough idea on how your bust/body may look.  
Photograph, photograph, photograph - The sub heading no doubt gives this one away but get whom ever to photograph the hell out of every dress, that way you can look back and see it from all angles when your back at home and not quite so caught up in the moment. How the dress photographs is important as you will be photographed a lot and it's these pictures that you will look back on. Also you might fall in love with a dress on and detest how you look in it in a picture.
Stay grounded - Weddings are costly there's no doubt about it and the dress can be expensive too, before going in sit down and think of a realistic price for you and how much you actually want to spend on a dress. All be it wonderful going in and trying on extremely expensive dresses keep a realistic head when you come away, a dream dress doesn't have to break the bank so look at shops sale racks and ask if they will have a sale or offers on. With this said do not be fooled and go down the Internet dress route, i have seen and heard many horror stories over woman buying their dress this way and hating it.
Take your time and don't panic if you don't cry when you try on "the one" not all ladies do, i didn't and it wasn't until i looked back on the photo's and tried it on a second time that i fell in love with my dress. Have fun, get trying on and congratulations x 
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wedding Series // Tips On Finding Your Wedding Venue

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As silly and obvious as it sounds finding where and when your getting married is the first thing you need to find and settle on as it will pretty much be the centre of everything planning wise and can affect colour schemes and themes. There are lots of different places you can have the ceremony part of your wedding be it at a church, registry office or venues that have an approved room or area, personally for me i went for a venue and these are a few tips/pointers from my experience.

Finding what's available - I had a few ideas on locations i wanted to look at but where you might look at when your not planning could be completely ruled out when your actually planning your wedding so it's good to have a few in mind. One of the best ways to do this with ease is using Google maps and searching for wedding venues in the area you wish to get married, you'll be surprised what comes up, keep in mind the time of year you've planned on, the look you want and the party amount when your looking through. It's also worth noting that prices of venues can vary greatly depending on the time of year and whether your picked date is in the week or weekend, so if your on a budget these can be ways of saving.

Get in touch - Annoyingly you'll most luckily find that not all the venues you've found will have their wedding brochures on their website and will have a contact number or email address to someone in their wedding team. I find it good to email as this way you have a hard copy of quotes you can later look back on and refer to which makes things a lot less complicated if your talking to more than one venue. In your email to them you should include what services you need whether you want the ceremony and reception at their location with a wedding breakfast and/or buffet, the date you want, rough number of day and night guests, also to save wasting time and repeating yourself you can always save a draft of this. With this information they should send you a rough quote with some information and menus to which you can then further decide whether it's worth arranging a date to be shown around.

Looking around - Leading up to your viewing date it's always worth jotting down some questions you'd like to know so you don't forget them whilst your there and they're giving you a lot of information. Obviously what you need to ask will be different for each person but a few of mine included:

- can we decorate the room and hang decorations from walls, ceilings? 
- what exactly is included in your package eg. tables, chair covers, cake stand etc? 
- are you allowed bands playing and music and up until what time?
- can we hold rooms for our wedding guests to book?
- do you have a wedding the day before or after?
- how long can you provisionally hold the date for and how much is the deposit?

If you do forget to ask you can always email any questions so don't worry if something pops in your head at a later date. If for what ever reason your fiance can't make it to the viewing i would recommend taking someone with you as they may notice little details you have overlooked and then re-book so you both look around if you feel it's worth it. It's also good to note that in the summer it's wedding season so the majority of places have weddings every single weekend so it might be best to opt for a weekday even if its later in the day, this way you can look at all the rooms you will use. 

It might take a little while and looking around a couple of venues but these little pointers will hopefully help make that process a little less stressful and seem not quite so repetitive. I hope this helps and congratulations x    
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