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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Don't overlook this Holland & Barrett shop

I can't lie Holland & Barrett isn't a shop i often went in or was overly excited by, the shops we had was rather small and as far as i was aware just stocked vitamin supplements. That was until i was invited to the opening of the new Holland & Barrett shop in Drakes circus mall in Plymouth and i am not over-exagerating when i say i was completely blown away. As soon as you walk in the shop is modern and fresh and so large it took me a second to absorb it and decide what area i wanted to look at first. The shop is broke down into three main sections, beauty & home, sport & nutrition and food & drink each section even has it's own interactive style shopping experience.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Smooth, hydrated & radiant skin - When sheet face masks

When sheet face mask , snow magic & glamour base £7 each (Shop here)*

Snow magic - "When you want clear and brighter looking skin, put on When snow magic to help your skin find it's radiance and charm." 

Glamour base - "When you want your makeup to look great and last longer, prepare your skin with When Glamour base for smooth and supple looking skin."

Smooth, hydrated and radiant skin is always top on the agenda for most people when it comes to beauty. Skincare is certainly an area in my beauty regime that I'm happy to splurge on and look for luxury products to try and keep my skin at it's best. A huge part in this is face masks as not only do they benefit the skin they're always lovely and easy to include in a at home spa pampering. There are many different forms of face masks and sheet masks have certainly took the beauty world by storm lately and their popularity is increasing and rightly so. When sheet masks have taken it up a step by using bio-cellulose sheets which are proven to be more effective at delivering results and are also more eco-friendly than other fabric or hydro-gel masks. Each sheet mask is infused with super hydrating and gentle fine hyaluronic acid, ginseng extracts, high quality plant extracts and are parabens & benzophenone free making them incredibly beneficial to your skin.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Stressless baby feeding - Tommee Tippee Perfect prep machine

Tommee Tippee Perfect prep machine £120 - (shop here)

"The Tommee Tippee closer to nature perfect prep machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes." 

Having a baby is an incredible and life changing moment there is no denying it, to think you have created life and the overwhelming love you feel for them the moment you see their face is undoubtedly breathtaking. But lets be completely honest it is also life changing as not everything in a daytime routine is as quick & simple, sleep isn't allowed anymore and taking a shower is classed as me time. Feeding is the most repetitive activity you will do and if you bottle feed your baby like i do making up a fresh bottle each time and waiting for it to cool can be a soul destroying 10 minutes at 3am whilst your hungry baby is screaming in your ear.


Monday, 20 June 2016

Perfect smooth skin - Cuppa Joe coffee body scrubs

Cuppa Joe St Clements coffee body scrub - £12.50* (Shop here)

Exfoliating is a massive part of my skin care regime and something i do very regularly to help keep my skin nice and smooth. For quite some time i have been using natural sugar based exfoliators as exfoliators with plastic beads don't break down and then go into the sea so aren't environmentally friendly. Cuppa Joe are extremely ethical as a company as not only are all their ingredients 100% natural and don't contain any nasty chemicals the ingredients used are from fair-trade farmers. This pleases me as i know when i'm using it not only is it benefiting my skin i'm also doing my part. 

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