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Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone, now I know most of you are out so probably won't read this till some point in January when your hangovers have gone haha. But I wanted to get all soppy and wish you all a very happy New Year.

I have only been blogging now for about six months, but you have all welcomed me into the blogging community and its been so nice. Never in a million years did I think my little blog would do so well and people would actually read about my little thoughts and opinions. I also want to say a massive thank you as doing this blog and getting so many nice comments has helped me realise what I would like to do in my life. Now I know how that sounds extremely mushy but it truly has and because of all of your support I have grabbed it with both hands. So my new year will start off with a big career bang and shall update you all on it soon.

I feel very blessed to have such lovely followers and am extremely excited to carry on blogging. I do truly mean this so thank you all for following me and to those who take the time out to leave me a comment, it really does make my day. So with all that sappiness over I wish you all a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR and make sure you all stay safe, and to those who are reading this after I hope you had a cracking night. I shall see you all in the new year xxx


My Top 10 Favorites Of 2012

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would sum the end of the year up by sharing my top ten picks of 2012. 
-MUA Heaven & Earth Palette, I'm sure a lot of my followers won't be surprised to see this in the list. I have used this palette a lot this year and for a long time was my go to day palette. I also especially love the first shade as a highlighter for my brow bone and cupids bow. It's £4 and you can pick this up at selected Superdrug stores or on MUA's website. For full swatches click here.

-Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, I have two of these lipsticks so far but i would have to say shade 111 Kiss of life is by far the most worn. At the start of the year I would never of thought i would wear a red lippy, but now I can't stop wearing it. If you'd like to know more please read here.

-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, my god i love this powder. I haven't owned this powder for very long but it is simply amazing. It gives me a perfect matte finish without looking cakey and is a really great colour match. I agree it is a little on the pricey side at £21, but i shall certainly always have one of these in my makeup case, very much worth the money and hype in my opinion.

-Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick, in shade 143 pink fizz. I wore this basically all throughout summer, such a lovely pink lipstick. I will certainly be pulling this shade out again when the sun comes out again.

-Soap & Glory Solar Powder, my holy grail contour and highlighter. I use this every single time i do my make up. I am very pale but i find a light sweep of the bronzer perfect for my complexion and it is buildable. I also love that it's not shimmery as i prefer a matte look, and i found that rather hard to find.  If you would like to read my full review please click here.

-Models Own Nail Art Pen, of course in black. I use this pen so much and it makes nail art so much easier. Without this little baby i don't think i would be able to get my leopard print nails as good. It really does make it a million times easier and lets face it we all know how much i love leopard nails haha. Models Own nail art pens are £6 and you can find them at Boots or on the website, here is an example of one of the leopard print nails i have created with this pen.

-Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream, I have really bad dry skin and i find this a life saver. There's nothing worse than having bad dry skin and trying to put foundation on, I'm sure they'll be some gals out there that will understand. Well i find this cream helps keep my dry skin under control and feeling moisturised and smooth. And the beauty is i can use this as a night cream but it's light enough to wear prior to doing my make up. 

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, i couldn't leave this one out. It may sound like a boring choice to some but until i actually used this file i didn't realise the benefits of using a crystal file. Since i have used this my nails are in better shape and i get less breakages, now for a nail polish junkie this is fantastic haha.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, in shade ivory. I suffer with ridiculous dark circles, i swear they are the bane of my life and seem to get worse every day. So as you can imagine concealers are a essential in my makeup bag, and i have tried many. I chose this one however as i find it conceals them quite well and i also like to use it as a highlighter, it really brightens up my under eye area. If you are interested here is my full review.

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner, in black. I had to add this as every time i do my make up, i now have to have eye liner on my top lash line. I'm not going to lie but i can never get them even in any way shape or form especially with liquid eyeliner, it takes me for bloody ever with that stuff. However i do find it a lot easier with this felt liner, it literally is just like using a felt tip pen. I also like this one compared to the other felt liners i have tried as it hasn't dried out, it's rich in colour, not watery and it has lasted me for ages now.

I found it hard limiting it down just to ten as i could easily just put ten polishes in this post, but i wanted to try and get a nice variety or products without having a list of fifty haha. I would love to know your top picks of 2012. Thank you all for reading, i hope you all have a great last day of the year and i shall see you all again soon xx


Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year's Eve Make-up Look: Smokey Silver Eyes

Hello again everyone. I thought i would do what i think would be quite a popular makeup look for new year's eve, silver.
For this look i used my 88 Crown eyeshadow palette (review coming very soon) but all you need is two tones of silver and black shadow. I say two tones of silver as i always think a lighter shade of what ever colour you chose looks good in the inner corner, it makes your eyes look more open and personally for me sets the look off. So to do this i used the lighter silver in the inner corners of my eyes, and then applied the second silver to the rest of the eye lid. I then used a black on the outer corner of me lid and to contour in the crease, i slowly built the black up whilst blending throughout. To complete this look i then used a black kohl pencil on my inner lash line and a felt liner for my top lash line. I then curled me lashes a few times with my Revlon eyelash curlers and applied a few coats of mascara. And ta daaa one simple silver smokey eye!

I hope you all like this look, make sure you have a fantastic new year's eve and i shall see you all again soon x


New Years Eve Make-up Look: Smokey Purple Eyes

Hello everyone, i hope your all well and no doubt a lot of you are getting excited for tomorrow night. I must admit as I'm not a drinker and I'm a mummy i won't be putting my glad rags on and partying, instead me and the Mr are having a big bowl of stew and being old farts haha. However i thought i would do some looks for you guys, I'm really sorry i should of done these posts a lot sooner so i could of done more, but i only actually remembered it was new years eve yesterday. So i promise next year i shall plan in advance and do lots more looks for you guys :). Anyway enough of my rambling and on with the look...
For this look i used my 88 Crown palette, i shall be doing a full review of this palette very soon as it is amazing. But you don't have to have this palette to pull this look off, you just need a light pinkie purple, purple, dark purple and a black. Firstly apply the pink to the inner corner of your eye and blend slightly out, then apply the purple to the rest of the lid. I then took the dark purple and placed this at the outer corner of my eye and to contour along the crease, i also dragged this colour down to my lower lash line. Once blended out i then used a tiny bit of black to intensify the purple at the very outer corners of my eye, and really blended this out. To finish off the look i used a black kohl pencil on my inner lash line and a felt liner by my top lash line. I then curled my lashes with my Revlon eyelash curlers and applied a few layers of mascara. And ta daaa look complete!

I hope you enjoy this look, once again sorry for being so late...rubbish timing i know haha. I hope you all have a fantastic new year and i shall see you all again soon x


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Hello again, i wanted to share my first thoughts on Lush's bubblegum lip scrub. I have wanted one of these for god knows how long but the price always put me off slightly. However for Christmas my dad got me a gift card, so of course i snatched one up.
Now I'm not going to lie i have only used this a few times as it is rather new. However i get really bad dry, flaky, uneven lips, especially in the Winter and especially as i bite them an awful lot. This is basically like a salt or sugar body scrub but a more tasty lip version, and when i say tasty i mean bloody yummy. It's a little glass pot full of pink sugar basically, all you do is get a little bit on your finger and gently scrub your lips. This helps to remove any dead,dry skin, you can then just lick any excess off. I did think it may have a odd taste to it, but i was very pleasantly surprised as it tasted amazing, if you have a sweet tooth like me you'll like it. Afterwards it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry and rough like i thought it might, instead they feel moisturised and soft. Like i said my lips are quite bad, so they still aren't in amazing condition but they are certainly better.

This is priced at £5.25 and yes to some it may seem a little steep, like i thought at first. But now from trying it, i do think it'll become an item i will repurchase. Although it's a small jar, a little goes a long way so it should last awhile...well if i don't start eating it that is haha. If bubblegum isn't your kind of flavour, they do have others like mint. If you do not have a Lush shop near you, you can also get their products online. Have you tried these scrubs yet, if so what's your flavour? Thank you for reading and i shall see you all again soon x

Revlon Eyelash Curlers

Hello everyone. Now this is probably a really boring post to some, but i wanted to share an item i have been seriously loving at the moment. I wanted a pair of eyelash curlers as it takes me forever to put fake ones on and i don't really want to wear them everyday.
I decided to get the Revlon pair as they was half price and are originally £7, so i thought I'd give them a try. I have literally used them everyday since i got them, they are amazing! Naturally my lashes are long  but don't lift that much, even with the countless mascaras that i have tried. Just before i apply my mascara i curl each set of lashes a few times and then straight after put my mascara on. It's shocking just how much of a difference curling your lashes makes, my lashes look so long and lifted it looks like i have falsies on. Now i don't know what other pairs of eyelash curlers are like, but i know these are amazing!

I picked these up in Superdrug for £4 and they still have them at this price, I'm not too sure where else you can pick these up but I'm sure they'll also be elsewhere. Do you use eyelash curlers as part of your makeup routine? Thanks for reading, and i shall see you all again soon x


Friday, 28 December 2012

NOTD: Mix & Match Sparkly Silver & Grey

Hello my lovelies. i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! So today i was playing around and come up with a mix and match look, that i would personally wear for a party or even New Years.
For this look i used Models Own sterling silver, mushroom, moody grey, gun grey, OPI's metallic for life, Barry M's silver foil effects and Models Own black nail art pen. This picture does not do this mani justice, not that I'm blowing my own trumpet. Annoyingly with it being winter, lighting is an issue so getting a decent photo is a pain in the backside. 

I used mushroom for my thumb and middle finger, sterling silver for my ring finger, moody grey for my index finger and silver foil effects for my pinkie. To do the leopard print i done dots of sterling silver and the detailing with the nail art pen, i also used the pen to do the cross on my pinkie. I applied two coats of metallic for life on my index finger, you can't really tell from the picture but it's covered in silver glitter. I chose gun grey for the chevron as it's a nice shimmery black. And finally i used some of my new rhinestones for the tip of my middle finger. This explanation probably sounds very complicated and here and there, but it is very simple haha. 

I personally really like mix and match manicures, well as long as they do sort of match haha. I hope you like this look too, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Monday, 24 December 2012

NOTD: A Very Festive Red

Hello lovelies, it's Christmas eve!!! As you can probably tell I'm getting rather excited. So over the last week I've seen a lot of festive nails and i haven't really done mine that Christmasy. Well i have woke up feeling extremely festive but as i have a million and one things still to do today, i didn't have time to do any pretty arty farty jumper detailing like i wanted. 
I think there isn't a more festive red than Nails inc. St James, it just screams Christmas! I hardly ever wear red red nails, but for Christmas i have made a acceptance. I only own two Nails inc. polishes but i can see why a lot of people like them. I only needed two coats and it was really easy too apply.

Are you having festive nails for Christmas? I may just have to do mine again tonight to add a jumper pattern or snowflakes for the big day...if i have time that is. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, love to all my little woo's and i shall see you all again soon xx


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sleek I-Divine Respect Palette

Hello everyone, are we all excited that it's almost Christmas....i know i ammmm! So i have finally got round to reviewing the lovely Sleek palette i picked up a few weeks ago in my haul, and my word it has some lovely colours. 
I love Sleek packaging i find it so simple but classy, not sure if that's just me but i think it looks great, and inside is a lovely big mirror. You get twelve stunning yet rather different shades, i haven't seen a twelve shadow palette contain some nice neutral shades along with big bright bold colours.

These shadows are so lovely in every way, they're creamy, highly pigmented and really great to work with. For the last week i have been constantly wearing Motown mink with James brown, it gives such a lovely neutral wearable look. I have also been dying to try the the last four orange/pink shades, so don't be surprised to see a look on them soon. 

I picked this up in Superdrug for £7.99, Sleek isn't in all Superdrug stores but you can also get it online. It is a limited edition palette so if it tickles your fancy too, i suggest you get it soon just to make sure your not disappointed. This is the first Sleek eyeshadow palette i have, but from using this i can see me getting a lot more, certainly worth the money. Do you own any Sleek palettes? Thanks for reading, i hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and i will hopefully see you all soon xx


Saturday, 22 December 2012

NOTD: Baby Pink Party Nails

Hello everyone, yes today's nails of the day is another pink look so sorry if your not a pink fan haha. 
For this look i used Models Own pastel pink and Barry M's limited edition sparkly metallic pink. If your a baby pink fan i think this is certainly a look for you and you should probably own both polishes. This probably has to be my quickest nails of the day post yet haha, but i hope you enjoy this quick and easy look. Thanks for reading, and i shall see you all soon x


Friday, 21 December 2012

NOTD: Sparkly Pink Party Tips

Hello my lovelies, today i have a quick and easy party nail look for you. My very dear friend got me some new polishes for Christmas, one of them being a pink sparkly number from Barry M.
From what i can tell the polish itself doesn't have a name and i can't find it on their website, i believe it's a limited edition polish and you can only get it in Boots and possibly Superdrug. This look is really easy all you need to do is paint your tips in the sparkly pink, don't worry to much if it's not amazingly neat as the black detailing covers it up. I then used my Models Own nail art pen in black to do the the four dots on one side, and then the striping brush to do the line on the other. 

This is one of those fancy looks that look amazing but hardly take any time to do at all. I hope you like this quick and easy look, thanks for reading and i shall see you all soon x


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mark Hill Rock Chick Wave Wand

Hello again lovelies. Some of you may know from my beauty and make up haul that i bought myself a pair of Mark Hills rock chick wave wand curlers. There are lots of different Mark Hill curlers and wave wands to chose from as i found out. But i decided on these as i didn't want to bother with a clamp because i thought it would be easier and quicker for me just to hold the end of my hair. I also chose this pair as i didn't want full on ringlet curls and thought this would give me the look i was after, and of course the pink animal print is just an added bonus.
Now I'm not gonna lie to you guys, i am pants when it comes to hair....i mean really rubbish haha. I have never been one of these girls that can do lots of fancy lovely looks with their hair, it's just part of girlyness that seems to have passed me by. However no more shall it pass me by and i shall have lovely wavy hair dam it haha.
All i done was section off my hair, then with the wand held upside down take a small section of hair and wrap it around the wand away from my face. I done this process all over my head, apart from the very top section. It did take me a bit of time as i do have extremely thick long hair, and like i said i am rubbish when it comes to hair so with it being my first time, it took awhile for me to get the hang of it. To finish off i simply teased the top of my hair to add some volume and then lightly sprayed it with hair spray.

 As you can see with the wand you also get these two rather odd looking gloves, to help prevent you from burning yourself. I got to admit i didn't really get on with them so i didn't bother wearing them, and i only burnt myself once wahooo. The wand itself is so easy to use, simply plug it in hold the on button and select the temperature you wish. It also has i little wire stand on it that flips out for it to rest on, cause as you can imagine it gets extremely hot. I found it super easy to use, so if i can use it and get my hair looking that nice on my first attempt, anyone can trust me. 
I even really like how it looked the next day and was surprised that it was still nice and wavy, even though i had slept in it and brushed it. I got this from Boots for just £30, at the moment they are half price so they are originally £60, but i do believe they are half price until the 27th of December. I'm really glad i picked these up, they look great and are super easy to use and I'm extremely pleased with the results. If you are looking for a pair to give you this kind of look i would certainly recommend them. Thanks for reading, i hope you have a great day and i shall see you all again soon x


NOTD: Sparkly Blue Nails

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great start to the week, no doubt for a lot of you it's going to be a rather crazy one. Today's nail of the day i decided on something a bit sparkly for you guys as you might want something a little fancy seem as it's Christmas. 
As usual I'm not a massive sparkly/glitter polish fan, so i just decided to do my ring fingers glittery, but of course if you are a fan you can do this on all your nails. I used Models Own Betty's blue which i do not wear enough, it is such a lovely royal blue. For my ring finger i then applied one coat of Models own Indian ocean, which is what's giving off the lovely purple/pinky shimmer, and then a coat of Rimmel's disco ball on top.

It's not quite the effect i thought it was going to give off, but i still think this is a nice party nail look so i thought i would share it. Hope you guys like this quick nail post, thanks for reading and i shall see you all soon x


Sunday, 16 December 2012

MUA Face & Professional Eye Primer

Hello everyone, i hope you all enjoyed the weekend. As you may know from my beauty and make up haul, i got myself the MUA primers to try out. I have never tried any primers so i can not compare these to any, however i still thought i would share my thoughts on these. The face primer is priced at £4 and the professional eye primer at £2.50, and from the other primers I've seen around it is the most affordable. I was slightly dubious about getting this as my skin can be slightly picky and when you think of lower prices on skincare sometimes you think of not as good quality. So you might worry about it making your skin react, no offence MUA or other more affordable brands, but that's just how it can be. But i love them, like really love them.
 "Flawlessly evens out complexion. A velvety smooth formula that feels light on your skin and creates a flawless even complexion. Wear alone or under foundation for a long lasting finish." The face primer is a white cream quite light in consistency so it absorbers quite quickly, and it has a pleasant scent. It makes my skin feel really smooth and soft, and it is really light so i can't actually notice that I'm wearing it. It hasn't irritated my skin in the slightest and seems to be helping my dry skin, which is a bonus. I have worn this a few times now and i can notice a difference in my make up both look and lasting wise when i have had this on. My foundation and powder seem to look more flawless as the primer has given it a smoother base, and it seems to look like I've just freshly applied my make up for a lot longer.

Again with the eye primer, it hasn't irritated my skin and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing it. It is different in consistency as it looks a bit more like a concealer as it's pale and a bit thicker, although it still absorbers great and still feels light. I have found applying eye shadow a lot easier when wearing this, it seems to blend better and looks a lot smoother, which makes the end result look really great. 

I have to say i am extremely impressed with both these products and wasn't expecting these kind of results for this price. I know i have a lot of MUA products and have been impressed with the quality for the price but i must admit i was expecting them to falter with these two. If like me you want to try a primer but don't want to spend quite a bit on one i certainly suggest giving these a go. You can find MUA in certain Superdrug stores or on their website. Have you tried these primers yet and did they work for you too? I hope you found this post helpful, thank you for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Friday, 14 December 2012

Beauty & Make up Haul

Hello ladies, i bet a lot of you are looking forward to the weekend, i know i am as baby monster is staying at his nanny's. As you can tell by the title I've been doing a bit of shopping.....oops haha, i have done a lot more than what I'm about to show but that's Christmas presents and a few other bits and bobs.
Because these are bits I've picked up through out December, I have already reviewed two of these items, the Sleek luminous pressed powder and the Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in shade Rossetto. So firstly because i placed an order with Body shop for a few presents, i got what was called a joy card which had £3 on it, so i picked up the gingerbread shower gel as it was only £4 and it smells so good i want to eat it. 

 I then got a few bits from MUA whilst they had the 3 for 2 and the 40% off offers on, i picked up the face and eye primer as I've really wanted to try them out for awhile now. I also picked up two lip liners as i dont own any and i love how red lippy looks when lined so i got red drama and brooding plum, and also a set of flair lashes for a more natural day look. I then of course just had to get some of the new brushes that they have just launched so i got a F3 concealer brush, E1 eyeshadow brush, E2 eyeshadow contour brush, E3 blending shadow brush and the E4 eyeliner brush. And because i placed an order in the 40% off offer i got a set of five nail quake that's quite a bit of MUA haha.

I also picked up a few bits from Superdrug in their 3 for 2 offer and found it the perfect time to get some Sleek products as i didn't own any so i got myself the luminous pressed powder, a blusher in shade coral and the i-devine respect palette. I also got the Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in rossetto, and i really wanted an eyelash curler as naturally my eyelashes don't curl that much so i decided on a Revlon pair.

And lastly, I finally got myself a pair of curling tongs from Boots. I've always been really rubbish when it comes to my hair, it's so thick and heavy i find it a nightmare to work with. However being in the beauty blogger community and watching Youtuber's having such beautiful wavy hair, i decided i wanted to get my hands on a pair. I decided on the Mark Hill rock chick wave wand as i have the hair dryer and love it, and at the moment they are half price so instead of £60 they was just under £30. 

I know along with my mini MAC haul I've spent quite the bit, but with some of this stuff i have bought with my Christmas money so of course i was gonna spend it on make up and beauty products haha. I will try my best to review all these items as soon as possible, but if there is anything in particular you'd like to see just let me know so i can try and do it quickly for you. I hope you enjoyed this haul, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Thursday, 13 December 2012

NOTD: Simple Winter Nails

Hello ladies, hope your all having a great week. As today is freezing i thought i would do some cold wintery nails to match...
To create this look i painted all my nails in Models Own bloo bloo, which is a really lovely pastel blue and i only need two coats. I then applied one coat of snowflakes to give it a frosty winters morning effect. I'm really not a glittery fan but i love Models Own snowflakes, and think it's a perfect Christmas/Winter polish.

Models Own polishes are £5 each, and you pick them up from Boots or online. I hope your wrapped up nice and warm, and not freezing your little tootsies off. Thank you for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mini MAC Haul

Hello ladies, so as you can tell i went shopping in MAC...wooop wooop haha. I never owned any MAC products as in my books it is rather expensive, but i always wanted some. As it's Christmas and I'm a bit older now, i tend to get money instead of presents as no one really knows what to get me, so i thought i would treat myself and see what the MAC hype was all about and this is what i got..
The one thing I've wanted above all was a mineralize skinfinish, so the lovely assistant advised me to go for a natural one in medium. I also really wanted a lipstick and seem as i already have a nice red and dark vampy red i thought I'd go for something different and picked up the lovely Vegas volt. The assistant also gave me a sample of the mineralize satinfinish liquid foundation in NW20 for me to take home and try which i thought was really nice as normally when I've gone into my local MAC I've felt a bit looked down on, so i never expected to get a sample. After trying it and being really happy with the colour match, i then went back in today and picked it up. I also got myself a studio finish concealer as i am tiered of seeing my dark circles even when wearing make up, i saw a different assistant and she advised me to go for the NW25 as she said it was better to go a few shades darker than your foundation. In total my two trips to MAC cost round the £80....ouch. 

I am so over the moon that i now have MAC in my collection, i know to some it may not seem a big deal or that expensive but to me it certainly is. I will be doing posts on each of the items so if your interested don't worry, i just thought i would show what i picked up as i instagramed a picture and had a few people asking what i picked up. Have you got any MAC products for Christmas, what did you buy as your first ever product? I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


NOTD: Simple Party Nails

Hello ladies, i hope your all having a good week. As it's December and it seems to be THE party month, i thought i would go for girly party nails.
I painted all my nails in peach puff, i absolutely adore this colour it's just so feminine without being girly....if that makes any sense haha. I then just painted my ring fingers in Ibiza mix to add a bit of sparkle, this glitter is so versatile as it has lots of different colours. I think this look is great if you just want simple but with still a little something nails, which are easy to wear day of night.

I love Models Own polishes no doubt you've heard me rave about them too many times haha, they retail at £5 each and you can pick them up from Boots or online. I hope you like this simple party look, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder

Hello ladies, i hope you are all well and having a great weekend. As some of you may know i treated myself the other day in Superdrug in their 3 for 2 offer, one of the items i got was my Rossetto lippy. Well i also picked up two Sleek items as i didn't have any of their products and had heard some really good things. One of the items i went for was the Luminous pressed powder in shade 01...
I love the simple black packaging and the fact it's a really nice chunky, sturdy feeling compact. When you open it up there's a nice size mirror, and a little powder puff which i have used to apply the powder with and actually really liked it. It's a perfect little handbag item for those little touch up's when out and about. Now as for the powder its self, i love it. It's such a lovely light texture that applies really well and gives you a velvet flawless finish. I know i heard good thing about the brand, but i wasn't expecting this level of quality and to fall in love with it so much. I picked up shade 01 as i am very pale and it matches so well, I can only tell that I'm wearing it as it gives me such a lovely matte look without looking the slightest bit cakey. As it's a luminous powder as well, i feel it gives my skin a lovely subtle glow which also makes my skin look really lovely and youthful.   

As said i picked this up from Superdrug and i believe it was £7.99, you can also get Sleek products from their website. I am really impressed with the results and am now certainly wanting more from this brand. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and i hope to see you all again soon x


Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD: MUA Stormy Skies

Hello again, as you can tell by the title this is my nails of the day. I've been a bit naughty and got quite a bit from MUA over the last few weeks as they had some really good offers on, and i didn't own any of their polishes so i decided to give one a try. 
I chose stormy skies as it looked like a great colour for this time of year. It's a really lovely colour as you can see it's a bit like a more grey version of Models Own gun grey, it's a really dark grey with tiny silver flecks. The only way i can think to describe it, is it looks like a really lovely beetle shell....does that make any sense haha.

This cost just £1 and i can't get over how brilliant the formula is for that price, it went on really well, i only needed two coats and it dried really fast. I will certainly be picking up other shades that i like now that i know it's certainly worth the money. You can pick MUA products in certain Superdrug stores or online. I hope you enjoyed this little post, make sure you check out my 100 followers & Christmas and my Firmoo glasses giveaway, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x


Firmoo Glasses & Big Giveaway

Hello ladies, I hope you ave all having a great week. Some of you may remember that the other month i was saying how i needed glasses, well shortly after this i was contacted by a company called Firmoo offering me a free pair of glasses to review. I got to choose a pair from their free range and of course me being me i went for the geek look...
I went for these wonderful big black frames which have two little round silver details either side by the arms, simple but brilliant i think. They come in a big sturdy blue glasses case, which I'm not crazy about as i do like packaging to be nice, however your glasses are safe and sound in this case and you can just chuck it in your handbag and at the end of the day that's it's job. You also get a little black pouch too, however i think this would probably be used more for sunglasses, but it's still nice to get an alternative. And lastly, you also get a handy little repair screwdriver that is a key ring with two extra screws. 
Now the beauty of Firmoo is if you need glasses when ordering them you just fill in your lens details, which you can find on your prescription, so nice and easy. However even if you don't need glasses but just wanted that look, you can still order from the website but it just wont have prescription lens's in them. I found ordering them very easy, and the customer service was great. As this company is based in America shipping took a little while but when placing an order in say Specsavers you have to wait a week to get your glasses anyway so this really didn't bother me. I was contacted when they was dispatched and given a tracking number so i could keep an eye on their where abouts, which i think is great. I find the lens's spot on, so i now have my Roxy pair of glasses and these which is perfect as i can now have a pair constantly in my hand bag. 

The thing that i am most impressed with about this company is the fact they offer a first pair free service for all new costumers, all they have to pay for is the shipping charge. Now if you just find out you need glasses and don't qualify for a NHS voucher glasses can be rather expensive and some people may not be able to afford a pair, or a nice fashionable pair that they like. Lets face it health is important and your sight is part of your health, but we also like to look good and being told you have to start wearing glasses can make you feel a bit self conscious and your going to want a nice pair that your going to want to wear. Well Firmoo offer the opportunity for that, and for people who want to be a little different and are bored of what Specsavers or Boots have to offer them. They have some lovely designs to choose from at reasonable prices, and even the free frames which is where these are from are really nice. 

To make this even better i was contacted again with a little something for you guys, 25 lucky winners will receive a voucher worth $20 to spend on a pair of glasses! This will not include the designer frames and can't be used towards shipping. So if you are a new customer you could order a free pair, and if your also a winner you can select another pair you like with $20 towards them, how great is that. This competition is open internationally and closes on the 17th of this month as the voucher expires on the 25th of December. Good luck to all of you that enter, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

100 Followers & Christmas Giveaway!!!!

Hello my lovelies, i hope we are all well. Sooo i am very excited about this post as it is my first ever giveaway, YAY! I have been waiting to do this for awhile now, it is a little later than i wanted but i hit 100 followers when me and baby monster was really ill and then i had to wait for part of it to be delivered, so I'm sorry it's a little late. Here is what one lucky follower could get...
As this is my first giveaway i thought it would make sense to include the items of my most viewed post which was my MUA palette wars post, so there is a MUA undressed and heaven & earth palette up for grabs. And seem as i also am a nail varnish junkie i wanted to include some polishes, so i chose my most worn over the last month or so Barry M's raspberry and to add a bit of sparkle to the party season, I've included Barry M's rose quartz.

 I'm really sorry but this giveaway isn't going to be international, i would really love to of done it that way but I'm afraid i can't. So good luck to all that enter, and i just want to take a soppy moment to say a big thank you to all my followers it really does mean a lot. I've only been blogging a short while now and i never imagined anyone would really want to read my ramblings, let alone over 100 of you! So thank you i really do appreciate every single one of you, and the people who actually take the time out and leave me a comment, you've made this year very enjoyable :) xx

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