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Monday, 23 July 2012

Beginners brushes

As I've only been really into my make up for a few months i don't have lots of expensive brushes, where each one has their own job. I didn't exactly have the money to get all the brushes i wanted as i mainly needed a powder brush, eye brow brush and eye shadow brushes. Even eBay couldn't offer me what i wanted for a realistic price, but with lots of hunting i came across a Models own set that was perfect!

 Now i do apologise for the stock photo but at the moment mine need cleaning and i wanted to do this post whilst i had a bit of spare time. I found these in boots for only £10 and they come in a very convenient little plastic wallet, perfect for travelling or popping in your handbag. This set includes a powder brush, lip liner, shading, angled and blending brush. The powder brush is perfect for foundation and blending in contouring and blusher. And i like to use the shading brush for my eye shadow as its perfect for highlighting your brow bone. I personally use the angled brush for doing my eyebrows as its small and the point makes it really easy to get the perfect shape. The only brush i haven't used is the lip liner as i tend to wear lip stain pens then lip stick. The brushes are lovely and soft and i love the funky bright orange tips, whats not to love.

I really recommend these little beauties to anyone who's just starting a brush collection like me, it has all the brushes you could want in one easy to afford set. x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Nude leopard

So its fair to say i get a little bored with just having a basic colour on my nails but this evening i fancied something classy but still with a bit of nail art and this is how they turned out.
I apologise for the rubbish photo

If you also like this look this is what i used, models own nude beige, Barry M's foil effects in gold and models own wah nails nail art pen in black. Simply use nude beige as the base colour, then on your thump or chosen finger for art do four or five dots round one side of your nail using Barry M's gold and finally draw kind of a squashed C with a dot or a line around the gold dots and then add curves or dots where you like, It's as simple as that.  As this post contains the nail art pen i would just like to quickly add how much in love i am with them i only own the black and the white at the moment but if your into nail art you need these in your life. I will probably do a full review on them maybe when i own a few more hehe :) x

It's all about the tan

So up until two months ago i was a fake tan virgin, i didn't know what to do and quite frankly it terrified me as i didn't want to turn out orange, but after years of being beyond pale and my skin refusing to tan naturally i gave in.  A few times i went in boots and just stood looking at what seemed like hundreds of brands for far to long and was blank, it didn't matter how many i picked up i was totally clueless and way out of my comfort zone. But after watching a garnier advert on youtube which made it look fool proof i suddenly decided that's the one for me.

Garnier no streaks bronzer & St. Tropez gradual tan, both retail around £15
This is what I've been using for the past two months and i love it its incredibly easy to use as you can see where you've put it and i love the result. I'll quickly just talk about the St. Tropez gradual tan first as its pretty basic, its just a tinted moisturiser that with daily application gradually builds up a tan. I personally found just using it on its own i was going through it very fast and didn't really see any benefits so i now use it to help maintain my tan.  So lets get on to the star of this show the garnier ambre solaire no streaks bronzer self tanning mousse, my that's quite a mouthful. It smells lovely, it dries really fast although in some places can feel slightly tacky and only very slightly rubs off clothes. Another winning factor of this product, i have lost count of how many times i have used it and its only just starting to run out so well worth the money.

 Before you use this make sure you exfoliate the day before, see my post below to see how i do so but for best results use a salt scrub and exfoliating gloves and moisturise using a body butter. So you exfoliated the day before now your ready to go step one, moisturise dry areas of skin eg. hands, elbows and ankles i just use my face moisturiser for this something not too rich so it dries in very quickly. Step two put on your tanning mitt, it doesn't have to be expensive i just use the boots soltan mitt which is around £3. Shake the bottle well and pump some mousse on to your glove, then in circular motions apply it in a downwards motion and blend it out. For example when doing the arm start on the shoulder going down your arm blending the colour lighter down the forearm towards your wrist and hand, follow this procedure for your legs, I don't blend the colour lighter on my torso as i want a even colour. Don't panic if i haven't explained this very well here is the garnier youtube advert/tutorial which should make what i just said a bit more understandable. This is exactly how much i put where obviously for yourself it might change but a problem i found when i first used it was i had no idea how much to put where. So this is what i do, 2 pumps on the mitt to do each arm, 1 pump on chest blending up on my neck, 2 pumps on my belly, 2 pumps for my back, 2 pumps on my thighs blending down over my knee and finally 1 pump on my shin blended out on to my foot. I like to leave mine on for about three to four hours so i usually do mine late evening, however you can leave this on over night and then just simply rinse it all off. I find first application leaves a nice natural sun kissed look but if you wish for it to be slightly darker simply do another application the next day. Once ive acheived the tan i want i then just use my St. Tropez gradual tan every few days, when you fell its faded out and you want to do another aplication simply exfoliate to get rid of all the existing tan and so the new tan has a nice smooth base to cling onto.

But mainly dont panic you won't turn orange on just your first aplication and if things do go wrong you can always exfoliate it off, your not going to have to hide away because you have orange streaky legs for weeks. I realise the majority of readers who probably already use fake tan are probably thinking Becky why are you giving out all this information, well for those few fake tan virgins who are still out there and like me found it all very confusing and scary and felt to intimidated to ask another female in a shop. We all have to start somewhere and if i only help a few then i am more than happy and it will all be worth whats turned into a awfully long post. So i shall now say night as it is rather late but if there is anything you are unsure of dont feel intimidated i'll be more than happy to answer as best as i can or simply just comment if you too love this product :) x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Seriously smooth!

I wanted to do a review on an item i purchased about two months ago and would probably go as far as saying it is my holy grail of exfoliating. Now i realise i said when i started this blog i don't have money to spare on expensive products so don't shoot me when i tell you the price of these beauties but trust me when i say its truly worth it!

This is Premier's dead sea salt aromatic mineral body treatment and passion fruit aromatic body butter and they are to die for, the sea salt is £35 and the body butter is also £35 i know what your thinking but this is why you should consider them as a very luxurious treat.

So i was introduced to these from a very charming french man at my local mall, they have a stall perfectly set up across from primark and Starbucks....i know cheeky. He very kindly asked me to rub the salt over my hands washed it off and then put on some body butter, i can not tell you how soft they where. But that wasn't even the selling point my partner is a mechanic and as you can imagine he has very rough rugged man hands, he then asked my partner to do the same thing and i kid you not his hands where as soft as our baby's bottom it was AMAZING! Another selling point was as it was their first week there they had a promotion of buy two items and get one free, and because i was still unsure he even threw me in a £15 face soap to help with my dry could i say no.

I have used all these products weekly since and i don't think i will ever be without them.  You only need to use the salt once a week sometimes i only use it once every two weeks and only use a tea spoon of it for one application, for best results i put it on my boots exfoliating gloves and rub it all over my body whilst I'm in the shower. To then close the pores after you dry you then use the body butter and unlike most you only need a little bit, it dries really fast and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. Plus it smells amazing and i only use it twice a week if that. Now don't fear if you cant afford both you can just use the salt and then use any body butter to close the pores and leave you feeling silky the salt is the main item out the two, i just couldn't resist it and find every body butter I've tried has took ages to fully dry in.  Also the face soap is amazing for years Ive had dry skin around my mouth and nose and it cleared it up within a week of me using it nightly to remove my make up.

I realise it is alot of money so it may have to go on a birthday or Christmas wish list but personally i do not regret splashing out on these items at all. I still have loads left so it will last you for a fair few months so don't worry its not like you'll be spending all that money on something that will only last you 3 months or less. I also was so keen to get these as literally just before he stopped me i had bought fake tan for the first time ever and knew the better you exfoliate the less likely you are to be all patchy, i will be doing a post on my fake tan probably tomorrow now as it is getting a bit late now ha. So i guess the last thing on whats become a very long post is to let you beautiful people know where you can purchase these little gems, well here you go. I have put the official web sites link, you can get these products else where but i would be very careful of imitations you might think your getting a bargain when really your paying alot for a fake. If not there might even be a local stall set up sneakily in your mall, if so have you been stopped by a very charming man?

p.s. i would of gone into whats in these products but this post has already got quite long but if you want to know just check out the web site or leave me a comment I'll be happy to answer. I would also like to say a massive thank you to my little woo's i have officially been a blogger for a week and already have ten of you following me so thank you you've made this week very enjoyable :D xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

dotty pink

Seems i am on a role today and yes since the last post i have added dots to my nails hehe. So this is how they've turned out...

Considering i don't have a dotting tool and i just used the end of the brush I don't think they turned out too shoddy. Ok so if you look up close you can tell but from a distance they look great so until i get some dotting tools i think this is passable for the time being. And this is what i used...

Barry M's flamingo pink as a base colour then on my thumbs i dotted Barry M's bright pink which is just slightly lighter and doesn't really show up in a photo, then dotted Model's own pastel pink on my middle finger and finally natural collection's white for my baby finger. Hope you enjoy x

flamingo nails

This is a colour i got at the weekend and I'm in love already, i will admit i probably have more shades of pink in my collection than any other colour but who doesn't love pink nails right. But with that said this is my favourite out all the ones i have.
flamingo pink by Barry M
I do really like Barry M's nail paint although i do find on some colours i may have to apply a third coat, but for only £2.99 who's really gonna complain about that for such beautiful colours. I personally think its such a gorgeous bright colour for the summer, although if your from England i realise its hardly acting like summer but I'm sure putting this on your nails will brighten up your world. x

beauty blender vs boots own sponges

Now just for the record i have not got or tried the beauty blender the vs in the tittle is simply over price. I originally heard about the highly praised beauty blender from Nicole Guerriero on youtube if you have not come across her here is a link to her youtube channel, i love this girl and really recommend her. For those who are not familiar with the beauty blender its basically a tear shape latex free sponge that you use when wet to blend liquid foundation for fuss free flawless results. Now this sounds amazing but personally £27 for 1 sponge and some cleaning fluid is not about to happen, i don't know about you but i couldn't part with that much cash for a sponge. But with that said i was in need of something as i couldn't get on with using a brush and using my fingers i just wasn't able to achieve a even coverage. And that's when i found these little beauties...

These are boots own soft cosmetic sponge wedges which are also latex free, and there is eight in a pack for the grand price of just £2.50! Now i did originally pick these up to try ombre nail varnish which i have still not got round to but that's a different matter. But thought I'd try it as a far cheaper alternative to the beauty blender and it worked....Amazingly!

This is now the only way i put on my liquid foundation and is so easy to achieve flawless results. Just run one of these under water i like to use warm and squeeze whilst doing so, I find this helps the sponge to absorb the water faster. It will double in size and then just squeeze all the water out of it, I then like to rub it in a towel so its only slightly damp.  Then dot the foundation of your choice on your face i like to do 2 on my forehead, 1 on my nose and chin, 1 on my cheek bone and one on my cheek, this is just how i personally do it it makes no difference how many dots you put where, but do try to dot it evenly otherwise you may end up with uneven coverage. Then just simply use the rounded end to blend the foundation out and the pointed end for around the nose and eyes, and that's it you should have flawless even foundation in no time.

As you can see two from my pack has gone 1 of which i gave to my friend to try out and one I'm using at the moment and have been for a few weeks now. Best of it is when your sponge looks like it needs to be thrown out you'll have another one there and when you do finally run out it's only going to cost £2.50 for eight instead of £26 for two or £56 for a pack of six if you choose the beauty blender, now i know which one I'd rather!

I hope you find this as amazing as i do and leave me a little comment or maybe you have a better way to apply foundation if so please feel free to share. Or do you simply think the beauty blender is worth it? x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Jade green

Hello all, i just wanted to do a quick post on my most complimented nail varnish which is a stunning ice cream/pastel green by models own are you ready to see this stunning colour...

Jade stone by models own
I adore models own nail polishes i have quite the collection now and this is my most used and most complimented. As this shade of green is everywhere i find it matches tops, jeans, dresses, accessories perfectly. Models own polishes are really rich in colour unlike some brands two coats is all you need they're long lasting and there's just too many stunning colours to choose from. I just want them ALL :D.
Best of it is they're only £5 each but they always seem to have some kind of models own deal going on in boots and i know for a fact at the moment its two for £8. You can also check out the web site,where you can get the full ice cream collection of 6 polishes for just £20! 
I guarantee you'll fall in love with so many colours and become a models own freak like me in no time. So with that said watch this space for more models own products. Do you have a favourite models own shade? x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hello & Welcome

So here's the crack growing up I've always been a tomboy never cared for looks and style and its only really been since I've become a mum I've changed, this year especially. Lets face it we live in a very judging world and although its not everything to look amazing 24/7 i now like to take more care in my appearance and now like to look a bit more feminine, i suppose I'm becoming a young lady...finally.
Over the last few months i have developed a serious obsession with nail varnish mainly models own, seems i cant go a week without buying one. I've also become alot more interested in make up and obviously with wearing more make up I've also become alot more interested in skin care.

With all this said i don't have spare money to be spending £15 on a lipstick so for the time being i will be sharing my thoughts with the more affordable products. I don't really want to use the word cheep as that implies its not as good as some of the higher end products which not all of us can afford. So i think I've rampled on for long enough I'm very excited about starting this blog, i am new to all this but i hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by x
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