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Monday, 16 July 2012

beauty blender vs boots own sponges

Now just for the record i have not got or tried the beauty blender the vs in the tittle is simply over price. I originally heard about the highly praised beauty blender from Nicole Guerriero on youtube if you have not come across her here is a link to her youtube channel, i love this girl and really recommend her. For those who are not familiar with the beauty blender its basically a tear shape latex free sponge that you use when wet to blend liquid foundation for fuss free flawless results. Now this sounds amazing but personally £27 for 1 sponge and some cleaning fluid is not about to happen, i don't know about you but i couldn't part with that much cash for a sponge. But with that said i was in need of something as i couldn't get on with using a brush and using my fingers i just wasn't able to achieve a even coverage. And that's when i found these little beauties...

These are boots own soft cosmetic sponge wedges which are also latex free, and there is eight in a pack for the grand price of just £2.50! Now i did originally pick these up to try ombre nail varnish which i have still not got round to but that's a different matter. But thought I'd try it as a far cheaper alternative to the beauty blender and it worked....Amazingly!

This is now the only way i put on my liquid foundation and is so easy to achieve flawless results. Just run one of these under water i like to use warm and squeeze whilst doing so, I find this helps the sponge to absorb the water faster. It will double in size and then just squeeze all the water out of it, I then like to rub it in a towel so its only slightly damp.  Then dot the foundation of your choice on your face i like to do 2 on my forehead, 1 on my nose and chin, 1 on my cheek bone and one on my cheek, this is just how i personally do it it makes no difference how many dots you put where, but do try to dot it evenly otherwise you may end up with uneven coverage. Then just simply use the rounded end to blend the foundation out and the pointed end for around the nose and eyes, and that's it you should have flawless even foundation in no time.

As you can see two from my pack has gone 1 of which i gave to my friend to try out and one I'm using at the moment and have been for a few weeks now. Best of it is when your sponge looks like it needs to be thrown out you'll have another one there and when you do finally run out it's only going to cost £2.50 for eight instead of £26 for two or £56 for a pack of six if you choose the beauty blender, now i know which one I'd rather!

I hope you find this as amazing as i do and leave me a little comment or maybe you have a better way to apply foundation if so please feel free to share. Or do you simply think the beauty blender is worth it? x


  1. haha just popped over to check this out! I love the beauty blender and am always raving about it on my blog! I think for £27 it is expensive, however you can pick it up for much cheaper! I got mine for £12 in the summer travel kit (it is a full size blender)which is a lot less than some make up brushes!

    I will defo try these out though! Am always looking for a cheaper alternative!


    1. yeah im still not sure if i could bring myself to pay £12 for a sponge even if it is pink ha. maybe if i would never need to buy one again i wouldn't mind paying those kind of prices. models own also do basicly an exact match to it look wise you can get a twin pack for £6 which i may try.
      if you do try the boots one it would be great if you could leave a comment of which you think is better.
      thanks for checking out the post xx


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