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Monday, 23 July 2012

Beginners brushes

As I've only been really into my make up for a few months i don't have lots of expensive brushes, where each one has their own job. I didn't exactly have the money to get all the brushes i wanted as i mainly needed a powder brush, eye brow brush and eye shadow brushes. Even eBay couldn't offer me what i wanted for a realistic price, but with lots of hunting i came across a Models own set that was perfect!

 Now i do apologise for the stock photo but at the moment mine need cleaning and i wanted to do this post whilst i had a bit of spare time. I found these in boots for only £10 and they come in a very convenient little plastic wallet, perfect for travelling or popping in your handbag. This set includes a powder brush, lip liner, shading, angled and blending brush. The powder brush is perfect for foundation and blending in contouring and blusher. And i like to use the shading brush for my eye shadow as its perfect for highlighting your brow bone. I personally use the angled brush for doing my eyebrows as its small and the point makes it really easy to get the perfect shape. The only brush i haven't used is the lip liner as i tend to wear lip stain pens then lip stick. The brushes are lovely and soft and i love the funky bright orange tips, whats not to love.

I really recommend these little beauties to anyone who's just starting a brush collection like me, it has all the brushes you could want in one easy to afford set. x


  1. I don't own too many brushes, just some basics but I might try these out too, they seem really nice :) xx

    1. I treated myself to these a few weeks ago and use them daily i love them and the plastic wallet makes them so convenient to take where ever you please x

  2. These seem perfect :-) Just what you need, nothing excessive. :-) Ok ok!! I'll stop stalking your blog now!! :-)

    1. I'd still like to get some real techniques but they can be a treat or a idea for my chap to get me for christmas ha. Oh no i like your stalking haha you leave such luvly comments :) x


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