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Monday, 16 July 2012

dotty pink

Seems i am on a role today and yes since the last post i have added dots to my nails hehe. So this is how they've turned out...

Considering i don't have a dotting tool and i just used the end of the brush I don't think they turned out too shoddy. Ok so if you look up close you can tell but from a distance they look great so until i get some dotting tools i think this is passable for the time being. And this is what i used...

Barry M's flamingo pink as a base colour then on my thumbs i dotted Barry M's bright pink which is just slightly lighter and doesn't really show up in a photo, then dotted Model's own pastel pink on my middle finger and finally natural collection's white for my baby finger. Hope you enjoy x


  1. This is adorable!! :-) Thank you for your kind words on my blog!! You are too sweet :-) Following you back!

  2. The nails are so cute
    like your blog , i´m following you , follow me to is you like .


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