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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hello & Welcome

So here's the crack growing up I've always been a tomboy never cared for looks and style and its only really been since I've become a mum I've changed, this year especially. Lets face it we live in a very judging world and although its not everything to look amazing 24/7 i now like to take more care in my appearance and now like to look a bit more feminine, i suppose I'm becoming a young lady...finally.
Over the last few months i have developed a serious obsession with nail varnish mainly models own, seems i cant go a week without buying one. I've also become alot more interested in make up and obviously with wearing more make up I've also become alot more interested in skin care.

With all this said i don't have spare money to be spending £15 on a lipstick so for the time being i will be sharing my thoughts with the more affordable products. I don't really want to use the word cheep as that implies its not as good as some of the higher end products which not all of us can afford. So i think I've rampled on for long enough I'm very excited about starting this blog, i am new to all this but i hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by x

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  1. Very good post - I am all for being frugal))


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