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Thursday, 19 July 2012

It's all about the tan

So up until two months ago i was a fake tan virgin, i didn't know what to do and quite frankly it terrified me as i didn't want to turn out orange, but after years of being beyond pale and my skin refusing to tan naturally i gave in.  A few times i went in boots and just stood looking at what seemed like hundreds of brands for far to long and was blank, it didn't matter how many i picked up i was totally clueless and way out of my comfort zone. But after watching a garnier advert on youtube which made it look fool proof i suddenly decided that's the one for me.

Garnier no streaks bronzer & St. Tropez gradual tan, both retail around £15
This is what I've been using for the past two months and i love it its incredibly easy to use as you can see where you've put it and i love the result. I'll quickly just talk about the St. Tropez gradual tan first as its pretty basic, its just a tinted moisturiser that with daily application gradually builds up a tan. I personally found just using it on its own i was going through it very fast and didn't really see any benefits so i now use it to help maintain my tan.  So lets get on to the star of this show the garnier ambre solaire no streaks bronzer self tanning mousse, my that's quite a mouthful. It smells lovely, it dries really fast although in some places can feel slightly tacky and only very slightly rubs off clothes. Another winning factor of this product, i have lost count of how many times i have used it and its only just starting to run out so well worth the money.

 Before you use this make sure you exfoliate the day before, see my post below to see how i do so but for best results use a salt scrub and exfoliating gloves and moisturise using a body butter. So you exfoliated the day before now your ready to go step one, moisturise dry areas of skin eg. hands, elbows and ankles i just use my face moisturiser for this something not too rich so it dries in very quickly. Step two put on your tanning mitt, it doesn't have to be expensive i just use the boots soltan mitt which is around £3. Shake the bottle well and pump some mousse on to your glove, then in circular motions apply it in a downwards motion and blend it out. For example when doing the arm start on the shoulder going down your arm blending the colour lighter down the forearm towards your wrist and hand, follow this procedure for your legs, I don't blend the colour lighter on my torso as i want a even colour. Don't panic if i haven't explained this very well here is the garnier youtube advert/tutorial which should make what i just said a bit more understandable. This is exactly how much i put where obviously for yourself it might change but a problem i found when i first used it was i had no idea how much to put where. So this is what i do, 2 pumps on the mitt to do each arm, 1 pump on chest blending up on my neck, 2 pumps on my belly, 2 pumps for my back, 2 pumps on my thighs blending down over my knee and finally 1 pump on my shin blended out on to my foot. I like to leave mine on for about three to four hours so i usually do mine late evening, however you can leave this on over night and then just simply rinse it all off. I find first application leaves a nice natural sun kissed look but if you wish for it to be slightly darker simply do another application the next day. Once ive acheived the tan i want i then just use my St. Tropez gradual tan every few days, when you fell its faded out and you want to do another aplication simply exfoliate to get rid of all the existing tan and so the new tan has a nice smooth base to cling onto.

But mainly dont panic you won't turn orange on just your first aplication and if things do go wrong you can always exfoliate it off, your not going to have to hide away because you have orange streaky legs for weeks. I realise the majority of readers who probably already use fake tan are probably thinking Becky why are you giving out all this information, well for those few fake tan virgins who are still out there and like me found it all very confusing and scary and felt to intimidated to ask another female in a shop. We all have to start somewhere and if i only help a few then i am more than happy and it will all be worth whats turned into a awfully long post. So i shall now say night as it is rather late but if there is anything you are unsure of dont feel intimidated i'll be more than happy to answer as best as i can or simply just comment if you too love this product :) x


  1. Great post I love using St Moriz fak tan, basically the same as St Tropez but at a much cheaper price! xx


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