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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Seriously smooth!

I wanted to do a review on an item i purchased about two months ago and would probably go as far as saying it is my holy grail of exfoliating. Now i realise i said when i started this blog i don't have money to spare on expensive products so don't shoot me when i tell you the price of these beauties but trust me when i say its truly worth it!

This is Premier's dead sea salt aromatic mineral body treatment and passion fruit aromatic body butter and they are to die for, the sea salt is £35 and the body butter is also £35 i know what your thinking but this is why you should consider them as a very luxurious treat.

So i was introduced to these from a very charming french man at my local mall, they have a stall perfectly set up across from primark and Starbucks....i know cheeky. He very kindly asked me to rub the salt over my hands washed it off and then put on some body butter, i can not tell you how soft they where. But that wasn't even the selling point my partner is a mechanic and as you can imagine he has very rough rugged man hands, he then asked my partner to do the same thing and i kid you not his hands where as soft as our baby's bottom it was AMAZING! Another selling point was as it was their first week there they had a promotion of buy two items and get one free, and because i was still unsure he even threw me in a £15 face soap to help with my dry could i say no.

I have used all these products weekly since and i don't think i will ever be without them.  You only need to use the salt once a week sometimes i only use it once every two weeks and only use a tea spoon of it for one application, for best results i put it on my boots exfoliating gloves and rub it all over my body whilst I'm in the shower. To then close the pores after you dry you then use the body butter and unlike most you only need a little bit, it dries really fast and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. Plus it smells amazing and i only use it twice a week if that. Now don't fear if you cant afford both you can just use the salt and then use any body butter to close the pores and leave you feeling silky the salt is the main item out the two, i just couldn't resist it and find every body butter I've tried has took ages to fully dry in.  Also the face soap is amazing for years Ive had dry skin around my mouth and nose and it cleared it up within a week of me using it nightly to remove my make up.

I realise it is alot of money so it may have to go on a birthday or Christmas wish list but personally i do not regret splashing out on these items at all. I still have loads left so it will last you for a fair few months so don't worry its not like you'll be spending all that money on something that will only last you 3 months or less. I also was so keen to get these as literally just before he stopped me i had bought fake tan for the first time ever and knew the better you exfoliate the less likely you are to be all patchy, i will be doing a post on my fake tan probably tomorrow now as it is getting a bit late now ha. So i guess the last thing on whats become a very long post is to let you beautiful people know where you can purchase these little gems, well here you go. I have put the official web sites link, you can get these products else where but i would be very careful of imitations you might think your getting a bargain when really your paying alot for a fake. If not there might even be a local stall set up sneakily in your mall, if so have you been stopped by a very charming man?

p.s. i would of gone into whats in these products but this post has already got quite long but if you want to know just check out the web site or leave me a comment I'll be happy to answer. I would also like to say a massive thank you to my little woo's i have officially been a blogger for a week and already have ten of you following me so thank you you've made this week very enjoyable :D xxx

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  1. Would also just like to add that my friend after feeling how fantastically smooth i was, went out and bought the salt but uses it with her body shop body butter and she is also a silky smooth godess ha x


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