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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cloud nails

Hello everyone, last night i decided to try some cloud nail art for the first time. I have to say i am completely in love with this look at the moment, especially in nice rich colours. However with the weather being glum and it basically being Autumn i decided on more what i would class winter tones.

For this look i used Models own nude beige as my base colour, GOSH's groovy grey for the middle step and finally Models own purple ash for the last stage. I didn't use any special tools to achieve this i simply used the brush and went down in a step down motion. I realise to most this may not make sense so here is just an example of a YouTube tutorial to help make what I've just said a little clearer. 

I hope you enjoyed this look it's super easy to do and you can use any three colours you please. Thanks for reading and i hope you come back soon 

Beckawoo xx


Monday, 27 August 2012

Every lash mascara

Hello everyone, today's post is a review on MUA's every lash volume and lengthening mascara. I got this about two weeks ago when they had the 25% off offer and I've actually been chosing this over my Rimmel scandal lashes, which is supprising as i really love that mascara. 

The packaging is quite a basic standard mascara however i do like the the black and metallic green colouring. As you can see it has a small plastic comb wand with lots of evenly spaced teeth, that even go onto the tip at the end. This really helps give each lash a nice even coat and seperates them, and because of the tip its easy to get to the little lashes by your tear duct. I find it does what it's supposed to giving them volume and length as well as giving them a lovely lift. It stays in place nicely through out the day, no annoying crumbling off which you can find with some mascara's. However I find it easy to remove, i use i wet wipe to remove my eye make up so i cant comment as to how easily removable it is with other methods. 

It retails at £3 however at the moment it's on offer for just £2, another brilliant product from MUA at a unbelievable price. If you are not familiar with MUA you can pick up there products at selected Superdrug stores or if you'd rather here is the link to their website. Have you got any of MUA's mascaras, if so whats your thoughts on them? Thanks for reading and i hope to see you again soon

Beckawoo xx


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Feeling younger already

Hello everyone, today i want to tell you about Lush's feeling younger skin tint. It's a rich cream that reflects light to brighten the skin for a youthful glow. You can use it as a highlighter, to minimise dark circles, mix a little in with your favourite moisturiser or if your feeling a bit cheeky you can put a bit on your decolletage for a sexy shimmer.... ooh naughty.

I have terrible dark circles so am willing to try anything to help get rid of them or make them less obvious, so when i try something i believe I'm really putting it to the test. I usually use liquid and powder foundation as well as a good concealer to try and disguise them, however for the last two weeks i have just been using liquid foundation and the feeling younger skin tint. At first when i swatched it i was a little uncertain as it has a red/bronze shimmer to it, however when rubbed in it's virtually un-noticeable. 

 As you can see up close yes you can notice my dark circles but as i say they are very bad, yet from a distance it reflects the light giving the appearance of bigger brighter eyes and hardly any dark circles. In this picture i have also used it on my brow bone as a highlighter. 

It retails at £12 for a 20g pot, I realise to some this may sound alot but i would personally say it is worth it. However if you are unsure, cause maybe like me you have stubborn dark circles and don't want to fork out for something that may not work simply ask for a sample. Don't be afraid after all that's exactly what i done, as you can see from my photo of the product it's a sample and when that runs out i shall certainly be buying it.

As much as I'm trying to think of one i cant actually think of a bad point about it, I really have fallen in love with it. It's a lovely moisturising cream, you only need a small amount so it will go a long way, it gives you big bright eyes and as its from Lush you know it's not full of rubbish or tested on animals. I can see me needing this in my life for a very long time. 

Have you tried this marvellous skin tint yet? Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed this review 

Beckawoo xx


Friday, 24 August 2012

Sparkling tips

Hello everyone, today i am reviewing the GOSH rose quartz nail glitter i showed in my first shopping haul post. I picked this up in Superdrug for £5, there's a few different colours to chose from but i think some Superdrug stores have more to offer than others.

 This is what it looks like, its just a very tiny pot of glitter. When i got it out i was slightly unsure of why i spent £5 on this as i was assuming it wouldn't go very far. However after doing these tips i actually think it would last a little while even if your doing the whole nail. 

It says on the instructions to use a clear polish to stick the glitter too however i used my Models own pastel pink. I done it this way, as i was just doing the tips and i needed to see where i was putting the polish. If you want to do it this way too i would suggest using a colour similar to the glitter, as in some places it is slightly visible. 

It's as easy as ABC, paint your nail, whilst polish is still wet dip your finger in the pot, brush off excess glitter. It took me a matter of minutes to complete this look, but i think it looks like i put in more time and effort than i actually did.

The only down side i have come across is because of the texture of glitter it does feel slightly rough, because of this they pick up little bits of fluff. For example after drying my hands i had little bits of towel fluff stuck on the glitter, nothing major but a slight annoyance. The other thing which is purely personal, I'm not really a glitter fan. I know what your thinking if your not a glitter fan than why on earth did you buy this, and its simply because the picture on the top looked nice haha. I do like them, i think i would like them even more if i was going to a occasion. I also think i would like one nail done in glitter with the rest painted, but for that i need to find the right polish. All in all i like it and think its worth the money, it's easy to apply, the colour is lovely and rich and it's really sparkly. For you glitter fans i certainly think it's a winner.

Are you a fan of glitter, if so do you dig the glitter nail look? Thanks for reading 

Beckawoo xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

DIY Shabby chic heart

Hello lovely people!
 Today I'm doing a craft post, along with anything beauty related I'm also obsessed with anything arty. I find there's nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than good craftanoon (afternoon of making basically lol) and that's exactly what i done today. I also made this in just the one afternoon as this is a birthday present for my very close friend and it's her birthday tomorrow. 

I'm very proud of how it turned out :). The S on the front stands for her name I thought it would add a nice personal touch and make it look that little bit more special. So if your interested in making this yourself than keep on reading.

What you will need

I'm really sorry for the bad photo's but as it's late my lighting is shocking and for some reason one photo is only allowing me to put it up as portrait grrr. Anyway you will need your chosen material, sowing needles, pins, thread, embroidery thread, card board heart cut out and some stuffing.

 1. Use your stencil to mark out the front and back pieces to your heart. Ensure you leave at least a centimetre around the pen line to make it easier when your sowing the two pieces together.

2. This is an optional stage if you want a plain heart than just move on to stage three. If you want to add an embellishment to your heart than do so now otherwise it will be very hard to add it when both pieces are together.

3. Using the drawn line pin the two pieces together ensuring the back of the material is facing out, so basically your sowing it together inside out. DO NOT sow all the way around, start from the point work your way around until you get about a inch and a half to the point on the other side. This little gap is so you can then turn it right side out and then use this gap to stuff the heart. When using the stuffing make sure you pull it, i like to call it fluffing it before you put it in. This will make your stuffing last longer and give the heart a softer feel. Once you have stuffed your heart then sow the gap shut.

4. And finally again this is an optional choice, adding your ribbon. This can be quite tricky to fasten it in the right place for it to hang correctly. I find sowing it at the top of the heart in the point along the stitching the better place to put it, 1 for looks and 2 because it seems to hang more central and doesn't fall forward. 

And TA DAAA that's it! It may take a few attempts to get it near enough spot on, admittedly i have made quite a few of these now. There may be easier tutorials online this is just how i personally do it and little things i have come across along the way. I get my material at a local market for cheep i also picked up my bag of stuffing there. However if you have a local craft shop you should be able to pick up all the items you need for a reasonable price. I also picked up this lovely ribbon from eBay, make sure you check what eBay has to offer you, if like me ribbon floats your boat. I started making my own hearts as they are alot cheaper to make than they are to buy. I love shabby chic however i hate how everyone seems to have jumped on it and put a ridiculous price tag on everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this little craft post, if you have and would like to see more craft posts than please leave a comment. If i know it's something you guys enjoy than I'll be more inclined to do more on the subject. Thanks for reading

Beckawoo xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fancy pink tips

Hello, so today i was experimenting with a look I've been seeing all over my face book. It seems to be the done thing for girls i know at the nail salon. Now I've never been to a nail salon i can't stand someone else filing my nails it goes right through me, nor do i have the time or money. So i thought i would just diy it to see if i can do it myself and for a first attempt I'm actually very pleased.

All i used was Barry M's flamingo pink and Models own WAH nails nail art pen in black. I did two coats in the pink for my tips i did this free hand as i don't really get along with tape, i found it alot easier than i expected. I then used the nail art pen's striping brush to do the lines and then the pen part to do the four little dots. As you can see i did put my top coat on a little bit too soon as it did drag the black slightly, but that's my error and not down to any of the products. It's a very simple, easy and quick to do look and I'm rather pleased with the out come. 

I hope you enjoy this quick look and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see. Every time i paint my nails i stare at my nail varnish for ages thinking what should i do, so it would actually help me lol. Thanks for reading and hope you come back soon

Beckawoo xx


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Croc nails

Hello poppets, so whilst i was staring at all my nail varnish this evening debating what to do with what colours. I remembered that alot of the comments i get when I've done nail art is how they wish they could do something like that etc etc. Which made me decide on doing these croc nails that i used to ware ALL the time earlier this year when i was just getting into nail art.

As you can see the beauty of these is all you have to do is paint your nails and they turn out like this, so you don't have to worry about dotting tools or a nail art pen. They're both by Barry M's nail effects one is foil effects in gold and the other croc effects, I picked these up in Boots for i believe £5 each. You can use whatever base colour you please but i really liked the gold croc look on the lid. Apply the foil gold or whatever desired as your base colour. I find this gold amazing i only need one coat and it dries really fast, any nail varnish like this i love as i hate waiting for my nails to dry. Then once dry apply the croc nail effect just paint it on like a normal nail varnish , it will look like you've painted your nails black BUT after a few minutes it will start to split and crack and take on it's croc form. Important tip, make sure you shake the croc nail's well before you apply. Once dry apply a top coat and ta da nail art without the need to have the flair for it.

I realise I'm a bit slow on this so alot of you will have probably seen and even own these but i thought i would share just in case as it's one i like to use if i want arty nails but don't have the time or effort. I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading.
Beckawoo xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

MUA palette wars! Heaven & Earth Vs. Undressed

Hello poppets! Look what the lovely post man brought me this morning eek, my MUA undressed eye shadow palette :). As soon as i set eyes on it and with all the hype between the undressed and heaven and earth palette, i just knew i had to do a review comparing the two. I've had my heaven and earth for a little over a week i believe, and I've wore it nearly everyday. I'm not big on eye shadow i am a little bit scared of it as i think its something that can go terribly wrong fast and i don't wanna end up looking like a drag act. NOT that I'm against drag or anything like that before i start getting hate mail, i think its amazing but a woman dressed like drag isn't a good look lets face it. So to make it a proper war i have took swatches of both palettes so you can see the power both these palettes pack.


I do apologise for shades 1,5 and 9 not being that clear on the swatches, as you can see they are nice light matte shades perfect for highlighting. What the undressed palette has: more glittery shades, a black and a grey shade so you could achieve a black smokey eye look. It also has a nice pinkie/brown glitter shade which is swatch number 2, i realise this probably doesn't make sense but it is a very nice shade. I would say this is a ideal palette for those who like more neutral shades but still want that bit of glam and sparkle.

Heaven and earth

What the Heaven and Earth palette has: cream, brown and gold shades, slight glittery shades both suitable for day or evening ware. I love shade 1 for highlighting, even if I'm not wearing eyeshadow i still put this in the corners of my eyes and on my brow bone. As i said earlier I'm not yet a fan of brightly coloured eyeshadow but i adore this palette as the shades are so neutral they're really easy to ware and use.

Who wins the war?

Well to be honest neither...i love them both. They both have excellent colour pay off, are lovely in texture, last well and glide on perfectly. Now i have both in my collection i have all i need to achieve those neutral bright eyed day looks to the sexy smouldering glittery eyes in the evening. What ever the occasion its covered and with tones that are easily wearable. Perfect if like me and you want to complete your outfit with having sexy bold eyes, but feel really self conscious if you wear a bright colour. I have also heard alot about them being the more affordable naked and naked 2 palette, i personally do not have either naked's so would rather not pass comment. However i do want both the naked palettes but at £36 a pop its out my price range. But what i can say is if your looking for a neutral palette like the naked's but like me its out of budget, then these are certainly for you at the snip of the price. And talking of price i better tell you lovely people how much these are, well they are only £4 each that means you can have both for just £8! So why put them to battle and just chose one when you can own both for that price. Let's not let them battle any longer, instead have them both so they can work together in harmony and compliment eachother. You can pick these bad boys up at certain Superdrug stores or on their website.

I hope to share looks i have created with these over the next few weeks/months just to show even more what these beauties can do. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading
Beckawoo xx


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pink leopard

I was feeling in a pink mood and just got a little carried away, i realise this isn't an original look but I'm very happy with how they turned out so thought I'd share anyway.

To achieve this look i used Barry M's Flamingo pink and lilac along with Ciate's jelly bean. I applied two coats of flamingo pink as my base colour and then using the lilac i placed a few random dots on my thumbs.

I then used the smallest dotting tool out my set to do the leopard spots with Ciate's jelly bean. I got these dotting tools off eBay for just £2.50 and I've been dying to use them since they arrived in the post last week.

I'm completly opsessed with leopard print and is always my go to nail art, do you have a nail art you always seem to do? I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading

Beckawoo xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Blue fairy wings

As my nails seem in a better condition to what they where and I've had them naked for like four WHOLE day's, i just had to paint them. So i thought i would try a look I've been meaning to do now for ages but for some reason haven't got round to, which is ombre ofcorse! And what better colour to go than blue.

To achieve this look i used Models own bloo bloo, hed kandi Balearic cool, feeling blue, Indian ocean and GOSH's ocean. All you need is about four or five shades of a colour, it doesn't have to be blue and use a cosmetic sponge to stipple each colour onto the nail. I think the key to this look is to try and fade the colours together as best as you can so it just seems to blend together. But with that said it is a really easy look to achieve and not as time consuming as i thought it might have been. A your stippling the colour on, you don't use alot of varnish and therefore it dries really fast. There is a tone of ombre nail tutorials on You Tube but here is one just as a example.

I hope you enjoy this look, is there a colour you like to use for ombre nails? Also if there's anything in particular you'd like to see just ask and I'll be happy to try x
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