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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cloud nails

Hello everyone, last night i decided to try some cloud nail art for the first time. I have to say i am completely in love with this look at the moment, especially in nice rich colours. However with the weather being glum and it basically being Autumn i decided on more what i would class winter tones.

For this look i used Models own nude beige as my base colour, GOSH's groovy grey for the middle step and finally Models own purple ash for the last stage. I didn't use any special tools to achieve this i simply used the brush and went down in a step down motion. I realise to most this may not make sense so here is just an example of a YouTube tutorial to help make what I've just said a little clearer. 

I hope you enjoyed this look it's super easy to do and you can use any three colours you please. Thanks for reading and i hope you come back soon 

Beckawoo xx



  1. Hi Becky, I tried the cloud mani yesterday for the first time and I love it too. Yours looks fab x x

    1. I know it's what pushed me over the edge to try it i was taking my old polish off whilst reading it and thought i'll give that a go next haha. Thank you i'm rather pleased with them as it was my first go xx

    2. Oh wow I'm glad seeing my pics helped convince you to give it a go. I only intended to do one hand, take a pic and then do a whole new mani but I loved it so much I decided to let it stay. I'll be wearing it again tomorrow. I thought it'd be more difficult to do. Did you? X x

    3. Ah see i have no time to do two different hands and then choose one it's decide what am doing and see it through to the bitter end haha. To look at it finished i thought it would be quite tricky and time consuming but i actually found it really quick and simple, funny how some of the hardest looking nails turn out to actually be the easiest lol xx

    4. I meant I did one hand before taking Ganton Street off and was going to just apply one colour to both hands but decided I liked it so much that I had to do the mani on both hands. I love looks that are simple but effective x x

  2. These look amazing! So creative




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