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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Croc nails

Hello poppets, so whilst i was staring at all my nail varnish this evening debating what to do with what colours. I remembered that alot of the comments i get when I've done nail art is how they wish they could do something like that etc etc. Which made me decide on doing these croc nails that i used to ware ALL the time earlier this year when i was just getting into nail art.

As you can see the beauty of these is all you have to do is paint your nails and they turn out like this, so you don't have to worry about dotting tools or a nail art pen. They're both by Barry M's nail effects one is foil effects in gold and the other croc effects, I picked these up in Boots for i believe £5 each. You can use whatever base colour you please but i really liked the gold croc look on the lid. Apply the foil gold or whatever desired as your base colour. I find this gold amazing i only need one coat and it dries really fast, any nail varnish like this i love as i hate waiting for my nails to dry. Then once dry apply the croc nail effect just paint it on like a normal nail varnish , it will look like you've painted your nails black BUT after a few minutes it will start to split and crack and take on it's croc form. Important tip, make sure you shake the croc nail's well before you apply. Once dry apply a top coat and ta da nail art without the need to have the flair for it.

I realise I'm a bit slow on this so alot of you will have probably seen and even own these but i thought i would share just in case as it's one i like to use if i want arty nails but don't have the time or effort. I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading.
Beckawoo xx


  1. I've not seen anyone review this yet (unless that's because I only started looking a couple of months ago, but I digress...) so thank you! I keep looking at it but wasn't confident how it would turn out. I think I'll be buying it now :)

    1. :) yay well im glad i could help it's certainly worth the money. When i first got it, i constantly had it on my nails it's just so easy to use. I'd love to know how you get along with it x

  2. i've seen these. Definately want to buy and have a try! They look fun :)

    1. It's fun watching it crack and take on it's croc form lol x


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