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Thursday, 23 August 2012

DIY Shabby chic heart

Hello lovely people!
 Today I'm doing a craft post, along with anything beauty related I'm also obsessed with anything arty. I find there's nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than good craftanoon (afternoon of making basically lol) and that's exactly what i done today. I also made this in just the one afternoon as this is a birthday present for my very close friend and it's her birthday tomorrow. 

I'm very proud of how it turned out :). The S on the front stands for her name I thought it would add a nice personal touch and make it look that little bit more special. So if your interested in making this yourself than keep on reading.

What you will need

I'm really sorry for the bad photo's but as it's late my lighting is shocking and for some reason one photo is only allowing me to put it up as portrait grrr. Anyway you will need your chosen material, sowing needles, pins, thread, embroidery thread, card board heart cut out and some stuffing.

 1. Use your stencil to mark out the front and back pieces to your heart. Ensure you leave at least a centimetre around the pen line to make it easier when your sowing the two pieces together.

2. This is an optional stage if you want a plain heart than just move on to stage three. If you want to add an embellishment to your heart than do so now otherwise it will be very hard to add it when both pieces are together.

3. Using the drawn line pin the two pieces together ensuring the back of the material is facing out, so basically your sowing it together inside out. DO NOT sow all the way around, start from the point work your way around until you get about a inch and a half to the point on the other side. This little gap is so you can then turn it right side out and then use this gap to stuff the heart. When using the stuffing make sure you pull it, i like to call it fluffing it before you put it in. This will make your stuffing last longer and give the heart a softer feel. Once you have stuffed your heart then sow the gap shut.

4. And finally again this is an optional choice, adding your ribbon. This can be quite tricky to fasten it in the right place for it to hang correctly. I find sowing it at the top of the heart in the point along the stitching the better place to put it, 1 for looks and 2 because it seems to hang more central and doesn't fall forward. 

And TA DAAA that's it! It may take a few attempts to get it near enough spot on, admittedly i have made quite a few of these now. There may be easier tutorials online this is just how i personally do it and little things i have come across along the way. I get my material at a local market for cheep i also picked up my bag of stuffing there. However if you have a local craft shop you should be able to pick up all the items you need for a reasonable price. I also picked up this lovely ribbon from eBay, make sure you check what eBay has to offer you, if like me ribbon floats your boat. I started making my own hearts as they are alot cheaper to make than they are to buy. I love shabby chic however i hate how everyone seems to have jumped on it and put a ridiculous price tag on everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this little craft post, if you have and would like to see more craft posts than please leave a comment. If i know it's something you guys enjoy than I'll be more inclined to do more on the subject. Thanks for reading

Beckawoo xx

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