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Monday, 27 August 2012

Every lash mascara

Hello everyone, today's post is a review on MUA's every lash volume and lengthening mascara. I got this about two weeks ago when they had the 25% off offer and I've actually been chosing this over my Rimmel scandal lashes, which is supprising as i really love that mascara. 

The packaging is quite a basic standard mascara however i do like the the black and metallic green colouring. As you can see it has a small plastic comb wand with lots of evenly spaced teeth, that even go onto the tip at the end. This really helps give each lash a nice even coat and seperates them, and because of the tip its easy to get to the little lashes by your tear duct. I find it does what it's supposed to giving them volume and length as well as giving them a lovely lift. It stays in place nicely through out the day, no annoying crumbling off which you can find with some mascara's. However I find it easy to remove, i use i wet wipe to remove my eye make up so i cant comment as to how easily removable it is with other methods. 

It retails at £3 however at the moment it's on offer for just £2, another brilliant product from MUA at a unbelievable price. If you are not familiar with MUA you can pick up there products at selected Superdrug stores or if you'd rather here is the link to their website. Have you got any of MUA's mascaras, if so whats your thoughts on them? Thanks for reading and i hope to see you again soon

Beckawoo xx



  1. Wow that is amazing! Can't believe how cheap it is! xx

    1. All MUA products are unbelievably cheep yet have really great quality, i have some other MUA reviews on my blog such as their undressed and heaven & earth eye shadow palettes if your interested and have the time check them out. Thanks for taking the time to comment :) xx

  2. OH Bummer!! I just made a huge MUA purchase and I missed this!! :( Oh well... Better go back for more! :-)
    Hope you are having a beautiful day, Becky!!

    1. Oh dear just an excuse to get more i suppose :) hehehe xx

  3. you have beautiful eyes! the mascara works really well on you!

  4. FABBBBBB i'm always looking for new mascaras!

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

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