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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fancy pink tips

Hello, so today i was experimenting with a look I've been seeing all over my face book. It seems to be the done thing for girls i know at the nail salon. Now I've never been to a nail salon i can't stand someone else filing my nails it goes right through me, nor do i have the time or money. So i thought i would just diy it to see if i can do it myself and for a first attempt I'm actually very pleased.

All i used was Barry M's flamingo pink and Models own WAH nails nail art pen in black. I did two coats in the pink for my tips i did this free hand as i don't really get along with tape, i found it alot easier than i expected. I then used the nail art pen's striping brush to do the lines and then the pen part to do the four little dots. As you can see i did put my top coat on a little bit too soon as it did drag the black slightly, but that's my error and not down to any of the products. It's a very simple, easy and quick to do look and I'm rather pleased with the out come. 

I hope you enjoy this quick look and let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see. Every time i paint my nails i stare at my nail varnish for ages thinking what should i do, so it would actually help me lol. Thanks for reading and hope you come back soon

Beckawoo xx



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