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Friday, 17 August 2012

MUA palette wars! Heaven & Earth Vs. Undressed

Hello poppets! Look what the lovely post man brought me this morning eek, my MUA undressed eye shadow palette :). As soon as i set eyes on it and with all the hype between the undressed and heaven and earth palette, i just knew i had to do a review comparing the two. I've had my heaven and earth for a little over a week i believe, and I've wore it nearly everyday. I'm not big on eye shadow i am a little bit scared of it as i think its something that can go terribly wrong fast and i don't wanna end up looking like a drag act. NOT that I'm against drag or anything like that before i start getting hate mail, i think its amazing but a woman dressed like drag isn't a good look lets face it. So to make it a proper war i have took swatches of both palettes so you can see the power both these palettes pack.


I do apologise for shades 1,5 and 9 not being that clear on the swatches, as you can see they are nice light matte shades perfect for highlighting. What the undressed palette has: more glittery shades, a black and a grey shade so you could achieve a black smokey eye look. It also has a nice pinkie/brown glitter shade which is swatch number 2, i realise this probably doesn't make sense but it is a very nice shade. I would say this is a ideal palette for those who like more neutral shades but still want that bit of glam and sparkle.

Heaven and earth

What the Heaven and Earth palette has: cream, brown and gold shades, slight glittery shades both suitable for day or evening ware. I love shade 1 for highlighting, even if I'm not wearing eyeshadow i still put this in the corners of my eyes and on my brow bone. As i said earlier I'm not yet a fan of brightly coloured eyeshadow but i adore this palette as the shades are so neutral they're really easy to ware and use.

Who wins the war?

Well to be honest neither...i love them both. They both have excellent colour pay off, are lovely in texture, last well and glide on perfectly. Now i have both in my collection i have all i need to achieve those neutral bright eyed day looks to the sexy smouldering glittery eyes in the evening. What ever the occasion its covered and with tones that are easily wearable. Perfect if like me and you want to complete your outfit with having sexy bold eyes, but feel really self conscious if you wear a bright colour. I have also heard alot about them being the more affordable naked and naked 2 palette, i personally do not have either naked's so would rather not pass comment. However i do want both the naked palettes but at £36 a pop its out my price range. But what i can say is if your looking for a neutral palette like the naked's but like me its out of budget, then these are certainly for you at the snip of the price. And talking of price i better tell you lovely people how much these are, well they are only £4 each that means you can have both for just £8! So why put them to battle and just chose one when you can own both for that price. Let's not let them battle any longer, instead have them both so they can work together in harmony and compliment eachother. You can pick these bad boys up at certain Superdrug stores or on their website.

I hope to share looks i have created with these over the next few weeks/months just to show even more what these beauties can do. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading
Beckawoo xx



  1. the palette is very nice *_* thank you for the swatches and your blog is very good <3 im glad if you visit my blog :)) only you want it.


  2. The colors on the palettes are so cute! Thanks for reviewing them!

    xo, Lais @

    1. Your welcome thanks for reading and taking the time to comment i really appreciate it :) x

  3. Thanks for swatches. :) Colors looks very nice, shades has good pigmentation.
    Too bad MUA is not available in my country. I prefer checking eyeshadows before buying.

  4. I'm not too confident in wearing eyeshadows either... I get what you mean that it can go terribly wrong quickly! Sometimes I'm like OMG and take it all off. I have the undressed palette and it's perfect for me as it's not too daring, nice and natural :) I'd someday like to try the urban decay naked palettes, but for now I'm totally happy with the MUA it's such good value for money!! xx


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