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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pink leopard

I was feeling in a pink mood and just got a little carried away, i realise this isn't an original look but I'm very happy with how they turned out so thought I'd share anyway.

To achieve this look i used Barry M's Flamingo pink and lilac along with Ciate's jelly bean. I applied two coats of flamingo pink as my base colour and then using the lilac i placed a few random dots on my thumbs.

I then used the smallest dotting tool out my set to do the leopard spots with Ciate's jelly bean. I got these dotting tools off eBay for just £2.50 and I've been dying to use them since they arrived in the post last week.

I'm completly opsessed with leopard print and is always my go to nail art, do you have a nail art you always seem to do? I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading

Beckawoo xx


  1. Far out man! Haha, omg you are good at that! If i attempted that it would be horrible. I wish i could do awesome stuff like that! You need to come do my nails lol. Leopard print is awesomeeee =)
    My go to nail art is just plain old one colour jealous right now

    1. Once you do it a few times it just becomes easy and the perfect part about leopard or any kind of animal print is its organic so it's not naturally perfect anyway. I think you should get some nail aart penn or a set of dotting tools and after a bit of practice you'll be amazed at what you can do :).
      Lol if your paying then yeah i'll come and do your nails whenever you please lol xx

  2. Hello again, haha.
    Just letting you know I've tagged you in my This or That post =)
    Just some random lil fun thing. Nothing special. If your intersted its here:

    haha i'm still amazed by your nails =)

    1. lol coolio i shall take a look and maybe do mine a little later at the moment baby monster is running wild and he likes anything electrical so normally i cant really use the laptop when he's awake lol xx

  3. I wished I was good at nail art... I really love what you have done :)


  4. Love the two Barry M shades!

    Currently hosting a giveaway on my blog for a pair of galaxy print leggings! This is the last few days so hurry if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning!

  5. Love your nails, they look amazing! great colours too x

  6. wow your nails look amazing! you're really talented at nail art. i wish i could do something like that! :) x

    1. Thank you that's really nice alot of it is just down to practice really and leopard print is quite easy once you get the nck of it all i do is draw squashed C's with a dot somewhere i hope that helps x


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