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Friday, 24 August 2012

Sparkling tips

Hello everyone, today i am reviewing the GOSH rose quartz nail glitter i showed in my first shopping haul post. I picked this up in Superdrug for £5, there's a few different colours to chose from but i think some Superdrug stores have more to offer than others.

 This is what it looks like, its just a very tiny pot of glitter. When i got it out i was slightly unsure of why i spent £5 on this as i was assuming it wouldn't go very far. However after doing these tips i actually think it would last a little while even if your doing the whole nail. 

It says on the instructions to use a clear polish to stick the glitter too however i used my Models own pastel pink. I done it this way, as i was just doing the tips and i needed to see where i was putting the polish. If you want to do it this way too i would suggest using a colour similar to the glitter, as in some places it is slightly visible. 

It's as easy as ABC, paint your nail, whilst polish is still wet dip your finger in the pot, brush off excess glitter. It took me a matter of minutes to complete this look, but i think it looks like i put in more time and effort than i actually did.

The only down side i have come across is because of the texture of glitter it does feel slightly rough, because of this they pick up little bits of fluff. For example after drying my hands i had little bits of towel fluff stuck on the glitter, nothing major but a slight annoyance. The other thing which is purely personal, I'm not really a glitter fan. I know what your thinking if your not a glitter fan than why on earth did you buy this, and its simply because the picture on the top looked nice haha. I do like them, i think i would like them even more if i was going to a occasion. I also think i would like one nail done in glitter with the rest painted, but for that i need to find the right polish. All in all i like it and think its worth the money, it's easy to apply, the colour is lovely and rich and it's really sparkly. For you glitter fans i certainly think it's a winner.

Are you a fan of glitter, if so do you dig the glitter nail look? Thanks for reading 

Beckawoo xx


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