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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My McMillan Coffee Morning

Hello everyone sorry i haven't been around like that this week, you could say i was a rather busy bee. Now as i mentioned in older posts i was hosting a McMillan coffee morning, for those who don't know it's basically where you have some cake and a cuppa with some friends to raise a bit of money for charity. McMillan is a cancer charity that do outstanding work to help those with cancer and their families, be it money advice, help understanding treatment, friendly people to speak too whenever you need someone...i literally could go on and on but lets just leave it as they are amazing supportive people. I think a lot of people will most likely know their name and that they're a cancer charity but i don't think they realise the extent of help they give. 

Why i wanted to do it
I decided to host one of these events as i myself know first hand just how important they are, so wanted to help them to keep going. My father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer just after he had a major heart attack when i was just 19, I'm an only child and my dad doesn't have a partner so i am his carer and i was very much alone. This was when we was first introduced to McMillan and they helped us so much, from filling out my dad's benefit forms so we didn't have to worry to giving my dad someone to speak to who understands over a nice cuppa. As my dad's carer i was even given a few neck massages to have some wind down special time to myself, this was also great as i suffer with a really stiff neck. It's been nearly 4 years and although his cancer can't be cured they have given him a way to live with it and are there for him on his down days and troubled times, and that's exactly why i felt i needed to give something back. 

My Day
Now stupidly for some reason i didn't actually take many photo's of the day but here's what i did capture before people showed up.

 As you can see i done a simple nail dotting design to keep with the theme of the day, the green is Models Own jade stone. I made some double chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes, and to decorate i used some green sugar sparkles and even made the roses and leaves (which took forever!). I also made some gingerbread men and butterflies for the children and my partners mother made a strawberry gateaux. And these are two very special people who where my little helpers, my partner and my best friend, without them the day wouldn't of been as fun as it was.  

I did also make striped white, green and black tissue paper pompoms but annoyingly i forgot to take photo's of them and my mum took them to hang in her shop haha. In total i have so far raised a whopping £110 which i am completely overwhelmed by and it was a very fun day, well worth the hours of hard work. 
I'm sorry if this isn't really an interesting post for you but it is a major part in my life and wanted to share for those who it may also mean something too. But with this now done and dusted i will be back to makeup reviews and nail posts like normal haha. I hope you all have had a great weekend and if you too was part of a coffee morning let me know I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Spend your No7 Vouchers!

Hello everyone, i hope you all had a good weekend. If you have shopped in Boots in the past few weeks you may have been given a No7 voucher offering £5 off skin care and bath products and £3 off makeup. Now i know the title may seem a little odd but for some reason i never use to take any notice to these vouchers, to the point where i would just throw them in the bin. It wasn't till a few months back when they was doing £5 off makeup that i actually used it, so i was very excited when i got this voucher the other week. Now not only are they worth spending but at the moment they also have 3 for 2 on EVERYTHING, so you can get £5 off a skin care item, £3 off a makeup item and then you get another product (the cheapest before vouchers are deducted) free!!! And not only that if you spend a certain amount in boots (which can be on anything not just No7) you get another voucher! This is just literally insane! So this is what I've got so far with my vouchers and the 3 for 2 offer...

- Hot cloth cleanser from the Beautiful skin range. I chose this as all I've heard in the blogging world is how good the Liz Earl hot cloth cleanser was so thought I'd give this one a shot, I have used this a couple of times and so far i am in love. This is originally £9.95 but i used a £5 skin voucher which brought it down too £4.95.
-Make up brush cleanser, this was actually one of my free items but is £7.50. 
-Skin foaming cleanser from the Beautiful skin range, this is £9 but i used another £5 skin voucher so just got it for £4.
-High shine lip gloss in almost red (i believe), again this was one of my free items but is £8.50.
-Two Stay perfect lipsticks in Coral rose and Classic rose, these are £9 each but i used both my £3 make up vouchers so got them for just £6 each.

All in all i got £52.95's worth of products for just £20.95...Is it me or are Boots insane for doing this? Ha ha.

I would like to add a sneaky warning about the vouchers, now I'm not sure if your like me but i always go to the checkout part not the self service, apart from the extremely odd occasion. Well last week on that random occasion i used the self service, i was given a voucher (it's printed out like a long receipt) but this voucher didn't give you a voucher for both the £5 skin care and £3 off make up, it could only be used for ONE. Where as if you go too the checkout you get a voucher which entitles you for both. I found this rather cheeky but my Mother was happy as i gave it too her and she used to get a new foundation, where they used that machine to find her true match and I've got to say it's F'n brilliant! As usual I will be doing reviews on each product and i wouldn't be surprised to see more No7 products in the next few weeks as when i spent one lot of vouchers on Sunday i got another set of vouchers hehe. And seem as they are valid until the 7th of October i imagine I'll be spending a bit more there. 

So to those like me who don't take any notice of your No7 vouchers i urge you please don't, It's too good to miss out on. Even if you don't see anything there for yourself, with Christmas around the corner you could pick up someones present with them. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Let me know if you too have indulged yourself on this offer. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you all again soon

Beckawoo xx

Friday, 21 September 2012

MUA Extreme curl mascara Review

Hello :). Yesterday i done a post on my MUA collection and said that i would review the items i had not yet done, so this post is about the Extreme curl mascara. I've used this a couple of times but along with other mascaras so couldn't do a review on it as i don't think that's fair as i wouldn't be able to give you an honest opinion. 

The packaging is slightly different to most mascaras, as you can see it's silver and slightly curved which is nice but doesn't really wow me, but then again what mascara packaging does? It has a curved wand to help create more lift it your lashes giving it that curled, more open eyed effect. I got this from MUA's website but you can also pick it up from selected Superdrug stores for just £2.

MUA Extreme Curl mascara on It's own.

  Personally I'm not wowed by this mascara, I don't like to use curved wands and it doesn't really create the lash look i like and feel use too, so with that said looks wise i may be slightly biased. However i do feel like it creates a more natural look with still giving your lashes a little lift. I much prefer using this along with another mascara as i personally feel on it's own for me it doesn't give my lashes enough lift and volume.

I think it is worth getting, after all it is only £2 so it hardly breaks the bank if you can't get along with it. It gives nice natural looking lashes on its own or you can pair it with a volumising mascara to give a little bit more oomph. Do you already have this mascara,if so do you agree? Thanks for reading, hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to comment and follow

Beckawoo xx


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Solar Powder Review

Hello again! I've been meaning to do a post on this for ages as it's one of my favourite items out of my make up collection. It's only been this year that i have really been getting interested in makeup, I only really used to wear a bit of foundation and mascara. As my interest has grown, I've learnt a lot about different things you can do and techniques you can use. For example i will now not leave the house without filling in my eyebrows as it truly does make all the difference. One of the things i was really interested in was contouring but for some very frustrating reason all the shops in my town didn't sell a contour kit. And all of the bronzers i came across where miles to dark and really shimmery, which would of looked ridiculous for my complexion, that was until i come across Soap & Glory's Solar Powder.

The packaging is basic but i really like it, it's just a cute little compact with a mirror. The only down side i would say is it fastens shut by a magnet so i would be careful when travelling with it as it can open quite easily, so you could end up with a powder disaster. As you can make out on mine in the middle of the powder was a S & G, this did have a very slight layer of glitter, but you can just wipe this off with your finger. It is a bronzer and highlight so you can use this all over the face, neck and a little on your decolletage if your feeling a bit cheeky, to add a instant sun kissed look. However i find this perfect for my contour and highlight, i am very pale but a slight bit of the bronzer is still light enough for my complexion. But even if your not as light as me you can just add a little more as the colour is buildable. It's really creamy and so easy to apply and because it's so pigmented you really don't need to use a lot, as you can see from mine i haven't used a lot yet i wear this every time i do my makeup and I've had this now for about four months. I got this from boots for £11 now i know to some it may be a little pricey but as i just said it really will last for a long time.

Every single photo of me you will or have seen i have used this to contour, I don't have a special brush...yet he he, so i just use a small powder brush. I just apply a little of the bronzer under my cheek bones (yes i have to do the fishy face) and a little on my jaw line and temples, I then use the highlight above my cheek bone after I've applied blush and i even use the highlighter sometimes for my brow bones. Once you've contoured you will realise the difference it can make to your face, it can help bring out your cheek bones and jaw line, making your face look slightly but amazingly different. 

Do you have a favourite bronzer you use to contour or maybe you know where to find a great contour kit? I hope you have enjoyed reading and have found this helpful. Please don't forget to follow and i love reading your comments so don't be shy :), hope to see you all soon

Beckawoo xx


MUA Collection

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a great week no doubt most of you are looking forward to the weekend. As everyone seems to have gone a bit loopy over MUA and it's my most read posts, i thought i would share my collection so far as there are a few items i haven't showed you guys yet for some bizarre reason.

Some of these items i have already reviewed so i wont repeat myself but if you are interested in the MUA pretty pastels palette, heaven and earth or undressed palette or the every lash mascara please click on the links to read my reviews. Other eye products i have are
-Siren double volume false lashes
-Extreme volume mascara in black/brown
-Extreme curl mascara in black/brown
-Gel eyeliner in on the move
-3 in 1 Extreme contour liner in auburn
-Eye brow pencil in brunette
-Intense colour eye liner in rich brown
-Eye dust in shade 6

-Lip gloss in shade 3 and 5
-Lipstick in shade 5,Juicy and Nectar
- Lip boom in OMG 

Some of these items i haven't even used yet as i completely forgot about, it's only because i am changing how i store my make up i realised how much i had and how much i forgot about. I will be doing reviews but if there is anything in particular you would like to see than please just leave me a comment and i shall try to do it as soon as i can. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How much is your face worth?

Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a good start to the week. As you can probably guess from the title this post is all about the how much is your face worth tag, for those who haven't come across one of these posts before it's basically adding up the cost of all the make-up you have used and that's how much your face is worth. I decided to just do my basic everyday make-up as obviously that's what i wear the most, now to some this may be a little bit done up for a everyday look. I would like to say this is only if I'm leaving the house otherwise i don't wear anything but maybe a little mascara. 

What i am wearing:
-Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation £26
-LUSH feeling younger skin tint, i am currently using a sample but i will still use the retail price £12
-No7 quick cover blemish stick £7
-Rimmel match perfection powder foundation £5.99
-Rimmel match perfection blush £5.99
-Soap & Glory solar powder £11 

-No7 matte mocha eyeshadow £7
-MUA intense colour eyeliner in rich brown £1
-Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner £5.29
-MUA every lash mascara £3
-MUA extream volume mascara £2
-MUA heaven & earth eyeshadow palette £4

-Maybelline colour sensational lipstick £7.19
-MUA lip gloss £1

Total= £98.48

OMG! I truly am in shock, i know I've read posts which have been a lot more but i seriously thought mine would be under £50 haha. I'm not too sure if i look £100 good but the more expensive items i have are good quality and last for ages so are worth it in that sense.

 Well i hope you enjoyed this post, i tag everyone to join in with the shock of how much your face is worth and leave me a little comment if you do do it so i can have a good old read. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you all again soon. And don't forget to have an amazing week!

Beckawoo xx

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hello everyone, i hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Today's post is my first ever empties, I love reading and watching other peoples empties but i find i don't actually go through things that fast. Because of that i don't have loads of items for you, just a couple I've finished over the last few weeks that thought i would share. 

1. Soap & glory the righteous butter, I actually featured this in my August favourites post, this is just the travel size pot which i picked up at Boots for £2.50. I love how soft this leaves my skin and it smells so good so I certainly plan on repurchasing this in the big tub.

2. MUA extreme felt eye liner, I'm actually a bit sad about this being one of my empties as I haven't had it all that long and nor have i used it loads. When i first got this i really loved it and wore it a lot as it was easy to apply and i liked how it looked. But i went to apply it the other day and it was just like using a dried up felt tip annoying? I believe i only spent £2 on it so I'm not majorly gutted, however i would still expect it to go further otherwise it would be more worth while spending more. 

3. Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation, I simply love this item. This one lasted me for ages and if baby monster didn't spill some on my carpet i would actually have had a few more months out of this bottle. Thanks to my brilliant mum giving me another one as a present i already had one to go straight onto, but if i didn't i would of certainly gone straight out to pick up another. It is a little pricey around the £26 mark i believe, but if you get one of their lovely ladies to match up your skin tone it's certainly worth every penny.

4. Nails Inc A&E base coat and Albert bridge top coat, now i did buy these two together in a treatment pack but i can't quite remember the name of it, but you can find it in Boots for £12. I got this as i was having problems with peeling nails and i needed a top coat so thought I'd give it a go. There isn't too much i can say about these they was ok, i can't say the base coat worked on my nail problem as i have also been doing lots of other things as well. I haven't got these again as i am currently trying out OPI's nail envy and Seche Vite and so far i have to say i do prefer them over the nails inc.

5. And lastly Body shop vitamin E moisture cream. Again another product i really enjoyed and given to me by my mum. I used this in my night time regime as it's quite a rich cream so it's best to let it soak in over night. It left my skin which was very dry at the time feeling hydrated and moisturised and i didn't find it so rich and oily that it gave me spots, which i find you can get with some creams. I'm not gonna get one just yet as i do want to see what else is out there (so any suggestions are very welcome), however i do see this being a reliable one i will go back too especially if i get dry skin through the winter.

So there we have it my first ever set of empties, i hope you enjoyed reading it and if you did please don't forget to follow. Have you tried any of these products, if so what are your thoughts on them? Hope to see you all again soon and have a brilliant weekend

Beckawoo xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OPI's Are we there yet? and Seche vite....

Hello again, WOW three posts in one day look at me go. Well as you can guess by the tittle this will be a nail post on my first OPI polish, eeeek!

Now although this is a edited photo I've made it so it hasn't effected the colour. This is three coats of Are we there yet? it's a lovely coral orange with little gold glitters, this colour will look lovely on nice sunny days. I realise in England that's very rare but one can only hope haha. But look what else i come across nail lovers...

Only the most hyped about top coat ever! Now I'm not all to sure on it's availability in England because all I've seen is people talking about stocking up on this on their trips to America, but that may just be because it's cheaper I'm not sure. However i found this beauty in Boots for just under £10 and i am in love. It leaves such a lovely glossy shine, dries fast and is hard as blooming nails. 

Do corals tickle you're fancy and have you tried the much hyped about Seche vite yet? Again thanks for reading, hope you've had a brilliant week so far and i hope to see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx

Quick DIY Bunting

Hello, I have another quick craftanoon make that i thought i would share. Now before i go into how to make it i thought i would do a quick explanation on why all of a sudden I'm doing quite a few DIY tutorials. Basically on the 29th of this month i am hosting a McMillan coffee morning, now for those who have no idea what this is about, McMillan is a cancer charity and on the 28th they are doing a coffee morning to help raise money. This is a very close charity to me as a few readers may all ready know my father has advanced cancer and we use McMillan a lot and i want to give something back. Now as I've invited a lot of people over to my house for a cuppa and a slice of cake, me and my partner are now panicking and trying to get the decorating and little bits done before the big day with the very little money we have, hence me making little bits and bobs. If you would like to see how my coffee afternoon goes and would like me to do on a post on it then just leave a little comment please down below, but anyway back on to the topic of this post.

Now i would like to point out this is a very quick way to do bunting and not necessarily the way that will last for ages. All you will need is some material and ribbon of your choice, scissors and glue i used glu and   fix all purpose extra strong clear. 

What to do:

- Draw a triangle on some cardboard to use as a stencil, draw as many triangles as you need on your material.
- Cut out your triangles and measure out the length of ribbon you will need.
- Place the glue along the top of your triangle on the front of the material and then stick onto your ribbon.
- Repeat step three to all your triangles remembering to leave space between each one. 

TA DAAA hang it up and that's that, easy as bish bash bosh! I love bunting think it adds such a pretty touch, I've been eyeing up buying some for ages as i thought id need a sewing machine. Now to make it properly and to last, that would be the best way to do it as this way the material can thread. But the way i see it it's not gonna be touched 24/7 so it shouldn't actually fray that much...well that's my logic anyway. 

Now the Mr thinks that the material I've used makes my bunting look christmasy i however don't, what do you think? Thanks for reading and i hope to see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

DIY Decoupage Heart

Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a lovely Saturday! I certainly have as i had another craftanoon,wahhhoooo for craftanoon's. I don't think there's anything more relaxing than getting all creative and acting like a kid after watching art attack haha. I'm in the middle of decorating my house and adding little touches here and there, and i have to do as much as possible in the next two weeks, but that's another story haha. So today i have a simple decoupage heart tutorial, with just a few simple bits that you may even have around your house like i did.

 What you will need:

- card board, i just used an old box
- Glue i used pritt stick power and glu & fix all purpose extra strong clear glue
- paper of your choice, mine is just some old wrapping paper

How to make it:

- Draw and cut out two hearts, or if you wish to to a different shape it makes no difference. The reason i done two was to make the heart a little thicker you can do just one or more if you want.
- Stick the two together with your stronger glue for example i used the glu & fix to do this. 
- If you want yours to hang now add your whole for the ribbon to go though.
- Cut your choice of paper in to large rectangles, size and neatness doesn't matter at all.
- Using the pritt stick, stick on random rectangles in a patchwork fashion until entire heart and sides are covered.
- Rub the pritt stick all over the top to ensure all pieces are stuck down and to add a slight shine.
- If this is a hanging item thread your ribbon through and tie a bow 

And TA DAAA it really is as easy as that! 

Even Pixi loves a craftanoon. So there you have it a simple easy DIY decoupage heart with hardly ant effort or paying a ridiculous price tag. I hope you enjoyed this crafty post please let me know if you make one too. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you again soon. Oh and have a fabulous weekend

Beckawoo xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Pastel pink

Hello, so yesterday i did my first look including eye shadow and I'm not gonna lie it's started something. So whilst baby monster was having his nap i decided to play about with another eye shadow look and as he is still in the land of nod I'm doing a quick post on it hehe. 

Here's what i used:


      - Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation in ecru 
- LUSH feeling younger skin tint (under eye area)
- No7 quick cover blemish stick in fair (under eye area)
- Rimmel match perfection powder foundation in true ivory
- Rimmel match perfection blush in medium
- Soap & Glory solar powder (contour and highlight)

- No7 matte mocha eye shadow (to fill in eyebrows)
- MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil in rich brown (inner top lash line)
- Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner (above lashes)
- MUA every lash mascara (1st mascara)
- MUA extreme volume mascara (2nd mascara)
- MUA pretty pastels eye shadow palette shade 1 (highlight) shade 2 (all over lid) and shade 11 (contour and dragged under lower lash line) for full swatches please check out my pretty pastels post.


- Maybelline colour sensational lip stick in shade pink fizz
- MUA lip gloss in shade 3

If your a regular reader you'll already know that I'm not big on colour when it comes to eye shadow, and that i bought MUA's pretty pastels eye shadow palette to dip my toes in the world of colour. I decided to go for a pink look as i thought that might be the easiest first colour to try, rather than a purple or green. I must admit i am happy with how it turned out however you can't really tell from these pictures, but in real life these eye shadows are extremely shimmery. I'm not exactly a big fan of shimmer or glitter i like a matte look, so this does make me feel a bit out of my comfort zone so at first i wasn't sure if it looked ok and whether i should even put it up as a post. But here it is and i shall let you readers decide if it looks ok and you'd be happy to wear it and it is just me being a shy clam or if my gut is slightly right and i need to go back to the drawing board. Please don't be worried in telling me your honest thought's i am still leaning when it comes to eye shadow so i will most appreciate it. Thanks for reading please don't forget to follow i hope you have a wonderful day and i hope i see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx 


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Quick Rockabilly look

Hello everyone, today i have a quick and simple rockabilly look to share so if that's your bag then keep on reading.

Hair is amazingly simple to do. and trust me if i can do it, it really is simple as I'm rubbish when it comes to hair. Simply put your hair in a high pony tail and quiff, how big is entirely down to preference. Then get a small scarf, i got this one from primark you can't see in the pictures but the purple parts are skulls. It's completely your choice on scarf but bare in mind if you want a rockabilly look bright colours, polka dots, skulls etc your on to a winner. With you scarf you want to fold it in half then grabbing the pointed end fold it down until you get a bandanna shape. Then wrap it round and tie it with the knot on one side, tighten it slightly and then secure it at the back, behind your ears using bobby bins. Once you feel it's secure then tighten completely and tie again to make a knot, then slide another bobby pin by the knot to secure it at the top. If you tie it too tight without the bobby pins first you will most likely find it will slide straight off. I then just threw on this checkered shirt over a white vest top to add to the look. 


- Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation in ecru 
- LUSH feeling younger skin tint (under eye area)
- No7 quick cover blemish stick in fair 9under eye area)
- Rimmel match perfection powder foundation in true ivory
- Rimmel match perfection blush in medium
- Soap & Glory solar powder (contour and highlight)

- No7 matte mocha eye shadow (to fill in eyebrows)
- MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil in rich brown (inner top lash line)
- Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner (above lashes)
- MUA every lash mascara (1st mascara)
- Rimmel scandal eyes mascara (2nd mascara)
- MUA heaven & earth eye shadow palette shade 1 (highlighter) shade 7 (all over lid) and shade 4 (contour), please see my palette wars post for swatches.

- Maybelline colour sensational lip stick in shade summer pink 

 I think the make-up looks great with or without the rockabilly look and considering I'm still learning with eyeshadow I'm very pleased with how my eye's turned out. I also took my hair down as i was just about to go on a driving lesson and wasn't feeling the head scarf. Anyway i hope you enjoyed this little tutorial i suppose you could call it that haha. I also want to say a massive thank you to all my followers i recently hit 50 and i know that might not be a milestone to some but it is to me and truly does mean alot :D!  Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow if you haven't already and i hope to see you all soon

Beckawoo xx


Monday, 3 September 2012

Pretty pastels

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a good start to the week! Today i wanted to share my first thoughts on the MUA pretty pastels eye shadow palette. I've had this sat on my table for a few weeks now meaning to do this post but it got buried by a load of letters and i completely forgot about it. As regular readers will know rather well eye shadow scares me especially colours, so i thought pastels would slowly ease me into the big bold eye shadow world. I realise to some i may seem barking mad but I'd rather dip my toes lightly into this world than plaster peacock shades all over my eyes and look a right mess haha.

So this is what it looks like it's pretty self explanatory from the title as to what colours you'd expect, It's just a nice slim basic compact like the undressed and other such MUA palettes.So lets just jump on to swatches.

All of these colours do have a shimmer which isn't too bad however i do prefer a matte look, I'm not really a shimmery glittery girl. Number 1 does appear very light but i think this will make a nice highlighter for the set. I am instantly drawn to number 12 as it's a nice light mocha, which ofcorse would please me as I'm more of a neutral gal. However i am also drawn towards shades 2, 9 and 11. With this palette alone i would say you could create a few eye shadow looks such as a nice purple look with 8 and 10, a nice green look with 6 and 7 or even a pink look with 2 and 11. There are lots more other combinations you could do but i think you get the picture. 

All in all on first impressions I'm happy i got this palette as it will make a nice change from my neutral heaven & earth and undressed palettes, if your interested to learn more about them please check out my palette wars post. The shades are light enough to not feel to far out of my comfort zone, with still being able to add a bit of colour to my eyes. Like the other two palettes i have from MUA the colour pay off is superb and they are nice creamy powders that just glide on, stay in place but are easy to remove at night. Another good quality yet affordable product, these are available at selected Superdrug stores or to order from the MUA website for just £4. 

I hope to bring you some looks I've created with this palette in the future and if there's anything you would like to see in particular than please feel free to ask, I may still be learning but i shall certainly do my best. Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you again soon

Beckawoo xx


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Even more leopard print

Hello everyone! I have another leopard nail look for you guys today, although I've jazzed it up a little with chevron ring finger's. 

To do this look i used Barry M's flamingo pink as a base colour on all nails apart from my ring fingers, for them i used Barry M's lilac. I then used the lilac to place a few random dots on the pink, and then my Models own WAH nails nail art pen to draw on the leopard print. To do the chevron nails i simply used a piece of masking tape, which i stuck on the bottom of the nail with a point facing up creating the tip shape. I painted the tips in the pink and then whilst the polish was wet i gently peeled the tape off. Once fully dried i then drew the leopard print on the tips and ta-daaaa! 

I hope you like this look as much as i do, i realise you may be a bit sick of leopard nails so i shall try and mix it a bit from now on haha. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you again soon

Beckawoo xx

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