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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How much is your face worth?

Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a good start to the week. As you can probably guess from the title this post is all about the how much is your face worth tag, for those who haven't come across one of these posts before it's basically adding up the cost of all the make-up you have used and that's how much your face is worth. I decided to just do my basic everyday make-up as obviously that's what i wear the most, now to some this may be a little bit done up for a everyday look. I would like to say this is only if I'm leaving the house otherwise i don't wear anything but maybe a little mascara. 

What i am wearing:
-Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation £26
-LUSH feeling younger skin tint, i am currently using a sample but i will still use the retail price £12
-No7 quick cover blemish stick £7
-Rimmel match perfection powder foundation £5.99
-Rimmel match perfection blush £5.99
-Soap & Glory solar powder £11 

-No7 matte mocha eyeshadow £7
-MUA intense colour eyeliner in rich brown £1
-Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner £5.29
-MUA every lash mascara £3
-MUA extream volume mascara £2
-MUA heaven & earth eyeshadow palette £4

-Maybelline colour sensational lipstick £7.19
-MUA lip gloss £1

Total= £98.48

OMG! I truly am in shock, i know I've read posts which have been a lot more but i seriously thought mine would be under £50 haha. I'm not too sure if i look £100 good but the more expensive items i have are good quality and last for ages so are worth it in that sense.

 Well i hope you enjoyed this post, i tag everyone to join in with the shock of how much your face is worth and leave me a little comment if you do do it so i can have a good old read. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you all again soon. And don't forget to have an amazing week!

Beckawoo xx


  1. I love these types of posts :) You are gorgeous xxx


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