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Thursday, 20 September 2012

MUA Collection

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a great week no doubt most of you are looking forward to the weekend. As everyone seems to have gone a bit loopy over MUA and it's my most read posts, i thought i would share my collection so far as there are a few items i haven't showed you guys yet for some bizarre reason.

Some of these items i have already reviewed so i wont repeat myself but if you are interested in the MUA pretty pastels palette, heaven and earth or undressed palette or the every lash mascara please click on the links to read my reviews. Other eye products i have are
-Siren double volume false lashes
-Extreme volume mascara in black/brown
-Extreme curl mascara in black/brown
-Gel eyeliner in on the move
-3 in 1 Extreme contour liner in auburn
-Eye brow pencil in brunette
-Intense colour eye liner in rich brown
-Eye dust in shade 6

-Lip gloss in shade 3 and 5
-Lipstick in shade 5,Juicy and Nectar
- Lip boom in OMG 

Some of these items i haven't even used yet as i completely forgot about, it's only because i am changing how i store my make up i realised how much i had and how much i forgot about. I will be doing reviews but if there is anything in particular you would like to see than please just leave me a comment and i shall try to do it as soon as i can. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx


  1. You have a great collection of mua

    1. Thank you no doubt it will get a lot bigger with all the new items they're bringing out x


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