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Friday, 21 September 2012

MUA Extreme curl mascara Review

Hello :). Yesterday i done a post on my MUA collection and said that i would review the items i had not yet done, so this post is about the Extreme curl mascara. I've used this a couple of times but along with other mascaras so couldn't do a review on it as i don't think that's fair as i wouldn't be able to give you an honest opinion. 

The packaging is slightly different to most mascaras, as you can see it's silver and slightly curved which is nice but doesn't really wow me, but then again what mascara packaging does? It has a curved wand to help create more lift it your lashes giving it that curled, more open eyed effect. I got this from MUA's website but you can also pick it up from selected Superdrug stores for just £2.

MUA Extreme Curl mascara on It's own.

  Personally I'm not wowed by this mascara, I don't like to use curved wands and it doesn't really create the lash look i like and feel use too, so with that said looks wise i may be slightly biased. However i do feel like it creates a more natural look with still giving your lashes a little lift. I much prefer using this along with another mascara as i personally feel on it's own for me it doesn't give my lashes enough lift and volume.

I think it is worth getting, after all it is only £2 so it hardly breaks the bank if you can't get along with it. It gives nice natural looking lashes on its own or you can pair it with a volumising mascara to give a little bit more oomph. Do you already have this mascara,if so do you agree? Thanks for reading, hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to comment and follow

Beckawoo xx


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