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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My McMillan Coffee Morning

Hello everyone sorry i haven't been around like that this week, you could say i was a rather busy bee. Now as i mentioned in older posts i was hosting a McMillan coffee morning, for those who don't know it's basically where you have some cake and a cuppa with some friends to raise a bit of money for charity. McMillan is a cancer charity that do outstanding work to help those with cancer and their families, be it money advice, help understanding treatment, friendly people to speak too whenever you need someone...i literally could go on and on but lets just leave it as they are amazing supportive people. I think a lot of people will most likely know their name and that they're a cancer charity but i don't think they realise the extent of help they give. 

Why i wanted to do it
I decided to host one of these events as i myself know first hand just how important they are, so wanted to help them to keep going. My father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer just after he had a major heart attack when i was just 19, I'm an only child and my dad doesn't have a partner so i am his carer and i was very much alone. This was when we was first introduced to McMillan and they helped us so much, from filling out my dad's benefit forms so we didn't have to worry to giving my dad someone to speak to who understands over a nice cuppa. As my dad's carer i was even given a few neck massages to have some wind down special time to myself, this was also great as i suffer with a really stiff neck. It's been nearly 4 years and although his cancer can't be cured they have given him a way to live with it and are there for him on his down days and troubled times, and that's exactly why i felt i needed to give something back. 

My Day
Now stupidly for some reason i didn't actually take many photo's of the day but here's what i did capture before people showed up.

 As you can see i done a simple nail dotting design to keep with the theme of the day, the green is Models Own jade stone. I made some double chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes, and to decorate i used some green sugar sparkles and even made the roses and leaves (which took forever!). I also made some gingerbread men and butterflies for the children and my partners mother made a strawberry gateaux. And these are two very special people who where my little helpers, my partner and my best friend, without them the day wouldn't of been as fun as it was.  

I did also make striped white, green and black tissue paper pompoms but annoyingly i forgot to take photo's of them and my mum took them to hang in her shop haha. In total i have so far raised a whopping £110 which i am completely overwhelmed by and it was a very fun day, well worth the hours of hard work. 
I'm sorry if this isn't really an interesting post for you but it is a major part in my life and wanted to share for those who it may also mean something too. But with this now done and dusted i will be back to makeup reviews and nail posts like normal haha. I hope you all have had a great weekend and if you too was part of a coffee morning let me know I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx

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