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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OPI's Are we there yet? and Seche vite....

Hello again, WOW three posts in one day look at me go. Well as you can guess by the tittle this will be a nail post on my first OPI polish, eeeek!

Now although this is a edited photo I've made it so it hasn't effected the colour. This is three coats of Are we there yet? it's a lovely coral orange with little gold glitters, this colour will look lovely on nice sunny days. I realise in England that's very rare but one can only hope haha. But look what else i come across nail lovers...

Only the most hyped about top coat ever! Now I'm not all to sure on it's availability in England because all I've seen is people talking about stocking up on this on their trips to America, but that may just be because it's cheaper I'm not sure. However i found this beauty in Boots for just under £10 and i am in love. It leaves such a lovely glossy shine, dries fast and is hard as blooming nails. 

Do corals tickle you're fancy and have you tried the much hyped about Seche vite yet? Again thanks for reading, hope you've had a brilliant week so far and i hope to see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx


  1. Good post... :)

    Your blog is awesome! I'm your new follower.
    By the way my sister and me have a new blog. We would like to if you can visit it and if you will be like it so become a new follower. Thanks :)

  2. love the colour :D

  3. wow... this nail polish looks gorgeous! i love OPI!


  4. Lovely colour! I use Sally Hansen instadri as my top coat, or the boots No7 is well worth it with the £5 vouchers.


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