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Friday, 7 September 2012

Pastel pink

Hello, so yesterday i did my first look including eye shadow and I'm not gonna lie it's started something. So whilst baby monster was having his nap i decided to play about with another eye shadow look and as he is still in the land of nod I'm doing a quick post on it hehe. 

Here's what i used:


      - Estee Lauder double wear liquid foundation in ecru 
- LUSH feeling younger skin tint (under eye area)
- No7 quick cover blemish stick in fair (under eye area)
- Rimmel match perfection powder foundation in true ivory
- Rimmel match perfection blush in medium
- Soap & Glory solar powder (contour and highlight)

- No7 matte mocha eye shadow (to fill in eyebrows)
- MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil in rich brown (inner top lash line)
- Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner (above lashes)
- MUA every lash mascara (1st mascara)
- MUA extreme volume mascara (2nd mascara)
- MUA pretty pastels eye shadow palette shade 1 (highlight) shade 2 (all over lid) and shade 11 (contour and dragged under lower lash line) for full swatches please check out my pretty pastels post.


- Maybelline colour sensational lip stick in shade pink fizz
- MUA lip gloss in shade 3

If your a regular reader you'll already know that I'm not big on colour when it comes to eye shadow, and that i bought MUA's pretty pastels eye shadow palette to dip my toes in the world of colour. I decided to go for a pink look as i thought that might be the easiest first colour to try, rather than a purple or green. I must admit i am happy with how it turned out however you can't really tell from these pictures, but in real life these eye shadows are extremely shimmery. I'm not exactly a big fan of shimmer or glitter i like a matte look, so this does make me feel a bit out of my comfort zone so at first i wasn't sure if it looked ok and whether i should even put it up as a post. But here it is and i shall let you readers decide if it looks ok and you'd be happy to wear it and it is just me being a shy clam or if my gut is slightly right and i need to go back to the drawing board. Please don't be worried in telling me your honest thought's i am still leaning when it comes to eye shadow so i will most appreciate it. Thanks for reading please don't forget to follow i hope you have a wonderful day and i hope i see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx 



  1. YAY!! Now look what we've started!! Do you see how lovely this is??? It's delicate and fresh. Simple and very beautiful!! Aww!! I'm so excited to see more from you!! I almost got that palette, but went with some other ones. I agree, the MUA shades can be a bit shimmery, but if used well, it's ok :-)
    Love the lip color. You are such a natural beauty, you don't need makeup (in my opinion)- but this just enhances your features and is beautiful. Well done!!
    Ok I'll stop talking now.

    1. Well if your saying things like this you can talk away haha. Thank you though that's a very sweet comment and makes me feel alot better about my early abilities in eye shadow, hopefully one day i'll make amazing combinations like your's xxx

  2. I like :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  3. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing1 I am following it now!

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    Ana V


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