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Monday, 3 September 2012

Pretty pastels

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a good start to the week! Today i wanted to share my first thoughts on the MUA pretty pastels eye shadow palette. I've had this sat on my table for a few weeks now meaning to do this post but it got buried by a load of letters and i completely forgot about it. As regular readers will know rather well eye shadow scares me especially colours, so i thought pastels would slowly ease me into the big bold eye shadow world. I realise to some i may seem barking mad but I'd rather dip my toes lightly into this world than plaster peacock shades all over my eyes and look a right mess haha.

So this is what it looks like it's pretty self explanatory from the title as to what colours you'd expect, It's just a nice slim basic compact like the undressed and other such MUA palettes.So lets just jump on to swatches.

All of these colours do have a shimmer which isn't too bad however i do prefer a matte look, I'm not really a shimmery glittery girl. Number 1 does appear very light but i think this will make a nice highlighter for the set. I am instantly drawn to number 12 as it's a nice light mocha, which ofcorse would please me as I'm more of a neutral gal. However i am also drawn towards shades 2, 9 and 11. With this palette alone i would say you could create a few eye shadow looks such as a nice purple look with 8 and 10, a nice green look with 6 and 7 or even a pink look with 2 and 11. There are lots more other combinations you could do but i think you get the picture. 

All in all on first impressions I'm happy i got this palette as it will make a nice change from my neutral heaven & earth and undressed palettes, if your interested to learn more about them please check out my palette wars post. The shades are light enough to not feel to far out of my comfort zone, with still being able to add a bit of colour to my eyes. Like the other two palettes i have from MUA the colour pay off is superb and they are nice creamy powders that just glide on, stay in place but are easy to remove at night. Another good quality yet affordable product, these are available at selected Superdrug stores or to order from the MUA website for just £4. 

I hope to bring you some looks I've created with this palette in the future and if there's anything you would like to see in particular than please feel free to ask, I may still be learning but i shall certainly do my best. Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you again soon

Beckawoo xx



  1. Great Swatches ,love the Colours!
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings :)

  2. like the pastel shades for eyes :)
    would you like to follow each other?

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  3. I've been wanting to try the Heaven and Earth palette or the Undressed one, but unfortunately you can't buy MUA where I live :/ Great blog post though!
    I'm now following you, how about following each other? :) x


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