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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quick DIY Bunting

Hello, I have another quick craftanoon make that i thought i would share. Now before i go into how to make it i thought i would do a quick explanation on why all of a sudden I'm doing quite a few DIY tutorials. Basically on the 29th of this month i am hosting a McMillan coffee morning, now for those who have no idea what this is about, McMillan is a cancer charity and on the 28th they are doing a coffee morning to help raise money. This is a very close charity to me as a few readers may all ready know my father has advanced cancer and we use McMillan a lot and i want to give something back. Now as I've invited a lot of people over to my house for a cuppa and a slice of cake, me and my partner are now panicking and trying to get the decorating and little bits done before the big day with the very little money we have, hence me making little bits and bobs. If you would like to see how my coffee afternoon goes and would like me to do on a post on it then just leave a little comment please down below, but anyway back on to the topic of this post.

Now i would like to point out this is a very quick way to do bunting and not necessarily the way that will last for ages. All you will need is some material and ribbon of your choice, scissors and glue i used glu and   fix all purpose extra strong clear. 

What to do:

- Draw a triangle on some cardboard to use as a stencil, draw as many triangles as you need on your material.
- Cut out your triangles and measure out the length of ribbon you will need.
- Place the glue along the top of your triangle on the front of the material and then stick onto your ribbon.
- Repeat step three to all your triangles remembering to leave space between each one. 

TA DAAA hang it up and that's that, easy as bish bash bosh! I love bunting think it adds such a pretty touch, I've been eyeing up buying some for ages as i thought id need a sewing machine. Now to make it properly and to last, that would be the best way to do it as this way the material can thread. But the way i see it it's not gonna be touched 24/7 so it shouldn't actually fray that much...well that's my logic anyway. 

Now the Mr thinks that the material I've used makes my bunting look christmasy i however don't, what do you think? Thanks for reading and i hope to see you again soon 

Beckawoo xx


  1. I would definitely see how the coffee afternoon goes :)

    I love your diy post btw! (well, I am a diy fanatic, things are overpriced these days.. and quality just wasn't worth the money! makes me angry, really.) Hmm, they do give off a rustic-cozy feel doesn't ring Christmas-sy to me though. But they feel very warm and loving! :D

    Ohh!! I love your wall colour!! XD

    1. Aw thank you, i was a little unsure about posting them but thought i would, just on the off chance so im really glad you enjoy them. I know what you mean I don't think people realize actually how over priced little made nick nacks are these days, the material and items you need to make them are so cheep and go such a long way and i find it so relaxing to get all creative. Thank you that's what i thought, i also told him that he'll realize what Christmas bunting is when i make it in a few months time haha.

      Thanks i have actually been thinking about changing it to red lol xx


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