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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Solar Powder Review

Hello again! I've been meaning to do a post on this for ages as it's one of my favourite items out of my make up collection. It's only been this year that i have really been getting interested in makeup, I only really used to wear a bit of foundation and mascara. As my interest has grown, I've learnt a lot about different things you can do and techniques you can use. For example i will now not leave the house without filling in my eyebrows as it truly does make all the difference. One of the things i was really interested in was contouring but for some very frustrating reason all the shops in my town didn't sell a contour kit. And all of the bronzers i came across where miles to dark and really shimmery, which would of looked ridiculous for my complexion, that was until i come across Soap & Glory's Solar Powder.

The packaging is basic but i really like it, it's just a cute little compact with a mirror. The only down side i would say is it fastens shut by a magnet so i would be careful when travelling with it as it can open quite easily, so you could end up with a powder disaster. As you can make out on mine in the middle of the powder was a S & G, this did have a very slight layer of glitter, but you can just wipe this off with your finger. It is a bronzer and highlight so you can use this all over the face, neck and a little on your decolletage if your feeling a bit cheeky, to add a instant sun kissed look. However i find this perfect for my contour and highlight, i am very pale but a slight bit of the bronzer is still light enough for my complexion. But even if your not as light as me you can just add a little more as the colour is buildable. It's really creamy and so easy to apply and because it's so pigmented you really don't need to use a lot, as you can see from mine i haven't used a lot yet i wear this every time i do my makeup and I've had this now for about four months. I got this from boots for £11 now i know to some it may be a little pricey but as i just said it really will last for a long time.

Every single photo of me you will or have seen i have used this to contour, I don't have a special brush...yet he he, so i just use a small powder brush. I just apply a little of the bronzer under my cheek bones (yes i have to do the fishy face) and a little on my jaw line and temples, I then use the highlight above my cheek bone after I've applied blush and i even use the highlighter sometimes for my brow bones. Once you've contoured you will realise the difference it can make to your face, it can help bring out your cheek bones and jaw line, making your face look slightly but amazingly different. 

Do you have a favourite bronzer you use to contour or maybe you know where to find a great contour kit? I hope you have enjoyed reading and have found this helpful. Please don't forget to follow and i love reading your comments so don't be shy :), hope to see you all soon

Beckawoo xx


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