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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rimmel London Wake me up foundation

Hello again peeps, this post I'm sharing my thoughts on Rimmel's wake me up foundation. Normally i use Estee Lauder's double wear foundation which retails at £26 which is quite a lot, don't get me wrong i love it and think it's worth the money. However my skin tone seems to have changed since buying it and it's slightly too dark for me now which isn't too noticeable to others but noticeable enough for me, so because of this i decided to try some others out as i have stuck to the double wear for years. 
I decided to try this one as i recently bought the wake me up concealer in ivory and was really impressed with the results, especially on how well it matched my skin tone, if you haven't already seen it here is my post on that. Again i picked up the foundation in shade 100 ivory as it was the closest match to my skin tone. 

"Our first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and a flawless, natural looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex."

The only thing i would disagree with is the natural looking finish, for me this has quite a lot of shine to it which i do dislike as i prefer more of a matte finish, but with a light dusting of a powder over the top it's not a problem. I have patches of bad dry skin and it does feel really nice and moisturising, so if like me you suffer from dry skin it's really good, however i can't comment on what it's like for oily skin. I would say it's a light/medium coverage but it is easily buildable on areas where you need it, i also have red patches and it hides it really well and gives me a really nice natural looking complexion. On an odd note it also has a really pleasant scent which surprised me. 

I picked this up in Boots for £8.99 and yes you guessed it in part of their 3 for 2 offer, Boots i truly do love you. As of yet i don't actually have a bad word to say against it, going from a £26 foundation to a £9 drugstore one i thought i would, but yet again with Rimmel i am very pleasantly surprised. I do hope this review helps you if it was a foundation you've had your eye on. Thank you all for reading i hope you all have a great night and if your a further a field reader from the states than i hope your safe x 


NOTD: Models Own In the navy & Snowflakes

Hi everyone, i hope your all having a good start to the week. I know i said i was gonna mix things up a bit in my last post in regards to just doing nail posts lately, i still want to do that and hope to do a few posts today, but if not i promise this week i will haha. I don't want my other readers to feel left out, i promise i haven't forgot you, i really do appreciate every single reader i have so thank you. Anyway on with today's nails...
This is two coats of in the navy which is a stunning dark navy blue, with a generous coat of snowflakes. Now you may already know but I'm not really a sparkly fan so I'm really fussy with glitter polishes, however i think i have fallen in love. Snowflakes is part of the wonderland collection which is full of really pretty gold glitter flecks. I haven't tried it over any other polish yet but over in the navy it seems to be giving a lovely ocean blue/green colour along with the gold. I originally had a image in my head of snow falling on a winters night, however it reminds me of something else but for the life of me i just can't quite pin point it, like something earthy or deep in the ocean. Like the mirror ball glitters it does have a strong smell but this really is so pretty i just couldn't care less about it, i never thought i could ever love a glitter polish as much as i do for this one, so Models Own i take my hat off to you. 

You can get both of these from Boots which if you love this look as much as me i strongly suggest as you can get them in the 3 for 2 offer at the moment and they are just £5 each, but if you'd rather go to their website than click here. I hope you like this look as much as me and if you can name what it resembles to you please leave a comment cause not being able to think of it myself is driving me crazy haha. Have a brilliant day don't forget to follow and if my day goes to plan i shall see you with another post very shortly haha x


Sunday, 28 October 2012

NOTD: Barry M Raspberry

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great weekend. This is yet another nails of the day, sorry if your not much of a nail fan i realise it seems like that's all I'm doing at the moment' i will try and mix it up a little this week.
This is Barry M's raspberry, which i think is a lovely shade for autumn. I only needed two coats, i find some of Barry M's polishes you need more cause it can be a little streaky but this one was great. In these photo's it's under artificial lighting, i find it actually looks slightly darker when it's not, which turns it into a really lovely vampy wine red colour. Because i get really bored with completely plain nails i just added one of my studs to jazz the look up a little. 

You can get Barry M in Boots or Superdrug for £2.99, i would suggest Boots though as at the moment it's still part of their 3 for 2 offer. Are you digging the autumn nail colours? Hope to see you all again soon, thanks for reading x


Friday, 26 October 2012

NOTD: Peach, Gold & Studs

Hello lovelies, in my last nails of the day post i mentioned about waiting for some nails studs to arrive, well this morning they did. I have been wanting studs for such a long time, i love that kind of nail art and think it creates such great look.
To do this i used Models Own Peach puff and nail art pen in black, Barry M gold and some round and square gold studs. I wont go into detail on how i completed this look as i think it's pretty self explanatory, however if you do have any questions please feel free to ask. 

What i do want to do is go into detail about the studs, i got these from a website called sparkly nails. The quality of these studs are brilliant and they gave me the finished look i was after. They was only £1.50 each and you get a little bag with about 40, now i know they don't look a lot in the bag but the size of them when put on your nail is large enough, you really don't need a lot. To be honest I'm even gonna see if i can get away with re-using them, as they're metal i want to see if using nail varnish remover will get rid of polish left on them. I know you can get bigger bags of these on eBay but they're normally from china which means too long to wait, where as i ordered these on Monday and they arrived this morning which is Friday, which is bloody brilliant if you ask me.
So there we go my first stud look, now i don't want to blow my own trumpet but I'm really happy with the completed look. What do you think about nail studs, do they tickle your fancy? Hope you enjoyed this look and have a fabulous weekend x


Thursday, 25 October 2012

NOTD: Black & Silver

Hey guys, today's post is just another quick nails of the day. Today i was felling in a matte black mood but wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so this is what i come up with...
I didn't intend on doing a chevron for the thumb, i was actually going for half moons but it went wrong so that's why i ended up with such large chevrons. If anyone has any tips on doing half moons please share cause at the moment i just can't quite nail them. To do this mani i used Models Own gun grey and sterling silver, the glitter is OPI metallic for life and to get the matte effect i used Rimmel London pro matte finish top coat. To do this just paint your nails gun grey (or any black) i done two coats, once dry apply your matte top coat. Then to do the chevron i use a piece of masking tape as my stencil, i then painted the exposed nail in sterling silver, I just free handed the tips with the metallic for life. 

I hope you enjoy this look, sorry if your getting a bit bored with this matte black but I'm currently really enjoying it. I'm hoping to have some really cool looks for you lot as I've ordered some really nice studs, so i hope I'll have them soon. Hope you all have a great day and see you all again soon x


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

NOTD: Models Own Pink blush & Hot stuff

Hey ladies, today is nails of the day post i haven't really done a lot of these but i do plan on doing more. This look has to be the most girly nails i have ever done, I'm actually surprised I'm wearing this as I'm not actually that much of a girly girl.  
POW girl power! If you like pink and sparkles then you need to own these two polishes. I painted all my nails in pink buff and then used hot stuff on my accent finger. I'm not really a sparkle fan, and I'm extremely fussy with what glittery polishes i get but this one was just so pretty it had to go in my collection. I adore Models Own polishes they by far make up the majority in my polish collection, i love the formula, colours, application and how long they last. However i had a tiny problem with the glitter polish, it smells rather strong. Now i know what you think and yes i realize no polish smells good but this is quite a strong smell so if you have a sensitive nose i suggest holding your breath, but it's so pretty i can get over it. 

If you haven't heard of Models Own before or not too sure where to get them...than you clearly haven't been to my blog before haha. They are £5 each, you can pick them up from Boots stores which i highly suggest as at the moment they are included in the 3 for 2 offer. Otherwise here is their website, where they have all the prettiest colours in the world haha, if your a polish junkie going on their website might be slightly dangerous...but worth it. 

So there we go an extremely girly look for today, i hope you all enjoyed this post and hope to see you all again soon x


Monday, 22 October 2012

Easy Demon/Vampire Makeup

Happy Monday my lovelies, today I'm posting my very first Halloween look eek.  I'm so excited to be part of this blogging holiday (does Halloween count as a holiday?), everyone seems to be getting really excited and sharing their Halloween looks, and it feels really nice to be part of this community. I know that was a bit of a cheesy moment but I'm sure other bloggers know where I'm coming from and I'm not coming across as being a crazy emotional loon....i hope haha. 

Anyhow I have done this look with makeup that a lot of you probably already have so if you don't have the money to get anything especially in or if your invited to a last minute party, you can still work it and look like you've made an effort. I didn't get anything in for this, i have literally just worked with what i already have and for my very first look I'm actually very happy with the outcome. 
I've titled this look demon/vamp as i think you can pull it off as either one you want, just depends on your outfit and how you act. I personally prefer horror gruesome looks over pretty princess for Halloween but i think this could easily fit as either as i think the smouldering eyes with the red lippy still looks sexy. If your interested in how to get this look then this is what i used and how i did it...

- Apply a pink/red toned eye shadow above your eyebrow, under you eye and on your temples, blend out to create an irritated look. For this i used shade 11 from my MUA pretty pastels palette, it's a reddish pink shade, here is a post with swatches from this palette. 
-I then used MUA eye dust in shade 6 which is a loose powder eye shadow in a dark shimmery purpley/black, don't worry if you don't have the exact same one just use a shade similar if you've got one. I then blended this in my whole eye socket, temple, over the brow and down the nose, this gave a nice bruised like effect. I also used this shade to contour on my cheek bones, jaw line and on the forehead about a inch above my brow. Doing that creates more of a gaunt/intense bone structure, and i done it on my forehead to create a frowning look.
- I then used shade 11 from the MUA undressed palette which is just a shimmery black, again i applied this in my whole eye socket, brow and temple and blended it out.
- I then used a Rimmel black kohl eye liner pencil to line my waterlines both top and bottom, and then the glam eyes liquid eyeliner again in black to do a winged line above my lash line. i also added i line under my bottom lash line. 
- Then apply any false lashes you want i only have MUA siren lashes so that's what i used.

- I don't actually own any lip liners so i just used my black Rimmel kohl eyeliner to line my lips and filled in the corners. Obviously if you have a dark red lip liner this would be ideal but if like me you don't then this worked really well.
- I then filled in my lips with my Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in shade 111 kiss of life, but any red lippy will work. And there you have it look complete...
  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful, if you've posted a Halloween look leave me a comment so i can have a look, i love looking at everyone's creativity.  I hope to see you all again soon, have a great day and don't forget to follow if you like x


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models Own Mushroom & Matte Leopard

Hello again, another nail post and surprise surprise just like i said in my last post it's another matte look haha. However i did take a picture of how Models Own mushroom looks before i applied my matte top coat, just in case that's not your bag.
This is with two coats and no top coat, as you can see on it's own Models Own polishes have a lovely shine to them, however i do always recommend using a top coat just to prolong wear and resist against chipping. 
But seem as i am in love with my new matte top coat i couldn't just leave it how it was and also fancied adding some leopard print as i am obsessed with that as well haha. So for this all i done was applied two coats of mushroom, then to do the leopard print i used my Models Own nail art pen in black however if you don't have anything like that you could just use a tooth pic and a black polish, and then simply apply your matte top coat. Easy peasy!

So there we go another matte look nail post on the same day haha, i hope you like it and if you have anything you'd like to see just leave me a comment :)


Black matte nails

Hello. Last week my friend tweeted me a picture of a nail look that she thought i might like and that she also secretly wanted me to do for her. As soon as i saw it i knew i had to get a matte top coat and try to give it a go. 
This image was the one that she showed me which was just taken from Google.
And this is my take on them... 
Now annoyingly it was very tricky to get a decent picture of them and i had to use a flash for the detailing to show up, but doing that it then takes away from the matte look. I don't wanna blow my own trumpet but they look a lot better in reality then how they turned out in the picture. This look is really easy to achieve all you need is a black polish i used Models Own gun grey, a matte top coat mine is by Rimmel and then i used my Models Own nail art pen in black to do the detailing but if you don't have this you could just use a small brush or a tooth pic. And it's really straight forward paint your nails black, then apply your matte top coat and then for the nail art just do a long flick with a couple small flicks and then add a few dots. Probably the easiest nail art look i have done a post on, if it wasn't for the drying time this look would take 5 minutes. 

I love the magic of a matte top coat and think i will be putting it on everything, so I'm sorry if you don't like matte looks but you may just see a few more from me over the next few weeks haha.


Rimmel Wake me up concealer

Hello, today i have my thoughts on the wake me up concealer by Rimmel. I can not stress enough how bad my dark circles are, it literally looks like i am recovering from two black eyes and they are sunken in my skull. It truly is terrible unless i use eye creams and lotions and potions to try and help their appearance, i say help as i have never found anything magic enough to banish them. With that said you can imagine how much i love that concealers exist and am constantly on the search for the one. 
It says on the back "Our first full coverage concealer that visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes. Completely conceals spots and other blemishes. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex.", and to be fair I think i would agree. 
 I haven't edited this photo so i could show how well it worked without any fancy effects. Yes i know you can still see slight dark circles BUT remember how bad i said they was, so actually this is a vast improvement and if yours aren't actually that bad i think it'll get rid of them completely. I got mine in shade 010 Ivory which is actually a really good match to my skin tone so my under eye area didn't look any lighter or darker than the rest of my face, which of course is a winner. It's really light and creamy so sinks into the skin and blends really easily. It illuminates like it says which helps make your eyes look brighter which gives the effect of looking more wide eyed and bushy tailed (that means awake if your not to sure ha). 

So yeah I'm actually rather pleasantly surprised, normally when i buy products to hide my horrid dark circles i don't really expect them to work just on their own so well. Normally i use two different ones along with my foundation and their still more visible than just using this with my foundation. It's priced at £6 which for a product like this I'm certainly more than happy to buy. Would i say I've found the, but i do really like it and i think if you only have slight dark circles it could really work for you. I hope you find this post helpful and that you all have a fabulous weekend 


Friday, 19 October 2012

Rimmel's Kiss of life

Hey guys, first off I'd like to apologise for not doing many posts over the last week or so, it turns out i need glasses and at the moment being on the laptop is straining my eyes and giving me a bit of a headache. So I'm really sorry but hopefully that will all be sorted soon. Anyhow this post is on a new lippy i got and have fallen in love with from the Rimmel London new lasting finish range by Kate. 

Yes i know i said i wouldn't get a red lippy as i didn't think it would suite me and that i think it's really hard to wear...but screw it haha, this is shade 111 Kiss of life. I don't know what came over me but it was the last one there and i was in Boots so it was the whole 3 for 2 offer and it was my free item, so i just threw it in the basket and quickly walked to the checkout before i changed my mind. Firstly i need to mention the smell....oh dear lord it is amazing! I have never really took notice to the scent of lipsticks before (unless it's a really horrible cheep one), but it smells all fruity and lovely, even if you don't plan on getting one i still suggest going and having a smell. It's so comfortable to wear and glides on effortlessly, it does claim to last all day which i personally don't think is true, but it only fades a little in the middle of the lips so just a slight touch up is needed every now and then. I believe it's around the £5 - £7 mark (sorry i can't remember), i think at the moment it might be just over £5 cause it has a couple quid off but don't quote me on that.

So there we have it, i have finally been pulled over to the dark side of red lippy and i must say i kinda like it. Do you have any lipsticks from this new range? Hope you all have a great weekend and see you all again soon 


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Black & Gold

Hey guys, so today i have a make up look as i haven't done one for ages and i had this image in my head and just felt the urge to do try it out.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my MUA siren false lashes that have been stashed away for ages. Personally they're a bit too extreme for me, especially for the first false lashes i have ever worn. As much as i like MUA i wasn't impressed with them as they did look rather cheep, i did find them hard to apply but i suppose that could very well be because it was my first time. I don't mind how they look, i think it's more of a comfort zone issue, but i just wanted to show the look with false lashes. 

And this is how it looked with just mascara, personally i think a nice in between set of lashes would really set this look off. 

What i used:

- MUA Heaven & Earth palette shade 11 inner corner and on the brow bone.
-MUA Undressed palette shade 11 for outside lid blended along crease line and dragged along bottom lash line, shade 10 middle of the lid and dragged on the bottom lash line line from the corner out, shade 3 blended into the black. 
- MUA Every lash mascara and Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara 
- Rimmel black eyeliner for inside lash line top and bottom and Rimmel Glam eye liquid eyeliner for on top of lash line. 
- False lashes again was MUA siren lashes

(Here is my post of swatches for both palettes) 

Well there you have it i hope you enjoyed this look along with the song, hope to see you all again soon and don't forget to follow :). Thanks for reading 


Sunday, 14 October 2012

No7 Makeup brush cleanser

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a fabulous weekend. Today i have a post that I've been meaning to do for a little while now, so i thought this would be great timing as lately all my posts have been about nails. A few weeks ago i got No7's makeup brush cleanser to make cleaning my brushes easier for me, as I've heard about lots of different things people like and dislike i felt a little confused as to what's best. I may just of been a bit of a fanny but i was a bit worried about ruining my brushes, so i thought this would be great as that's exactly what it's designed for. 

As you can see from the bottom right photo my powder brush and my angled brush where mingin (ignore the black brush it's just a really cheep one i use at the moment for my blush). At first i just tried using this on it's own pouring a bit on a paper towel and rubbing the brush for a quick clean, but found when the brush was dry it still felt like there was some residue left and it felt slightly oily. However that may of been because i used to much or maybe i somehow didn't do it right I'm not entirely sure. So instead i used it when washing my brushes instead of any soap or shampoo, i simply ran the brush facing downwards under warm water, pumped some of the cleanser in the palm of my hand and gently swirled the brush in the cleanser which then made a nice lather. I then made sure i rinsed it all out and gently used a paper towel to get the majority of the water off and then left it flat to dry. I found using it as part of a deep clean really effective and easy and once dry my brushes didn't loose their shape and felt basically as good as new, and as you can see it brought them up lovely.

I will try again to do a quick clean and let you know if it was mine or the products fault, however even if i can't get on with it as a quick cleanser i am happy with the results using it as a deep clean. It's £8, which i know is a bit more pricey than baby shampoo or whatever else is out there but I'm personally going to stick to products made pacifically for cleaning brushes. I'm not so convinced that i will get it once I've used it all as other lines do brush cleaner such as MAC and they aren't that much more so i think i will try them next. That's not saying i don't like it, i think it does the job and No7 are extremely good for those who have really sensitive skin so if you like No7 than i really think you'd enjoy this.

 All in all I'm not loving this yet but i am liking it, do i think it's worth the money...yes as the method i like to use it in, it does bring my brushes up lovely and is so quick and simple. What brush cleaner do you like to use? I hope you found this post helpful, sorry if it was a bit rambeley in places and i hope to see you all again soon.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Models Own Gun grey And Pink blush

Afternoon lovely ladies! Today i have the first two swatches from my Models Own haul, Gun grey and Pink blush.

Here we have Gun grey which is such an amazing colour, and a polish i can certainly see every rock chick needing in their life. It's a very dark grey basically bordering on black but it has these tiny silver flecks which give it a slight metallic look and shine, it really reminds me of an old school cowboy pistol which is cool. It's like a really edgy black that i think would look great for both dressed up and down looks, and also if your not a black nail varnish lover it's certainly a lot more easier to wear. LOVE this colour and shall certainly be donning this through the winter months. Also i found it really easy to remove, i know some dark colours (black in particular) can be a right pain to get off, so that's a cheeky bonus. 

And as you can tell by the extreme colour this is Pink blush, THE barbie pink i think. I currently have this on my nails and it's so much of a barbie pink i feel like i should put on a lycra cat suite, ankle warmers and some high heels,I'm getting this image as the last barbie I've seen is from toy story 3 and I'm also a 90's kid and that's just how i remember them haha. I definitely think I'll have to be in a pink mood to wear this just as a plain nail but i definitely think it'll look great with some nail art looks. Also with it being the month to raise awareness for breast cancer, i think it is a brilliant colour for October. 

So there's my first two swatches, do either of these tickle your fancy? If you read my blog regularly than your probably sick of me raving about Models Own as a brand so i won't go on to much, sorry i promise I'm not employed by them (even though that would be amazing) haha. But for those of you who don't already know Models Own polishes are really great quality, for both of these colours i only have on two coats, they last really well on my nails, really easy to apply and i find it doesn't really stink like some polishes. They retail at £5 each, i believe a few places sell them but i got alot of my collection from Boots as they always seem to have some kind of offer on or you can go to their website

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this post and have a amazing weekend!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Models Own Haul/Review

Hey guys, so if you follow me on twitter or instergram than you would already know that my Models Own order came this morning, YAY. Now this post kinda has two reasons, one as a haul to show you what i got and two to review the delivery as i know it's a big factor to me how my products arrive. I just see it as your paying all that money out and as a valued customer you want your order to be sent to you hassle free and in immaculate condition, and also not everyone is extremely confident about buying online especially if it's from somewhere they haven't ordered from before. 

The polishes i got in order from top left along, don't worry i will be doing swatches on all of these so if your not sure which is which don't worry, i realise i went a little overboard with dark colours. Pink punch, pink blush, peach puff, Betty blue, mushroom, moody grey, gun grey and in the navy, as you can see i also got an angled blush brush which I'm gonna use as a contour brush. I got this in the half price sale which has now finished but the prices now are polishes are £5 each and the brush is £8 if you are interested.

Now onto the order itself, like i said i got this in the half price sale so as you can imagine they was extremely busy at this time and for UK posting give an estimate of ten days delivery time. This arrived on the seventh day so i was extremely happy (obviously i would of liked it sooner being a polish freak but that was just cause of the excitement), it's when it's out of the estimated time i start to get a little annoyed. So their delivery timing is great and if your ordering on a usual day than it wouldn't surprise me if it would be a lot faster. As you can see it comes in a really cute box and the smaller box held six polishes snuggly so less risk of any breakages and the odd two was in a little bubble wrap pocket. Now it may just be me being a bit funny but i would of liked a bit more bubble wrap in the empty spaces to completely ensure nothing could move around, however with that said the way it was packed there wasn't a lot of room for movement so i don't see much risk of breakages, I believe delivery was just under £3. All of the Models Own products i had before i had picked up from Boots so this was my first experience ordering from them online and i must say all in all i am very happy with the service i received and will certainly be using it again. So if this all tickles your fancy and your thinking of treating yourself than here is the Models Own website.

So there you have it as you can imagine i am one very happy chappy and i am very much looking forward to swatching all of these little babies, if there are any in particular you would like to see first just leave me a comment. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful and i hope to see you all again soon, thanks for reading 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

No7 Coral Rose Review

Here I have the last lip product i got from my No7 haul, it's from the stay perfect range in shade coral rose. 

Before i start i would like to quickly apologise for the look of the lipstick my little baby monster got his hands on it, so it no longer looks pretty but hey ho that's part of being a mum. Anyway it's a gorgeous pinky red perfect for day looks or if you like subtle lips on a night out. Just like the classic rose lipstick i reviewed not so long ago it's really creamy so it just glides on effortlessly and it has quite good staying power. I really enjoy this colour and the stay perfect range as i find they really moisturise my lips like a balm, which is ideal as annoyingly my lips always seem dehydrated. 

As No7 are a Boots own range you can either pick this up at a Boots store or on their website, they retail at £9 each and have some really stunning colours. Have you got any No7 lipsticks, if so whats your favourite shade?


Monday, 8 October 2012

No7 Hot cloth cleanser review

Hello again guys, as you can tell from the title this is my thoughts on another No7 product. For ages all i was seeing in the blogging world was Liz Earl's hot cloth cleanser and how amazing it was, so ofcorse i really wanted to try it. But whilst i was spending my No7 vouchers i came across their version of it so thought i would give it a whirl instead. 

On the back it reads "Created to provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin. Enjoy the luxury of a spa facial in your own home. The combination of this rich indulgent cleanser and the gentle exfoliating muslin cloth, removes dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean, soft and radiant." Your meant to use this once or twice a week as a treat to your skin for a truly deep clean. At first i was using this nearly everyday to remove all my makeup as it did such a good job, but was advised against this as it could cause irritation, so now i do it once a week. 

It's a nice rich cream that you rub on dry skin in circular motions, then run the cloth under hot water and place on your face to open up your pores and relax. Then using the cloth, again in circular motions remove the cream and finish by splashing cold water over your face. I bet you'll be disgusted with the grime and makeup you didn't realise was on your face that's now left on the cloth! Now i don't know what other hot cloth cleansers are like so i won't compare but i am in love with this. My skin feels so soft and clean, i really feel like It's taken every possible bit of grime and makeup off, in such a quick and easy motion. I also really like the fact that It's in a vacuum pump so i feel like i will use every last bit of cream and also that i can see how much i have left. In fact i like it so much i got another one whilst it was on offer.

It retails at £9.95 and you can pick it up at a Boots store or from the website. It comes with a cloth which is really easy to clean so it should last until the cream runs out. Personally it gets a big thumbs up from me  price, looks and quality wise, maybe i will try other hot cloth cleansers when I've finished both bottles but for now I'm certainly happy using this.  



Hello everyone, today's nail post is a long awaited swatch on GOSH's Ocean polish. I bought this awhile ago and a few people said they wanted to see a swatch, but i completely forgot i had it so sorry for the long delay. 

I don't usually go for these kind of polishes but it was such a pretty colour i couldn't resist. It's a beautiful peacock turquoise, the shine on it is amazing and i love how it changes subtly in the light. It reminds of a mermaids tail...well i say reminds not like I've ever met one just how i would picture one haha. Although it's a normal polish i think if you was dressing up as a mermaid for Halloween this would be perfect. The polish itself is good, i only needed two coats but you could get away with just one, it dried quickly and was easy to apply. The only slight niggles i had was you can slightly see brush strokes but I'm not too sure if this happens with all metallic nail varnish and it does chip quite easily on it's own but with a good top coat, problem solved. I picked this up from a Superdrug for £5 I'm not all too sure where else you can pick up GOSH products, so if you know please leave a comment. 

What do you think about metallic polishes, are you a lover or a hater? I hope your all having a good start to the week and thanks for reading 

Beckawoo xx


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Zombie nails

    Hello everyone, I hope your having a good weekend so far. Now with Halloween just around the corner it's literally everywhere and your all probably thinking this is why I've done this post, well yes and no. Some of you may already know that i am a bit of a gamer and some of you may also know that Resident Evil 6 was realised on Tuesday, and tonight i get to play...mwah ha ha haaa. My friend is coming over with her copy of the game and we are going to geek it up, so naturally this inspired me to do zombie themed nails. But seem as it is so close to Halloween i thought i would share as i know a lot of you may be looking around for different looks.

I own no rights to the zombie (bottom right) photo this is from The Walking Dead season 2, I took from Goggle

I decided to go for the manky dirty ripping flesh from corpses design, and I'm rather glad with how it turned out I think with the full get up it would look rather impressive. This look is also really simple to achieve all you need is a nail colour of your choice i wanted a dead zombie like putty colour so i used GOSH's Groovy grey. For the blood i then used a bright red which i just got from Primark years ago, a really dark red for this i used Nails Inc Victoria and a black which is just from Collection 2000. I also used a sponge to apply the blood colours and my smallest dotting tool to get right in the sides and along my cuticle but if you don't have this you can just use a cocktail stick.

1. Paint all your nails your chosen zombie nail colour.
2. Sponge on the light red focusing mainly on the tip and middle of your nail, the messier the better. With little random bits near your cuticle.
3. Then sponge on your darker red in larger blobs at the tips and then down in a "drip like" way, again sponge just a little near your cuticles.
4. Then sponge black in large blobs on the tips.
5. Get your small dotting tool or cocktail stick and using the light red apply it in the edges of your nail then layer the dark red and black.
6. Then apply your top coat (i used Seche Vite) to add a bit of shine to the "blood".

Be as messy as you like in fact i found the messier around the edges i got the better the finished look, which is why i didn't clean it all up after i had finished. With a bit of fake blood all of over my hands i think i would of achieved the flesh ripping look i was going for, what do you think are these gruesome enough for you? I hope you enjoyed this look and if there's any nails in particular you'd like to see just leave me a comment and I'll give it my best shot. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you all again soon :)

Beckawoo xx


Friday, 5 October 2012

NOTD: An unusual chevron couple

Hey guys, i realise i haven't been doing a lot of nail looks lately my nails haven't been in the best shape so i left them naked for awhile :(. The last two colours i used i left on my dinning room table and forgot about, until today when i looked at them side be side and was instantly hit with a nail look. I personally would never of thought to of paired these two polishes together but seeing them sitting there i loved how they looked. This is why I've called this an unusual couple but you may put these colours together and not think twice about it. 

For this i used Models Own Purple ash and Jade stone. Simply paint all your nails except the accent nail (of your choice) in Purple ash then the accent nail in Jade stone, then paint the chevron tip in Purple ash (i use a bit of masking tape as a guide for my chevron tip). And it's as easy peasy as that, i love how chevron tips look and the fact their so easy to do. I already feel like i rave about how much i LOVE Models Own polishes so i wont go on about them again, but they are truly worth the money. You can pick these up at £5 each from Boots or on their website

What do you think of this unusual combination, are you a lover or a hater? I hope you enjoyed this look, i shall try and do more nail posts and if there's anything in particular you'd like to see just leave me a comment :) 

Beckawoo xx


No7 High shine Lipgloss Review

Hello everyone, today i have the No7 High shine lip gloss in shade Almost red, i showed in my Spend your No7 vouchers post.

It's a really vibrant red and when it says high shine it means high shine. Now i realise in my last post i was saying how i don't have the confidence to wear RED lips, however it might just be me but i feel there's a difference between red lipstick and red lip gloss. I know that may only make sense in my own crazy mind but i feel more confident wearing red gloss, instead of red lippy. Now we all know the main thing about gloss is the sticky factor, this one is rather good as i can actually have my hair down whilst wearing this...unless it's blowing a riot outside of course. It's super easy to apply and it leaves my lips feeling so moisturised, which is perfect for the upcoming miserable months. I also found the lasting power on this rather impressive especially for a gloss. I like to wear it on it's own but I'm sure this would look amazing over a nice red lipstick for the ultimate red glossy lip look.

This was one of my free items in the 3 for 2 offer, however it does retail at £8.50. I know to some this may seem a little pricey for a gloss but it doesn't rub off with in 5 minutes of putting it on and it doesn't feel all cheep and sticky. You can find this in Boots along with all No7 products or have a look on their website. Do you own any No7 lip gloss, if so what's your fav shade? I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading :)

Beckawoo xx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

No7 Classic rose lipstick review

Hi guys, today i have a lipstick swatch like i promised in a previous post. I know i have a few reviews and swatches to catch up on, so that's what i plan on doing for the rest of the week, sorry I've been a bit slack please don't hate me. 

This is No7's stay perfect range in shade Classic rose and i LOVE it, it's a very subtle elegant matte dusky red. I don't own a red RED lipstick as i don't think i would pull it off and i think to wear red lips it's all about the confidence, which i certainly don't have. However when wearing this i feel very elegant and lady like, it's just the right shade for a shy little wall flower to have a bit of colour and confidence. It's so creamy and moisturising it glides on effortlessly and stays in place reasonably well, i mean yes you do have to touch up through out the day but hey what lippy don't you need too. It also looks really nice lightly applied or slightly more layered on for a real pop of colour. 

This lippy has currently took up residence in my handbag as i wear it all the time. No7 is a Boots own brand so you can get it from popping in your local boots or looking on their website. It retails at £9 but i used a £3 voucher so got it for only £6, however i have fallen in love with these lippy's so much i would still pay £9 for them so I'm not just saying i love it because i got it for cheep. 

Have you tried any No7 lipsticks, if so what's your fav shade? I also wanna say a massive thank you to all my followers it really does mean a lot, i know i haven't said thank you in a while but i promise i really do value every reader and everyone who takes the time to leave me a comment (Makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself haha). Anyways thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed 

Beckawoo xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Favourites

As you can gather by the title this post is my September favourites. Now i wasn't too certain on doing this months as i really don't have a lot of favourites, I've been buying a lot of stuff so i haven't really been using just a couple enough to say it's a favourite yet. But thought i would share the few i have used and really enjoyed as they do deserve some credit. 

Firstly on the make up side of things i have been loving the collection 2000 felt eye liner. For the price it really is great, i use it mostly for my quick easy day looks and find it super easy to use. Now i realise my MUA Heaven & Earth palette was also in my August fav's but i really have been loving it this month, so i wont go into detail but if your interested in finding out more check out my other posts.

Now onto skin care, i have been loving my Vaseline healthy hands and strong nails hand cream. It moisturises my hands so much and leaves them feeling super soft, also you only need a little bit and it soaks in really fast without any unwanted after effects. This will certainly be staying with me throughout the cold miserable months. My other fav skin care product is my No7 hot cloth cleanser, now i don't wanna say too much as i will be doing a full review on this very soon but i will have it known that i am in love. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and free of all possible dirt, it is literally amazing. 

And finally onto hair, i have only used these a few times as i only recently bought them but my god i already love them. My hair is so much softer and shinier i just want to run my hands through it all day and it smells lovely. Another reason why i have fallen in love so fast is that my hair is quite long but not only that it is ridiculously thick, which means i use a lot of product to wash my hair thoroughly and each time i wash my hair i always shampoo it twice. However with these i found that i only had to use a little bit of product to come up with the same results, this in my eyes is a big win. 

So there you have it a very quick and cheerful September favourites, do you have anything you loved in September? Thank's for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx

Models Own: Purple ash

Hello all, hope your having a good start to the week. As you can tell I'm swatching a Models Own nail varnish called Purple ash, i decided to wear this shade today as i think it is perfect for Autumn/Winter. I don't usually stick to season "appropriate" shades as i like to wear whatever colour i want when i want, however this season does make darker shades easier to wear. 

I love the deep brown purple colour, i have used two coats but you can get away with just one. I find Models Own polishes fantastic quality for money (in fact they make up the bulk of my polish collection), they always last well on my nails, rich colours and have a glossy finish if you don't use top coats however on top of this i have on seche vite. They retail at £5 each from Boots or you can go to their website

Do you have any favourite Autumn/Winter shades? Thanks for reading 

Beckawoo xx

P.S If your reading this on the 2/10/12 Models Own are having a half price sale on their website till midnight tonight, why not treat yourself to some lovely new polishes for a can even pick up this colour if it tickles your fancy ;) x
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