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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Black & Gold

Hey guys, so today i have a make up look as i haven't done one for ages and i had this image in my head and just felt the urge to do try it out.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my MUA siren false lashes that have been stashed away for ages. Personally they're a bit too extreme for me, especially for the first false lashes i have ever worn. As much as i like MUA i wasn't impressed with them as they did look rather cheep, i did find them hard to apply but i suppose that could very well be because it was my first time. I don't mind how they look, i think it's more of a comfort zone issue, but i just wanted to show the look with false lashes. 

And this is how it looked with just mascara, personally i think a nice in between set of lashes would really set this look off. 

What i used:

- MUA Heaven & Earth palette shade 11 inner corner and on the brow bone.
-MUA Undressed palette shade 11 for outside lid blended along crease line and dragged along bottom lash line, shade 10 middle of the lid and dragged on the bottom lash line line from the corner out, shade 3 blended into the black. 
- MUA Every lash mascara and Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara 
- Rimmel black eyeliner for inside lash line top and bottom and Rimmel Glam eye liquid eyeliner for on top of lash line. 
- False lashes again was MUA siren lashes

(Here is my post of swatches for both palettes) 

Well there you have it i hope you enjoyed this look along with the song, hope to see you all again soon and don't forget to follow :). Thanks for reading 



  1. And look at that golden goddess!! Becky this is stunning! Wow you made this look effortless. YAY!! Such a classic glam look. Eternal.

    1. Aw thanks hun that's really sweet xx


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