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Monday, 22 October 2012

Easy Demon/Vampire Makeup

Happy Monday my lovelies, today I'm posting my very first Halloween look eek.  I'm so excited to be part of this blogging holiday (does Halloween count as a holiday?), everyone seems to be getting really excited and sharing their Halloween looks, and it feels really nice to be part of this community. I know that was a bit of a cheesy moment but I'm sure other bloggers know where I'm coming from and I'm not coming across as being a crazy emotional loon....i hope haha. 

Anyhow I have done this look with makeup that a lot of you probably already have so if you don't have the money to get anything especially in or if your invited to a last minute party, you can still work it and look like you've made an effort. I didn't get anything in for this, i have literally just worked with what i already have and for my very first look I'm actually very happy with the outcome. 
I've titled this look demon/vamp as i think you can pull it off as either one you want, just depends on your outfit and how you act. I personally prefer horror gruesome looks over pretty princess for Halloween but i think this could easily fit as either as i think the smouldering eyes with the red lippy still looks sexy. If your interested in how to get this look then this is what i used and how i did it...

- Apply a pink/red toned eye shadow above your eyebrow, under you eye and on your temples, blend out to create an irritated look. For this i used shade 11 from my MUA pretty pastels palette, it's a reddish pink shade, here is a post with swatches from this palette. 
-I then used MUA eye dust in shade 6 which is a loose powder eye shadow in a dark shimmery purpley/black, don't worry if you don't have the exact same one just use a shade similar if you've got one. I then blended this in my whole eye socket, temple, over the brow and down the nose, this gave a nice bruised like effect. I also used this shade to contour on my cheek bones, jaw line and on the forehead about a inch above my brow. Doing that creates more of a gaunt/intense bone structure, and i done it on my forehead to create a frowning look.
- I then used shade 11 from the MUA undressed palette which is just a shimmery black, again i applied this in my whole eye socket, brow and temple and blended it out.
- I then used a Rimmel black kohl eye liner pencil to line my waterlines both top and bottom, and then the glam eyes liquid eyeliner again in black to do a winged line above my lash line. i also added i line under my bottom lash line. 
- Then apply any false lashes you want i only have MUA siren lashes so that's what i used.

- I don't actually own any lip liners so i just used my black Rimmel kohl eyeliner to line my lips and filled in the corners. Obviously if you have a dark red lip liner this would be ideal but if like me you don't then this worked really well.
- I then filled in my lips with my Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in shade 111 kiss of life, but any red lippy will work. And there you have it look complete...
  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful, if you've posted a Halloween look leave me a comment so i can have a look, i love looking at everyone's creativity.  I hope to see you all again soon, have a great day and don't forget to follow if you like x



  1. Ooooh!!! Creepy and GORGEOUS! I absolutely LOVE IT! Really well done, Becky!


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