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Friday, 12 October 2012

Models Own Gun grey And Pink blush

Afternoon lovely ladies! Today i have the first two swatches from my Models Own haul, Gun grey and Pink blush.

Here we have Gun grey which is such an amazing colour, and a polish i can certainly see every rock chick needing in their life. It's a very dark grey basically bordering on black but it has these tiny silver flecks which give it a slight metallic look and shine, it really reminds me of an old school cowboy pistol which is cool. It's like a really edgy black that i think would look great for both dressed up and down looks, and also if your not a black nail varnish lover it's certainly a lot more easier to wear. LOVE this colour and shall certainly be donning this through the winter months. Also i found it really easy to remove, i know some dark colours (black in particular) can be a right pain to get off, so that's a cheeky bonus. 

And as you can tell by the extreme colour this is Pink blush, THE barbie pink i think. I currently have this on my nails and it's so much of a barbie pink i feel like i should put on a lycra cat suite, ankle warmers and some high heels,I'm getting this image as the last barbie I've seen is from toy story 3 and I'm also a 90's kid and that's just how i remember them haha. I definitely think I'll have to be in a pink mood to wear this just as a plain nail but i definitely think it'll look great with some nail art looks. Also with it being the month to raise awareness for breast cancer, i think it is a brilliant colour for October. 

So there's my first two swatches, do either of these tickle your fancy? If you read my blog regularly than your probably sick of me raving about Models Own as a brand so i won't go on to much, sorry i promise I'm not employed by them (even though that would be amazing) haha. But for those of you who don't already know Models Own polishes are really great quality, for both of these colours i only have on two coats, they last really well on my nails, really easy to apply and i find it doesn't really stink like some polishes. They retail at £5 each, i believe a few places sell them but i got alot of my collection from Boots as they always seem to have some kind of offer on or you can go to their website

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this post and have a amazing weekend!


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  1. Both are lovely: Gun grey looks perfect for A/W!xxx


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