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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Models Own Haul/Review

Hey guys, so if you follow me on twitter or instergram than you would already know that my Models Own order came this morning, YAY. Now this post kinda has two reasons, one as a haul to show you what i got and two to review the delivery as i know it's a big factor to me how my products arrive. I just see it as your paying all that money out and as a valued customer you want your order to be sent to you hassle free and in immaculate condition, and also not everyone is extremely confident about buying online especially if it's from somewhere they haven't ordered from before. 

The polishes i got in order from top left along, don't worry i will be doing swatches on all of these so if your not sure which is which don't worry, i realise i went a little overboard with dark colours. Pink punch, pink blush, peach puff, Betty blue, mushroom, moody grey, gun grey and in the navy, as you can see i also got an angled blush brush which I'm gonna use as a contour brush. I got this in the half price sale which has now finished but the prices now are polishes are £5 each and the brush is £8 if you are interested.

Now onto the order itself, like i said i got this in the half price sale so as you can imagine they was extremely busy at this time and for UK posting give an estimate of ten days delivery time. This arrived on the seventh day so i was extremely happy (obviously i would of liked it sooner being a polish freak but that was just cause of the excitement), it's when it's out of the estimated time i start to get a little annoyed. So their delivery timing is great and if your ordering on a usual day than it wouldn't surprise me if it would be a lot faster. As you can see it comes in a really cute box and the smaller box held six polishes snuggly so less risk of any breakages and the odd two was in a little bubble wrap pocket. Now it may just be me being a bit funny but i would of liked a bit more bubble wrap in the empty spaces to completely ensure nothing could move around, however with that said the way it was packed there wasn't a lot of room for movement so i don't see much risk of breakages, I believe delivery was just under £3. All of the Models Own products i had before i had picked up from Boots so this was my first experience ordering from them online and i must say all in all i am very happy with the service i received and will certainly be using it again. So if this all tickles your fancy and your thinking of treating yourself than here is the Models Own website.

So there you have it as you can imagine i am one very happy chappy and i am very much looking forward to swatching all of these little babies, if there are any in particular you would like to see first just leave me a comment. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful and i hope to see you all again soon, thanks for reading 



  1. I have been seeing these polishes pop up all over the internet and need to get some! Can't wait to see what you create with these colors! :-)


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