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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models Own Mushroom & Matte Leopard

Hello again, another nail post and surprise surprise just like i said in my last post it's another matte look haha. However i did take a picture of how Models Own mushroom looks before i applied my matte top coat, just in case that's not your bag.
This is with two coats and no top coat, as you can see on it's own Models Own polishes have a lovely shine to them, however i do always recommend using a top coat just to prolong wear and resist against chipping. 
But seem as i am in love with my new matte top coat i couldn't just leave it how it was and also fancied adding some leopard print as i am obsessed with that as well haha. So for this all i done was applied two coats of mushroom, then to do the leopard print i used my Models Own nail art pen in black however if you don't have anything like that you could just use a tooth pic and a black polish, and then simply apply your matte top coat. Easy peasy!

So there we go another matte look nail post on the same day haha, i hope you like it and if you have anything you'd like to see just leave me a comment :)


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  1. Mmmmm Mushroom! I like that name! Hhahaha!! Been obsessed with mushrooms, don't think I'm gonna get over it anytime soon! Too delicious X3

    That's a really fine leopard print you did there! I thought you stamped it! Great job!! ♥♥♥


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