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Thursday, 4 October 2012

No7 Classic rose lipstick review

Hi guys, today i have a lipstick swatch like i promised in a previous post. I know i have a few reviews and swatches to catch up on, so that's what i plan on doing for the rest of the week, sorry I've been a bit slack please don't hate me. 

This is No7's stay perfect range in shade Classic rose and i LOVE it, it's a very subtle elegant matte dusky red. I don't own a red RED lipstick as i don't think i would pull it off and i think to wear red lips it's all about the confidence, which i certainly don't have. However when wearing this i feel very elegant and lady like, it's just the right shade for a shy little wall flower to have a bit of colour and confidence. It's so creamy and moisturising it glides on effortlessly and stays in place reasonably well, i mean yes you do have to touch up through out the day but hey what lippy don't you need too. It also looks really nice lightly applied or slightly more layered on for a real pop of colour. 

This lippy has currently took up residence in my handbag as i wear it all the time. No7 is a Boots own brand so you can get it from popping in your local boots or looking on their website. It retails at £9 but i used a £3 voucher so got it for only £6, however i have fallen in love with these lippy's so much i would still pay £9 for them so I'm not just saying i love it because i got it for cheep. 

Have you tried any No7 lipsticks, if so what's your fav shade? I also wanna say a massive thank you to all my followers it really does mean a lot, i know i haven't said thank you in a while but i promise i really do value every reader and everyone who takes the time to leave me a comment (Makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself haha). Anyways thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed 

Beckawoo xx


  1. This is such a nice shade, i think be purchasing this soon x

    1. I love the colour think this will be one that will always be in my collection x

  2. Wow this is a lovely shade. Looks stunning on you. I'm adding this to my ever expanding shopping list!


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