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Monday, 8 October 2012

No7 Hot cloth cleanser review

Hello again guys, as you can tell from the title this is my thoughts on another No7 product. For ages all i was seeing in the blogging world was Liz Earl's hot cloth cleanser and how amazing it was, so ofcorse i really wanted to try it. But whilst i was spending my No7 vouchers i came across their version of it so thought i would give it a whirl instead. 

On the back it reads "Created to provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin. Enjoy the luxury of a spa facial in your own home. The combination of this rich indulgent cleanser and the gentle exfoliating muslin cloth, removes dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean, soft and radiant." Your meant to use this once or twice a week as a treat to your skin for a truly deep clean. At first i was using this nearly everyday to remove all my makeup as it did such a good job, but was advised against this as it could cause irritation, so now i do it once a week. 

It's a nice rich cream that you rub on dry skin in circular motions, then run the cloth under hot water and place on your face to open up your pores and relax. Then using the cloth, again in circular motions remove the cream and finish by splashing cold water over your face. I bet you'll be disgusted with the grime and makeup you didn't realise was on your face that's now left on the cloth! Now i don't know what other hot cloth cleansers are like so i won't compare but i am in love with this. My skin feels so soft and clean, i really feel like It's taken every possible bit of grime and makeup off, in such a quick and easy motion. I also really like the fact that It's in a vacuum pump so i feel like i will use every last bit of cream and also that i can see how much i have left. In fact i like it so much i got another one whilst it was on offer.

It retails at £9.95 and you can pick it up at a Boots store or from the website. It comes with a cloth which is really easy to clean so it should last until the cream runs out. Personally it gets a big thumbs up from me  price, looks and quality wise, maybe i will try other hot cloth cleansers when I've finished both bottles but for now I'm certainly happy using this.  


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