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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NOTD: Models Own In the navy & Snowflakes

Hi everyone, i hope your all having a good start to the week. I know i said i was gonna mix things up a bit in my last post in regards to just doing nail posts lately, i still want to do that and hope to do a few posts today, but if not i promise this week i will haha. I don't want my other readers to feel left out, i promise i haven't forgot you, i really do appreciate every single reader i have so thank you. Anyway on with today's nails...
This is two coats of in the navy which is a stunning dark navy blue, with a generous coat of snowflakes. Now you may already know but I'm not really a sparkly fan so I'm really fussy with glitter polishes, however i think i have fallen in love. Snowflakes is part of the wonderland collection which is full of really pretty gold glitter flecks. I haven't tried it over any other polish yet but over in the navy it seems to be giving a lovely ocean blue/green colour along with the gold. I originally had a image in my head of snow falling on a winters night, however it reminds me of something else but for the life of me i just can't quite pin point it, like something earthy or deep in the ocean. Like the mirror ball glitters it does have a strong smell but this really is so pretty i just couldn't care less about it, i never thought i could ever love a glitter polish as much as i do for this one, so Models Own i take my hat off to you. 

You can get both of these from Boots which if you love this look as much as me i strongly suggest as you can get them in the 3 for 2 offer at the moment and they are just £5 each, but if you'd rather go to their website than click here. I hope you like this look as much as me and if you can name what it resembles to you please leave a comment cause not being able to think of it myself is driving me crazy haha. Have a brilliant day don't forget to follow and if my day goes to plan i shall see you with another post very shortly haha x



  1. Snowflakes looks amazing!x

    1. So different to how i thought it was going to look but im really happy it did, it's so pretty x


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