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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rimmel Wake me up concealer

Hello, today i have my thoughts on the wake me up concealer by Rimmel. I can not stress enough how bad my dark circles are, it literally looks like i am recovering from two black eyes and they are sunken in my skull. It truly is terrible unless i use eye creams and lotions and potions to try and help their appearance, i say help as i have never found anything magic enough to banish them. With that said you can imagine how much i love that concealers exist and am constantly on the search for the one. 
It says on the back "Our first full coverage concealer that visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes. Completely conceals spots and other blemishes. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex.", and to be fair I think i would agree. 
 I haven't edited this photo so i could show how well it worked without any fancy effects. Yes i know you can still see slight dark circles BUT remember how bad i said they was, so actually this is a vast improvement and if yours aren't actually that bad i think it'll get rid of them completely. I got mine in shade 010 Ivory which is actually a really good match to my skin tone so my under eye area didn't look any lighter or darker than the rest of my face, which of course is a winner. It's really light and creamy so sinks into the skin and blends really easily. It illuminates like it says which helps make your eyes look brighter which gives the effect of looking more wide eyed and bushy tailed (that means awake if your not to sure ha). 

So yeah I'm actually rather pleasantly surprised, normally when i buy products to hide my horrid dark circles i don't really expect them to work just on their own so well. Normally i use two different ones along with my foundation and their still more visible than just using this with my foundation. It's priced at £6 which for a product like this I'm certainly more than happy to buy. Would i say I've found the, but i do really like it and i think if you only have slight dark circles it could really work for you. I hope you find this post helpful and that you all have a fabulous weekend 


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