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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Favourites

As you can gather by the title this post is my September favourites. Now i wasn't too certain on doing this months as i really don't have a lot of favourites, I've been buying a lot of stuff so i haven't really been using just a couple enough to say it's a favourite yet. But thought i would share the few i have used and really enjoyed as they do deserve some credit. 

Firstly on the make up side of things i have been loving the collection 2000 felt eye liner. For the price it really is great, i use it mostly for my quick easy day looks and find it super easy to use. Now i realise my MUA Heaven & Earth palette was also in my August fav's but i really have been loving it this month, so i wont go into detail but if your interested in finding out more check out my other posts.

Now onto skin care, i have been loving my Vaseline healthy hands and strong nails hand cream. It moisturises my hands so much and leaves them feeling super soft, also you only need a little bit and it soaks in really fast without any unwanted after effects. This will certainly be staying with me throughout the cold miserable months. My other fav skin care product is my No7 hot cloth cleanser, now i don't wanna say too much as i will be doing a full review on this very soon but i will have it known that i am in love. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and free of all possible dirt, it is literally amazing. 

And finally onto hair, i have only used these a few times as i only recently bought them but my god i already love them. My hair is so much softer and shinier i just want to run my hands through it all day and it smells lovely. Another reason why i have fallen in love so fast is that my hair is quite long but not only that it is ridiculously thick, which means i use a lot of product to wash my hair thoroughly and each time i wash my hair i always shampoo it twice. However with these i found that i only had to use a little bit of product to come up with the same results, this in my eyes is a big win. 

So there you have it a very quick and cheerful September favourites, do you have anything you loved in September? Thank's for reading and i hope to see you all again soon 

Beckawoo xx

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