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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Zombie nails

    Hello everyone, I hope your having a good weekend so far. Now with Halloween just around the corner it's literally everywhere and your all probably thinking this is why I've done this post, well yes and no. Some of you may already know that i am a bit of a gamer and some of you may also know that Resident Evil 6 was realised on Tuesday, and tonight i get to play...mwah ha ha haaa. My friend is coming over with her copy of the game and we are going to geek it up, so naturally this inspired me to do zombie themed nails. But seem as it is so close to Halloween i thought i would share as i know a lot of you may be looking around for different looks.

I own no rights to the zombie (bottom right) photo this is from The Walking Dead season 2, I took from Goggle

I decided to go for the manky dirty ripping flesh from corpses design, and I'm rather glad with how it turned out I think with the full get up it would look rather impressive. This look is also really simple to achieve all you need is a nail colour of your choice i wanted a dead zombie like putty colour so i used GOSH's Groovy grey. For the blood i then used a bright red which i just got from Primark years ago, a really dark red for this i used Nails Inc Victoria and a black which is just from Collection 2000. I also used a sponge to apply the blood colours and my smallest dotting tool to get right in the sides and along my cuticle but if you don't have this you can just use a cocktail stick.

1. Paint all your nails your chosen zombie nail colour.
2. Sponge on the light red focusing mainly on the tip and middle of your nail, the messier the better. With little random bits near your cuticle.
3. Then sponge on your darker red in larger blobs at the tips and then down in a "drip like" way, again sponge just a little near your cuticles.
4. Then sponge black in large blobs on the tips.
5. Get your small dotting tool or cocktail stick and using the light red apply it in the edges of your nail then layer the dark red and black.
6. Then apply your top coat (i used Seche Vite) to add a bit of shine to the "blood".

Be as messy as you like in fact i found the messier around the edges i got the better the finished look, which is why i didn't clean it all up after i had finished. With a bit of fake blood all of over my hands i think i would of achieved the flesh ripping look i was going for, what do you think are these gruesome enough for you? I hope you enjoyed this look and if there's any nails in particular you'd like to see just leave me a comment and I'll give it my best shot. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow and i hope to see you all again soon :)

Beckawoo xx



  1. wow they are a bit scary but fascinating at the same time :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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