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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Xmas Party Outfit Challenge

Hello ladies, the other week i received an email asking me if i would like to take part in the Xmas party outfit challenge. For those of you who don't know about this, you have to create an outfit from just one retailer for just £100. I chose New look and this is the look i come up with...
Dress- £27.99
Shoes- £24.99
Clutch bag- £15.99
Necklace- £7.99
Earrings- £3.99
Rings- £4.99
Nail varnish- £2.99
Eye shadow- £3.99
False eyelashes- £4.99 

Total- £97.91!

Now i know some of you might think this is a little dark for a festive Christmas outfit but I'm not really one for going out and i do love black and gold. I'm really glad that in this price i was also able to add some makeup and nail varnish to give the image of a more completed look that i would do. Is this a kind of outfit you would also wear?

The competition is being run by FashonVouchers, and you to can take part in this Xmas party outfit challenge if you want, all you need to do is go to the challenge page where all the rules are stated. Then from their site select one of the retailers, which there are soooo many too chose from and then design your very own festive party outfit for just £100. There will be three winners in total, and each will receive a £100 voucher to spend at their chosen outfits retailer (so if i was to win i would get £100 to spend in New look). 

If you do take part leave me a link to your outfit below, I'd love to come and have a look i love looking at everybody's different styles. I hope you enjoy the outfit i came up with, thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x


MUA Artiste Palette: Colourful Look

Hello again ladies, this post is on the second look I've created using the MUA artiste palette. The other day i done a neutral look using this palette, but today i was feeling slightly adventurous and wanted to see what i could do with the colours.
For this look i used Pistachio all over the lid, which gives off this lovely bright blueish white. I then applied Ice to the outer half of my eyelid, and Grape to the outer corner and to contour. I really love the  completed look, normally i shy away from strong colours when doing my eyes, but i think i may be coming around. I feel like a pretty blue fairy with this look...I'm not crazy honest haha.

I think this would look really lovely with a blue or purple outfit, so if that's the outfit you have planned if your staying away than fantastic, however if not than you would need to take another palette. I do really like this palette however i am still a bit confused with the choice in colours for the eye shadows. But you can get some stunning looks and i do really like the blushes, bronzer and highlight, for swatches of the whole palette and more information here is my earlier post. You can pick up this palette and all MUA products from selected Superdrug stores or online, and they are also having a 3 for 2 offer until the 4th of December.

What do you think of the Artiste palette, are the colour choices your cuppa tea? Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x


NOTD:Models Own hot stuff on Liquorice

Hello ladies, again i have another quick nails of the day post for you. After my super girly nails yesterday, i decided to tone it down a bit, and today i was feeling this...
I used Collection 2000's Liquorice as my black, i really love this black polish as its not streaky and is super glossy. I then applied just one coat of Models Own Hot stuff over the top, I'm very fussy with glitter polishes but i really like this one, and i love it over black to give off a edgy girly look with ease. 

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this quick NOTD post. Hope your all having a fantastic day and i shall see you all again soon x


Monday, 26 November 2012

NOTD: Barry M Peach Melba & bow

Hello everyone, i hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I was in a bit of a girly mood whilst doing my nails today, and thought i would try a bow design as i haven't done one yet, and this is what i come up with...

I used Barry M's peach melba to paint all my nails, i really love this colour and don't wear it enough, it's a beautiful pastel pinky peach. I then used a white to do the tip, and my Models Own nail art pen in black to do the bow detailing. I don't think it turned out too bad, however i think with a bit more practise the bow will look a lot better. 

So i hope you enjoyed this quick little nails of the day post, hope your all having a brilliant Monday and i shall see you all again soon x


Saturday, 24 November 2012

MUA Artiste Palette: Neutral look

Hello ladies, I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far, and to all my readers who celebrated it i hope you all had a brilliant thanksgiving. Today's post is a look i created using the neutral colours from the MUA Artiste palette.
This wasn't the first look that i was planning to do with this palette, but i had some comments from the swatches post saying if the eye shadows where more neutral they would go out and get it. So i thought i would show that with the three neutral colours that are in the palette you can achieve a nice neutral look. For this look i applied Mocca all over the lid, than Cookie over the outer half of my lid blending it into Mocca towards the corners of my eyes, I then used Chocolate on the very outside of my lids and to slightly contour. I found these shadows really nice and easy to work with and they blended really lovely, the only slight niggle i have is i did need to pack the shadow on slightly to get a nice colour payoff but not so much so that it looked really caked on, so i can live with this. 

I really liked this look and as i am a neutral kinda gal if i was staying away for a weekend i could quite happily take this palette alone knowing it will give me a nice neutral look. For swatches and more information of the palette here is my previous post. This palette retails at £6 and you can pick this and other MUA products from selected Superdrug stores or shop online. MUA are currently running a 3 for 2 offer which is running until the 4th of December, so if your interested why not treat yourself. I hope this has helped some who was interested in the palette but was worried they wouldn't be able to achieve a nice neutral look. Thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon x


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tutorial: Leopard Print Nails

Hello ladies, today I'm doing a nail related post as you have probably of guessed by the title. I was in two minds about doing it as well I'm no nail expert but when I've done a post with leopard print nails I've got a few comments from people saying they wish they could do it. So i thought i would share the steps on what i personally do whenever i do leopard print.
Now for this look I've added some gold spots but you can take or leave this stage, i just thought i would include it for this tutorial. If I'm doing spots i will randomly place them and do the leopard print around them first. To do the leopard spot i will do a dot and then two broken curved lines, almost creating a squashed broken C, or some may look a little like a squashed smiley face. I will then do a few of these spots around where there's larger spaces, for this look I'm not doing the whole nail but if i am i will randomly place them across the whole nail. After this in the spaces that are left i will fill them up by putting dots or a dot with a curved line until there's no huge spaces left. And that's all that i do, you should have something that looks like this...
I hope this helps some of you who like me love leopard print, i think i am a little obsessed with it haha. I think the thing to remember about animal print it that it's organic so don't worry if it doesn't look perfect as no spot is the same in reality anyway. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

L'oreal Paris Wild ombres Review

Well hello ladies, it has been too long! But i am back, it might not be quite as regular as normal yet, as sadly baby monster is still ill but i will blog as and when i can till he's back to his cheeky self.  Before i became ill some of you who follow me on instagram or twitter may know i dyed my hair, in fact i ombred it which is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. So as soon as the L'oreal wild ombre advert came on tv one night i just had to try it and the next day i went and done so...
I picked up the ombre No1 kit as that's the one for dark brown hair, i also picked up a dye brush just in case i didn't get along with the one from the kit as i really wanted to make sure i blended it well, i didn't actually use it. The kit is a basic hair dye kit, it contains a dye brush, gloves, shampoo, and the three separate dye parts which you put together, shake and job done. You apply it to dry hair and it tells you to section your hair at the back (like your putting your hair into side ponytails) and just apply it in small sections. I sectioned my hair like this but instead of starting from between your ear and chin, i applied it to the tips and worked up to try and make sure it was a more blended look than whats on the box, i found doing it that way really worked best. Once i coated all the hair using the brush i than squirted what was left of the dye into my hands (obviously whilst wearing the gloves) and rubbed it into my ends and rubbing what was left on the glove upwards. 
It says to leave on between 25-45 minutes depending on the intensity you wish, i left this on for the full 45 minutes and as you can tell it's nothing like the picture and was only slightly noticeable. This wasn't the desired effect i had in mind, so i figured my hair was obviously so dark it couldn't lighten it that much in one go so the next day i went out and got another kit to see if a second one would work...
As you can see doing it the second time managed to lighten it a lot more.I did exactly the same process as the first time round but i just brought the dye slightly higher, and again left it on for the full 45 minutes. Now I'm not gonna lie to you guys, after i done it i cried and was convinced it turned it ginger and i wasn't happy, despite everyone telling me it wasn't ginger and that they actually really liked it. But since then i have actually come round to it quite a bit and don't think it's that bad haha. I was hoping the ends would be a bit more blond and to be fair if i was to do a third just on the tips it probably would be, but i can't really be bothered to do another one to be honest. So if your going based on colour remember if you are really dark like me you will more than likely need to do at least two stages. 

Apart from the colour and my personal opinion on that the two things i really disliked about this dye which will more than likely apply to all. One the smell, oh my god! Now i have been dying my hair since i was 13 and used many different brands and colours, but this stuff is very potent and even made my eyes water and feel like they was burning. I am not kidding this stuff isn't for the faint hearted or those with a sensitive nose and eyes. Although this was only whilst i was applying it and just at the start, so if your willing to bare with it it's not that bad once you've passed the initial stench. Also it has killed my hair, now my hair has always been in very good condition as i never straighten it etc etc. But this has dried the hell out of ends to the point where it was getting tangled easy and just felt like straw. So if you already have damaged dried out hair this really won't be doing it any favours. My hair is feeling better now as i am using hair treatments but it's still not quite where i want it to be, so the effects are reversible but it depends if you want to. 

 I picked the first kit up from Boots and the second from Sainsburry's both around £6, so in total to ombre my hair it only cost £12. Even with the negatives i have brought up i am pleased with the results, i know to some that may sound crazy but it's a snip of a salon price and i have been able to get my hair back into a reasonable condition with only three uses of a hair mask. It's hard for me to say whether i advise this product as in my opinion dye results very from person to person, if you personally like how mine turned out and would like a similar look and you can put up with the smell and condition than go ahead. However if you are really worried my personal opinion would be to get it done at a salon and take in a picture of what you want, that way you know your going to walk out happy. I hope some of you found this post helpful, if you have used this kit let me know how it worked for you. Hope your all having a great week, thanks for reading and see you again soon x

P.S. I have just touched up my hair and recorded a tutorial which you can watch here X


Friday, 16 November 2012

Poorly sick

Hello ladies, I just wanted to do a really quick post to let you know why I haven't been about. Sadly the beckawoo house hold is poorly sick, so I'm to ill to do any decent posts, I'm just doing this one on my phone.

When checking my blog I noticed I now have 99 followers and would like to thank you all this genuinely made me smile. When I am back I'll have some exciting posts for you guys including my new ombre hair, so please bare with me. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to be back with you soon x


Monday, 12 November 2012

MUA Pro-Brow Kit

Hello ladies, today i thought i would do a post on the final MUA product i picked up in the 3 for 2 offer, the pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit.
Ok so firstly I'm gonna start off with the things I'm not so keen on, my biggest dislike is that the case doesn't fasten all. Just to keep on your make up side that's fine, but this is meant to be a handy kit you can also carry around *confused face*. I'm also not keen on the brush that it comes with as it is cheep, i know MUA is a more affordable brand so i don't expect the brush to be fabulous but i can't apply the powder with this. However i do use it to apply the gel, and because i don't use it for any of the powders i find the gel stays clean and clear, so I'm not too bothered about this. And my last little niggle is with the tweezers...i just find them hard to work with.
Now i have those little niggles off my chest i shall continue with the good. As you can see it comes with three different powders, a dark, medium and very light brown. I think the shades are brilliant, i personally use the dark brown, but if one of the shades isn't a direct match you could always blend them together, so i do think this kit is well suited to a lot of people. I have never used any kind of gel for my eyebrows so this has now become a new step to my brow routine, but i really like how it looks and finishes off my brows.

Apart from the little niggles i have with this kit i do actually rather like it, and it has been my go to for doing my brows the past week or so. It retails at £3.50 and you can pick it up in selected Superdrug stores or online, and until the 4th of December they are running a 3 for 2 offer. Do you own this little kit yet, or do you swear by another? Hope you all had a brilliant weekend and a good start to the week. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x


Saturday, 10 November 2012

MUA Artiste Collection Palette

Well hello again, i told you i was going to make up for not posting much this week haha. In this post I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the MUA artiste collection multi-use palette. 
This palette contains six marbled eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter. I haven't yet tried any of the eye shadows, but to swatch they was creamy with a nice colour pay off, as you can see Ice and Grape are lovely and rich in colour. I'm looking forward to looks i can create with this and have one in mind that I'm dying to try. I love how pretty they looked, i say looked as as soon as i swatched them they got all smudged as the colours blended into each other, especially Pistachio. But that is what they are ment to do i just liked how they looked before haha.

I have used the blushers as well as the bronzer and highlight, and must say i really like them. The bronzer is quite dark especially as I'm rather pale so a light touch is all that's needed, especially as it can be a bit hard to completely blend out. The highlight isn't normally one i would choose as it is slightly shimmery, however i actually really like it and think i would certainly wear it on a night out but is still wearable in the day. The only thing i slightly dis-like about it being shimmery is you cant use it as a brow highlight which is normally what i do with my Soap & Glory solar powder. The blushers a nice to wear separately or together, i really like wearing pink sparkle with just a slight sweep of primrose over the top, which gives a nice natural looking blush. The quality of both blushes, bronze and highlight are brilliant, the colour is nice and rich and you only need a little bit and the powder itself is nice and creamy.

The main benefit i feel about this pallet is that is has everything you need if your staying somewhere overnight or going away for a holiday. Although i love my Soap & Glory solar powder the main pet hate i have is that the case doesn't secure shut so travelling with it would be an issue, where this case secures nicely so i wouldn't worry about it being in my makeup bag. It also saves on having a lot of different items to take around, fair enough you may still need to bring a palette of eye shadows, as i do feel their choice in this palette are slightly random.

This retails at £6 which i think is well worth the money for what your getting, no where else could you get six eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter, in one palette and are actually good quality. I got this in their 3 for 2 offer which is running until the 4th of December, you can pick MUA products up from selected Superdrug stores or on their website. Have you tried this palette yet, if so what are your thoughts on it? Thanks for reading, i hope your all having a wonderful weekend and i shall see you all again soon x


MUA mega volume mascara

Hello ladies, as MUA have an offer on of 3 for 2 i thought i would treat myself. First i am sharing my thoughts on the new mega volume mascara which retails at £3.
"Dramatically thickens lashes with each stroke for mega volume."

As you can see the packaging is simple in a barbie pink colour, and it has a large plastic comb wand. I really like this wand as it gets each lash with every stroke, and fans them out nicely so it doesn't leave any clumps. To create the lash look i like i do have to do about 3 coats and although it does add volume i would of liked a bit more lift. Although i don't curl my lashes so i think if i was to do that it would give really lovely lashes. It stays on all day and doesn't crumble off like most cheep mascara's, however with that said it is really easy to remove at the end of the day. As i said earlier i got this in their 3 for 2 offer which is still going and doesn't end till the 4th of December, you can find MUA in certain Superdrug stores or shop online here.

MUA has done it again and given me another great mascara considering the small price tag. Have you tried this new addition to MUA yet, or are you not a fan of their mascara's? I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading, and i will see you all again soon x


NOTD: Models Own Moody Grey

Hey guys, I'm really sorry I've been so slack with doing posts i will be doing a few other the weekend. I thought i would do a quick post on my nails of the day, normally i like some art on my nails but today I've just gone for a simple winter colour. 
This is two coats of Models Own moody grey. I really like that this is a pale grey and find it so easy to wear, especially this time of year. And seem as I'm really into the whole military/studded style at the moment i think it's a great colour to work with this look. Models Own polishes retail at £5 each and at the moment you can pick them up in Boots for buy one get one half price, however if they don't have this colour or you'd just much rather order online here is the website.

Are you a fan of grey nails? Hope you enjoyed this quick notd, thanks for reading and have a great weekend x


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mallzee Announcement

Hello ladies. Sorry i didn't post anything yesterday but it was a really dark horrible rainy day so i i couldn't get any decent photo's of anything, but if today goes as planned i shall be making up for this. For the first post of the day i wanted to talk about an exciting new website that will be launching later this year, called Mallzee. Now some of you may already know about this but for those who didn't i thought i would tell you all about it. 

Mallzee is going to be a virtual mall but with a rather unique and interesting twist. They have over 200 brands including names such as urban outfitters, new look, feel unique and St. Tropez. What's great about this concept is that as it's your online mall, you just add the brands that interest you, and not only that they will showcase certain items tailored to your own personal style. Another great addition to your virtual mall is that they have included Facebook chat so you can still have that social experience whilst shopping. Also if your stuck on what to buy you can create a poll either just for your friends to see or open to the rest of Mallzee to have peoples actual opinions to help you decide. Not only does it offer your own mall experience but it also offers some great discounts, and you can also get paid if someone purchases something from your online wardrobe, even if you buy it yourself! You can use that money to then buy something online from Mallzee or donate it to charity. 

Now i realise your probably thinking Becky this website hasn't launched yet so why are you telling us about it. Well I am telling you as you can head over to their website and sign up to receive an exclusive prelaunch invite so you can make sure your one of the first people to use it. And to enter into their current competition to win £100 ($155), also if you help to spread the word you get the chance to win even more great prizes. 

To be honest i really cant wait for this site to launch to see what it's going to be like, and I'm sure other shopaholics will probably be rather excited too. It's extremely easy and quick to sign up, and if you do, as well as receiving the great offers, you also wont miss out when the site does first launch. What do you think, does this virtual mall concept interest you too? Let me know if you do sign up and i shall see you all again soon x


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NOTD: Red flocking nails

Hey guys, as you can tell from the title this is another nails of the day post. I got some more bits from sparkly nails as i really liked the studs i got from them and one of the new items i bought was some deep red flocking powder.
This creates whats known as a velvet manicure, it gives a crushed velvet look on the nails. I decided to just do my ring fingers in this as i personally prefer it as just a accent nail instead of on all my nails. I have previously tried using flocking powder, which went extremely wrong if you fancy a laugh here is the post. However this time round was a huge success, which is great as i do really like velvet nails when done right. This time round i didn't make the mistake of choosing a flocking colour and not having a polish that near enough matched it. I decided on the dark cherry flocking as i thought it would be a good match with my Barry M raspberry and it's a perfect match. The photo of the mani is under artificial lighting so unfortunately it's made the raspberry polish appear lighter than how it looks in reality, so don't be fooled they are a match made in heaven.

The process of doing it is a little annoying, as flocking powder natural clumps so you do have to sieve some of the powder first for best results, i just used i tiny little sieve doesn't matter which one you use but this is a very important part to getting this look spot on. I find it easiest and less wasteful to sieve it over a piece of paper, that way whatever you don't use it's easy to just fold the paper and gently sprinkle it back into the pot. Then paint all your nails with your chosen polish, like i say the closer it matches the flocking the better. Now you want to apply a layer of top coat, very fast drying ones can make this tricky i find applying a thick layer can help. Then quickly yet carefully (as you don't want to re clump it when picking it up) apply the flocking to your nail. Don't worry about being messy as it's only gonna stick where you've put the top coat, and lightly press down to secure it in place. Leave for a little bit (time depends mainly on your top coat and if it's fast drying) and then very lightly brush the excess off, i also tap the tip of my nail on the paper to also get rid of the excess.

Like i said i got this from Sparkly Nails (i have a link to them on the side of my blog) for just £2.99 for a 15ml pot. It might not look a lot but trust me with sieving it you really don't use a lot so it should last awhile, also they have it in lots of lovely colours. Obviously with this mani things like getting it wet and playing with it will affect how long it lasts for, so if you wanted this for a special occasion i would advise doing it on the day preferably after you've bathed. There you go one velvet mani, I'm thrilled with the results this time round and shall certainly be getting more colours, although i do love this cherry red as i think it's very festive. Are you a fan of this look? Thanks for reading, i hope you have a wonderful day and I'll see you all again soon :) x


Monday, 5 November 2012

Mini Primark / eBay haul

Hello everyone, i hope you all had a good weekend and are having a good start to the week. Today I'm sharing a few bits of clothing i got at the weekend. I would do beauty hauls but normally i only buy a few bits at a time and i normally do a post on them quite quickly, so it's a bit pointless as I'd just be showing you the exact same things. I don't really do a lot of cloth shopping but at the moment i am really digging the whole studded/military look, so lets jump to it..
These few bits i picked up from Primark i did get more shopping from there but they was for the Mr and baby monster. On the left is a tank top which is longer at the back, i picked it up in dark army green but they do have it in different colours and is just a nice light t-shirt material. I think with some nice chunky studded statement jewellery it would look amazing, and it was only £4. Next is another top, again the back is longer it has rolled up sleeves that have been stitched in place and a little pocket on one of the breasts. I picked this up in a light khaki green but they do have it i quite a few different colours. This one is a nice thin drapey material it is rather see through so i plan on just wearing a little vest top underneath, and this one was £5. And lastly i had to pick up this amazing scarf, as you can see it's a lovely mustard colour and has big skulls all over the inside and little ones all around the edge as a boarder. It is thin and quite see through, however it is really big so when wrapped around your neck i think it will still make quite a nice warm autumn scarf, and this was a steal at just £3.
Ha excuse my cat in this shot, she insisted to stay putt and the picture just looked silly when i was trying to crop her out. These Amazing boots i got from eBay for just £9! They're originally from Matalan...or so the seller told me anyways, they're like a deep washed out dirty army green colour. As you can see they lace up at the front and have two straps one having dirty gold studs, but what i love is that they zip up on the inside so you don't have to go through all that faff to put them on. I know it might be hard for you to get your hands on these exact pair as i don't think they're from this years Matalan, although with a lot of searching and patience you might. I though i would share these more to make a point that you don't have to pay a lot to get this look, sure I'd love this seasons river island military style boots but i certainly don't have enough for the £75 price tag. And i did also want to share them as i am in Loooove with them haha.
And finally i had to include this in the post as it smells amazing, i also got the honey and chocolate scented one but i was already burning that one as i took these pictures. They are currently in Sainsburry's for two for £4 and i am seriously tempted to stock up on these two whilst they are at this price. I can not stress how good they smell, i love scented candles but don't have enough for the price tag of some, so i was really happy when i saw these. Even if candles aren't your thing i still think you should go and have a whiff, cause who doesn't love Christmas scents, i would try to explain how they smell but i would fail miserably and look a fool haha. 

So there you go that's my mini weekend haul as i said i did get more but that was a few clothing bits for the Mr and baby monster, and also the majority of things was bits for baby monsters birthday which is in a few weeks eek. I hope you enjoyed it, i know i love reading other peoples hauls so if you have done one feel free to leave me a comment. I hope you have a brilliant day, and see you all again soon x


Saturday, 3 November 2012

My current skin care routine

Hello ladies, I thought i would share my current skin care routine with you to hopefully help some of you. As I've said a few times on earlier posts i get quite bad dry skin, not everywhere, mainly round my chin and mouth,nose and a little on my forehead, the rest of my skin is normal. So if you too have this type of frustrating skin than this might benefit you, here are the main products I'm using...
The first photo (of the premier soap) is not mine i took this from their website as mine doesn't look like this anymore and who wants to see a manky used soap haha. Firstly i use Huggies soft skin wet wipes to remove my eye makeup and then rub over my face to get rid of some of my foundation. I like to use these as I'm a wimp and hate any water near my eyes and i just find they take off mascara with such ease. I also really like these ones as they contain Shea butter, so they're still moisturising your skin unlike most wet wipes i found use to really dry out my skin.

I then use my Premier dead sea mineral mud soap which is full of goodness from the dead sea so leaves your skin really cleansed and refreshed. I find this really helps with my troubled dry areas and gets rid of any make up that is still left on my skin. I got this from a little stall set up in my mall but if you don't have one near you here is their website, i also have the sea salt scrub and body butter. They aren't cheap for example this soap is £10, but for me they do really work and i will certainly be re-purchasing the items i have when i run out. I use my soap six days a week, but one day a week i will use my No7 hot cloth cleanser. I only use this one day a week as i feel that's good enough for my skin, and as the muslin cloth is rough it can actually do your skin harm if you use it too much. I tend to do this every Monday night, it gets rid off any dead skin, cleans out my pores and gets rid of any nasty grimes from life. After i use this it leaves my skin as soft as a baby's bottom and just looking so clean and refreshed.

Then at night i apply a generous amount of my Body shop vitamin e moisturise cream, this is actually the day cream but it also works great as a night cream. This cream seriously works wonders for my dry skin, within a few nights of using this it improved my dry skin areas majorly. I also use this about half an hour before i apply my makeup, just to add a barrier between my skin and makeup so that whilst my makeup is on, my skin is still being moisturised. Also at night i like to apply some of my Vaseline lip therapy rosey lips so it has a lot of time to really soak in and leaves them nice and moisturised in the morning.

And that's it, i have found by just using these three items they have all but banished my dry skin.  I do also like to use an eye cream as i have terrible dark circles, however at the moment i just can't find one that works. So i don't particularly want to add one in this post that i don't really think is working for me, so if you can recommend one I'd very much appreciate it. I hope some of you found this some help if not than i am really sorry. If you too have dry skin and like a certain product feel free to leave a comment so us dry skin sufferers can all help each other. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x


October Favourites

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a pleasant start to the weekend. Today I'm doing my October favs, i realise you've probably read a million of these already, but to be honest these posts are my favourite to read and i do like to share what I've been enjoying. 
Skin Care:
I get quite bad dry skin and lips so moisturising is a Huge part in my skin care routine, especially in these harsh winter months. So my Vaseline lip therapy and Body shop vitamin e day cream have been well used and even more loved through October. There's a few different lip therapy's but i especially like the rosy lips as it contains rose and almond oil, so it smells nice and it slightly tints your lips a nice pinky rose colour. I especially like putting this on at night so it has time to really soak into my lips, and also whilst I'm doing my makeup so my lips are nice and moisturised before i apply any lipstick.
I've also re-purchased the Body shop vitamin e day cream as it is fantastic for dry skin. I did have a sample of this which i finished a few months ago and decided to try other creams instead of getting a new one. However my dry skin came back and no other cream seemed to be doing that great of a job so of course i had to pick up a big tub of this. I got the day cream as i find it's still brilliant to use as a night cream, but also it's light enough to use before i put on my makeup. 

Three of these items i have already done posts on if your interested in reading more than here is my thoughts on the wake me up foundationwake me up concealer and the kiss of life lipstick from the new Kate range. I love them all and have been wearing them all the time especially the kiss of life lipstick, i have gone from not feeling i could get away with red lips to constantly wear this lippy. I have also been loving my extreme felt eye liner by Collection 2000, unlike the MUA one i had it hasn't dried out within weeks and is still going strong.

I have been wearing Models Own gun grey a lot lately, in fact i have it on my nails now here is a swatch just in case you haven't seen it yet. And for you regular readers it's no surprise that of course i have to include my matte top coat by Rimmel, i F'in love this polish and think everyone should own it. It opens up sooo many more looks and just looks fantastic, here is one of the looks i have done with the matte top coat and gun grey.

I haven't really changed up my hair care routine so I'm still loving the same shampoo and conditioners, as well as the heat protection spray, that I've been using for a few months now. I'm not a huge fan of putting product in my hair, but i do really like this tony & guy sea salt texturising spray. I never bother straightening my hair so the bottom of my hair is kind of wavy, with spraying some of this to my ends and using my hands to scrunch it up, it leaves a really nice messy look...if that makes sense haha.

So there we go that's my October favs, are any of them your favs too? If you've also done a post on your Octobers favs then please leave me a link I'd love to know what you enjoyed using last month. Also some of you may have noticed I've jazzed up my blog a little, what do you think? Hope you have a brilliant day, don't forget to follow if you like what you see and hope to see you all again soon x


Friday, 2 November 2012

NOTD: Rock n Roll

Hello lovelies, i have another studded look for you today but this time slightly more on the Gothic side i suppose.
For this look i used Models Own gun grey, Barry M's gold, OPI metallic for life and my studs i got from sparkly nails (there link is at the side of my blog). I painted all my nails accept my ring finger in gun grey, for the ring finger i used Barry M's gold, i done two coats for each. I then used OPI metallic for life for the glittery nail, and done a chevron nail using a bit of masking tape for a stencil and painted the tip in gun grey. For the studs, simply apply a top coat and whilst wet apply studs where desired, i use a damp cotton bud to pick them up as it makes it a million times easier.

I hope you all like this rock n roll/Gothic look, thanks for reading and i hope to see you all again soon x


OPI Nail apps

Hey guys, hope your all having a lovely day. This post is a little different as it's actually a negative post, i tend to just write about what i like which may come across as ohh i just love everything, but if i don't really like something I'll just chuck it in to the bottom of a draw and forget about it. However these are so expensive i felt compelled to warn others of my findings so they aren't sucked in like i was.
I got these awhile ago, infact some of you may remember seeing these from my OPI sale haul post, these originally are priced around £13.50 but i picked them up for a snip at £3.50! You get sixteen in a pack so if you do all your nails then you only have enough for the one full application, however i had plans to use these just as accent nails so I'd have a lot more wear from them.
...This is how it turned out. I couldn't get the air bubbles out, it started to lift up at the corners within half an hour and it just looks rubbish. The thing that also infuriates me is the fact that unless you have nails as long as the whole of the wrap, you can't even see the design of the skull properly  now what's the point in that! I did do my friends nails with this a few months back and the bubbling wasn't quite as bad, but she did have very short nails at the time so i didn't really realise the full extent of how rubbish they was. 

I decided to use these today whilst creating a notd look to blog about, however they was so awful i immediately took them off and re-done the two nails i used these on. Before posting my notd i thought i would send a warning to anyone who looks at these and thinks the same as me. I'm sorry OPI i love your polish but I'm afraid this wrap is pointless and awful. Have any of you had horrible experiences with wraps? x


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Collection 2000 Glam volume lashes

Hello ladies, so these are my second pair of false lashes that i want to share my thoughts on. I was never really interested in false lashes but now being part of the blogging world and seeing how they can really set a look off, i can see another obsession slowly budding.
 Like near enough all lashes that I've seen they come with the lash glue, and of course i like the box as its pink leopard print. I went for these as i liked how they long and flirty looking but in a more natural way than my MUA siren lashes.
Please excuse the faded lips, i took these on Halloween after all the trick or treaters. I don't feel like a false lash expert (obviously as i only own two pairs) so I'm just gonna say how i found them as a lash newbie. I'm not gonna lie it took me for bloody ever to get one of them on, but i don't think i done too bad of a job, i know they aren't perfect but they're passable in my books haha. After a while they did start to irritate at the ends, but i reckon with literally just a few lashes snipped off either side just to get rid of the hard bit of plastic at the ends will solve this problem. Other than that i really love how they looked. 

They was only £2 and for how they look on, personally i don't think they look it at all. Also i think that is an amazing price for if your like me and a newbie to the lash world or even if your a lash virgin, they're nice lashes but not expensive enough for you to get upset over if something goes wrong. I hope your all having a brilliant week, thank you all for reading and i shall see you again soon x


Barry M Gelly: Pomegranate

Hello guys, i hope you all had a great Halloween. This is a quick post on my thoughts on one of Barry M's new gelly nail paints. 
I'm really sorry for the rubbish painting skills in this picture, i really need to get a special little brush for tidying up instead of using cotton buds, they just really don't cut it. I really love the colour of this polish as it's a lovely raspberry/pomegranate deep pinky red. It gives a really lovely shine to it but as always you should still wear a top coat to protect the polish and help prevent it from chipping. Despite my awful painting skills on this mani, i actually really enjoyed using it as it was easy to apply and i only need two coats. 

It retails at £4 and there are some stunning colours from the gelly range, i shall certainly be picking up a few more, no doubt in the Boots 3 for 2 offer haha. Do you have any of the gelly range yet, or is there one you have your eye on? Hope you all have a lovely day x

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