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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mallzee Announcement

Hello ladies. Sorry i didn't post anything yesterday but it was a really dark horrible rainy day so i i couldn't get any decent photo's of anything, but if today goes as planned i shall be making up for this. For the first post of the day i wanted to talk about an exciting new website that will be launching later this year, called Mallzee. Now some of you may already know about this but for those who didn't i thought i would tell you all about it. 

Mallzee is going to be a virtual mall but with a rather unique and interesting twist. They have over 200 brands including names such as urban outfitters, new look, feel unique and St. Tropez. What's great about this concept is that as it's your online mall, you just add the brands that interest you, and not only that they will showcase certain items tailored to your own personal style. Another great addition to your virtual mall is that they have included Facebook chat so you can still have that social experience whilst shopping. Also if your stuck on what to buy you can create a poll either just for your friends to see or open to the rest of Mallzee to have peoples actual opinions to help you decide. Not only does it offer your own mall experience but it also offers some great discounts, and you can also get paid if someone purchases something from your online wardrobe, even if you buy it yourself! You can use that money to then buy something online from Mallzee or donate it to charity. 

Now i realise your probably thinking Becky this website hasn't launched yet so why are you telling us about it. Well I am telling you as you can head over to their website and sign up to receive an exclusive prelaunch invite so you can make sure your one of the first people to use it. And to enter into their current competition to win £100 ($155), also if you help to spread the word you get the chance to win even more great prizes. 

To be honest i really cant wait for this site to launch to see what it's going to be like, and I'm sure other shopaholics will probably be rather excited too. It's extremely easy and quick to sign up, and if you do, as well as receiving the great offers, you also wont miss out when the site does first launch. What do you think, does this virtual mall concept interest you too? Let me know if you do sign up and i shall see you all again soon x


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