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Saturday, 10 November 2012

MUA Artiste Collection Palette

Well hello again, i told you i was going to make up for not posting much this week haha. In this post I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the MUA artiste collection multi-use palette. 
This palette contains six marbled eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter. I haven't yet tried any of the eye shadows, but to swatch they was creamy with a nice colour pay off, as you can see Ice and Grape are lovely and rich in colour. I'm looking forward to looks i can create with this and have one in mind that I'm dying to try. I love how pretty they looked, i say looked as as soon as i swatched them they got all smudged as the colours blended into each other, especially Pistachio. But that is what they are ment to do i just liked how they looked before haha.

I have used the blushers as well as the bronzer and highlight, and must say i really like them. The bronzer is quite dark especially as I'm rather pale so a light touch is all that's needed, especially as it can be a bit hard to completely blend out. The highlight isn't normally one i would choose as it is slightly shimmery, however i actually really like it and think i would certainly wear it on a night out but is still wearable in the day. The only thing i slightly dis-like about it being shimmery is you cant use it as a brow highlight which is normally what i do with my Soap & Glory solar powder. The blushers a nice to wear separately or together, i really like wearing pink sparkle with just a slight sweep of primrose over the top, which gives a nice natural looking blush. The quality of both blushes, bronze and highlight are brilliant, the colour is nice and rich and you only need a little bit and the powder itself is nice and creamy.

The main benefit i feel about this pallet is that is has everything you need if your staying somewhere overnight or going away for a holiday. Although i love my Soap & Glory solar powder the main pet hate i have is that the case doesn't secure shut so travelling with it would be an issue, where this case secures nicely so i wouldn't worry about it being in my makeup bag. It also saves on having a lot of different items to take around, fair enough you may still need to bring a palette of eye shadows, as i do feel their choice in this palette are slightly random.

This retails at £6 which i think is well worth the money for what your getting, no where else could you get six eye shadows, two blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter, in one palette and are actually good quality. I got this in their 3 for 2 offer which is running until the 4th of December, you can pick MUA products up from selected Superdrug stores or on their website. Have you tried this palette yet, if so what are your thoughts on it? Thanks for reading, i hope your all having a wonderful weekend and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. lovely shades! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  2. Fantastic swatches! I reaaallly don't need any more shadows or blushers otherwise I would be allll over this :)

  3. If the eye shadow colours were neutral I'd get this for travel x

    1. I know the choice in colours are bit odd and i am a neutral girl too, so i plan on bringing this and the Heaven & Earth palette whenever i travel x

  4. What a great palette!! Got to get this :-) I can see so many uses!! I hear MUA!

  5. Wow, that looks really nice!! Wish we had better access here in the U.S.! Love the color scheme!
    Would you mind checking out my blog? Would love to win you over as a follower (and I don´t mind to return the favor)...✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰


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