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Monday, 12 November 2012

MUA Pro-Brow Kit

Hello ladies, today i thought i would do a post on the final MUA product i picked up in the 3 for 2 offer, the pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit.
Ok so firstly I'm gonna start off with the things I'm not so keen on, my biggest dislike is that the case doesn't fasten all. Just to keep on your make up side that's fine, but this is meant to be a handy kit you can also carry around *confused face*. I'm also not keen on the brush that it comes with as it is cheep, i know MUA is a more affordable brand so i don't expect the brush to be fabulous but i can't apply the powder with this. However i do use it to apply the gel, and because i don't use it for any of the powders i find the gel stays clean and clear, so I'm not too bothered about this. And my last little niggle is with the tweezers...i just find them hard to work with.
Now i have those little niggles off my chest i shall continue with the good. As you can see it comes with three different powders, a dark, medium and very light brown. I think the shades are brilliant, i personally use the dark brown, but if one of the shades isn't a direct match you could always blend them together, so i do think this kit is well suited to a lot of people. I have never used any kind of gel for my eyebrows so this has now become a new step to my brow routine, but i really like how it looks and finishes off my brows.

Apart from the little niggles i have with this kit i do actually rather like it, and it has been my go to for doing my brows the past week or so. It retails at £3.50 and you can pick it up in selected Superdrug stores or online, and until the 4th of December they are running a 3 for 2 offer. Do you own this little kit yet, or do you swear by another? Hope you all had a brilliant weekend and a good start to the week. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x



  1. I love the MUA brow pencil but it runs out so fast so I may replace it with this.
    Also I am having a big blog sale with Essie, Mac & Revlon if you're intressted x

  2. love your blog, you're gorgeous :)!

  3. I need to find somewhere in Aus that sells MUA! There prob is but i'm so slow at finding things out haha. Your brows look lovely. And is it random i love the word niggle? Haha i just think thats classic :) xx

  4. You've inspired me to try this!

    Elspeth xx

  5. I keep reading so many good things about this product!


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