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Saturday, 3 November 2012

My current skin care routine

Hello ladies, I thought i would share my current skin care routine with you to hopefully help some of you. As I've said a few times on earlier posts i get quite bad dry skin, not everywhere, mainly round my chin and mouth,nose and a little on my forehead, the rest of my skin is normal. So if you too have this type of frustrating skin than this might benefit you, here are the main products I'm using...
The first photo (of the premier soap) is not mine i took this from their website as mine doesn't look like this anymore and who wants to see a manky used soap haha. Firstly i use Huggies soft skin wet wipes to remove my eye makeup and then rub over my face to get rid of some of my foundation. I like to use these as I'm a wimp and hate any water near my eyes and i just find they take off mascara with such ease. I also really like these ones as they contain Shea butter, so they're still moisturising your skin unlike most wet wipes i found use to really dry out my skin.

I then use my Premier dead sea mineral mud soap which is full of goodness from the dead sea so leaves your skin really cleansed and refreshed. I find this really helps with my troubled dry areas and gets rid of any make up that is still left on my skin. I got this from a little stall set up in my mall but if you don't have one near you here is their website, i also have the sea salt scrub and body butter. They aren't cheap for example this soap is £10, but for me they do really work and i will certainly be re-purchasing the items i have when i run out. I use my soap six days a week, but one day a week i will use my No7 hot cloth cleanser. I only use this one day a week as i feel that's good enough for my skin, and as the muslin cloth is rough it can actually do your skin harm if you use it too much. I tend to do this every Monday night, it gets rid off any dead skin, cleans out my pores and gets rid of any nasty grimes from life. After i use this it leaves my skin as soft as a baby's bottom and just looking so clean and refreshed.

Then at night i apply a generous amount of my Body shop vitamin e moisturise cream, this is actually the day cream but it also works great as a night cream. This cream seriously works wonders for my dry skin, within a few nights of using this it improved my dry skin areas majorly. I also use this about half an hour before i apply my makeup, just to add a barrier between my skin and makeup so that whilst my makeup is on, my skin is still being moisturised. Also at night i like to apply some of my Vaseline lip therapy rosey lips so it has a lot of time to really soak in and leaves them nice and moisturised in the morning.

And that's it, i have found by just using these three items they have all but banished my dry skin.  I do also like to use an eye cream as i have terrible dark circles, however at the moment i just can't find one that works. So i don't particularly want to add one in this post that i don't really think is working for me, so if you can recommend one I'd very much appreciate it. I hope some of you found this some help if not than i am really sorry. If you too have dry skin and like a certain product feel free to leave a comment so us dry skin sufferers can all help each other. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon x



  1. Thanks for the post. I'm going to try that soap out cause i've never found a product that really works for my dry skin. xo

    1. I love mine before I got it at times my dry skin was that bad you could really notice it when I was wearing foundation, within a week of using that every night it cleared it up lovely. I hope it works for you too, let me know if you do get it and if its working xx

  2. A beautiful face is the identity of your status. We will guide you to easy and daily skin care routine, and natural skin care routine especially for winter and other seasons.

  3. The superdrug hot cloth cleanser is awesome for dry skin! Great post :)


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