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Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Favourites

Hello everyone, i hope your all having a pleasant start to the weekend. Today I'm doing my October favs, i realise you've probably read a million of these already, but to be honest these posts are my favourite to read and i do like to share what I've been enjoying. 
Skin Care:
I get quite bad dry skin and lips so moisturising is a Huge part in my skin care routine, especially in these harsh winter months. So my Vaseline lip therapy and Body shop vitamin e day cream have been well used and even more loved through October. There's a few different lip therapy's but i especially like the rosy lips as it contains rose and almond oil, so it smells nice and it slightly tints your lips a nice pinky rose colour. I especially like putting this on at night so it has time to really soak into my lips, and also whilst I'm doing my makeup so my lips are nice and moisturised before i apply any lipstick.
I've also re-purchased the Body shop vitamin e day cream as it is fantastic for dry skin. I did have a sample of this which i finished a few months ago and decided to try other creams instead of getting a new one. However my dry skin came back and no other cream seemed to be doing that great of a job so of course i had to pick up a big tub of this. I got the day cream as i find it's still brilliant to use as a night cream, but also it's light enough to use before i put on my makeup. 

Three of these items i have already done posts on if your interested in reading more than here is my thoughts on the wake me up foundationwake me up concealer and the kiss of life lipstick from the new Kate range. I love them all and have been wearing them all the time especially the kiss of life lipstick, i have gone from not feeling i could get away with red lips to constantly wear this lippy. I have also been loving my extreme felt eye liner by Collection 2000, unlike the MUA one i had it hasn't dried out within weeks and is still going strong.

I have been wearing Models Own gun grey a lot lately, in fact i have it on my nails now here is a swatch just in case you haven't seen it yet. And for you regular readers it's no surprise that of course i have to include my matte top coat by Rimmel, i F'in love this polish and think everyone should own it. It opens up sooo many more looks and just looks fantastic, here is one of the looks i have done with the matte top coat and gun grey.

I haven't really changed up my hair care routine so I'm still loving the same shampoo and conditioners, as well as the heat protection spray, that I've been using for a few months now. I'm not a huge fan of putting product in my hair, but i do really like this tony & guy sea salt texturising spray. I never bother straightening my hair so the bottom of my hair is kind of wavy, with spraying some of this to my ends and using my hands to scrunch it up, it leaves a really nice messy look...if that makes sense haha.

So there we go that's my October favs, are any of them your favs too? If you've also done a post on your Octobers favs then please leave me a link I'd love to know what you enjoyed using last month. Also some of you may have noticed I've jazzed up my blog a little, what do you think? Hope you have a brilliant day, don't forget to follow if you like what you see and hope to see you all again soon x


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  1. i swear by that eyeliner and i loved that night cream! x


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