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Friday, 2 November 2012

OPI Nail apps

Hey guys, hope your all having a lovely day. This post is a little different as it's actually a negative post, i tend to just write about what i like which may come across as ohh i just love everything, but if i don't really like something I'll just chuck it in to the bottom of a draw and forget about it. However these are so expensive i felt compelled to warn others of my findings so they aren't sucked in like i was.
I got these awhile ago, infact some of you may remember seeing these from my OPI sale haul post, these originally are priced around £13.50 but i picked them up for a snip at £3.50! You get sixteen in a pack so if you do all your nails then you only have enough for the one full application, however i had plans to use these just as accent nails so I'd have a lot more wear from them.
...This is how it turned out. I couldn't get the air bubbles out, it started to lift up at the corners within half an hour and it just looks rubbish. The thing that also infuriates me is the fact that unless you have nails as long as the whole of the wrap, you can't even see the design of the skull properly  now what's the point in that! I did do my friends nails with this a few months back and the bubbling wasn't quite as bad, but she did have very short nails at the time so i didn't really realise the full extent of how rubbish they was. 

I decided to use these today whilst creating a notd look to blog about, however they was so awful i immediately took them off and re-done the two nails i used these on. Before posting my notd i thought i would send a warning to anyone who looks at these and thinks the same as me. I'm sorry OPI i love your polish but I'm afraid this wrap is pointless and awful. Have any of you had horrible experiences with wraps? x



  1. I recently tried Nail Rock wraps and they were awful! So difficult to apply and get looking neat. I'll stick to varnish from now on! x

  2. Aw thats a shame :( They would have been cool if they had worked.

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