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Friday, 7 December 2012

Firmoo Glasses & Big Giveaway

Hello ladies, I hope you ave all having a great week. Some of you may remember that the other month i was saying how i needed glasses, well shortly after this i was contacted by a company called Firmoo offering me a free pair of glasses to review. I got to choose a pair from their free range and of course me being me i went for the geek look...
I went for these wonderful big black frames which have two little round silver details either side by the arms, simple but brilliant i think. They come in a big sturdy blue glasses case, which I'm not crazy about as i do like packaging to be nice, however your glasses are safe and sound in this case and you can just chuck it in your handbag and at the end of the day that's it's job. You also get a little black pouch too, however i think this would probably be used more for sunglasses, but it's still nice to get an alternative. And lastly, you also get a handy little repair screwdriver that is a key ring with two extra screws. 
Now the beauty of Firmoo is if you need glasses when ordering them you just fill in your lens details, which you can find on your prescription, so nice and easy. However even if you don't need glasses but just wanted that look, you can still order from the website but it just wont have prescription lens's in them. I found ordering them very easy, and the customer service was great. As this company is based in America shipping took a little while but when placing an order in say Specsavers you have to wait a week to get your glasses anyway so this really didn't bother me. I was contacted when they was dispatched and given a tracking number so i could keep an eye on their where abouts, which i think is great. I find the lens's spot on, so i now have my Roxy pair of glasses and these which is perfect as i can now have a pair constantly in my hand bag. 

The thing that i am most impressed with about this company is the fact they offer a first pair free service for all new costumers, all they have to pay for is the shipping charge. Now if you just find out you need glasses and don't qualify for a NHS voucher glasses can be rather expensive and some people may not be able to afford a pair, or a nice fashionable pair that they like. Lets face it health is important and your sight is part of your health, but we also like to look good and being told you have to start wearing glasses can make you feel a bit self conscious and your going to want a nice pair that your going to want to wear. Well Firmoo offer the opportunity for that, and for people who want to be a little different and are bored of what Specsavers or Boots have to offer them. They have some lovely designs to choose from at reasonable prices, and even the free frames which is where these are from are really nice. 

To make this even better i was contacted again with a little something for you guys, 25 lucky winners will receive a voucher worth $20 to spend on a pair of glasses! This will not include the designer frames and can't be used towards shipping. So if you are a new customer you could order a free pair, and if your also a winner you can select another pair you like with $20 towards them, how great is that. This competition is open internationally and closes on the 17th of this month as the voucher expires on the 25th of December. Good luck to all of you that enter, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x

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  1. I have to wear glasses everyday of my life - annoying right? So when I choose my frames, I tend to go for a bigger framed pair, only because its cooler than having the normal ones.

  2. thick rimmed glasses :)

  3. Love these glasses, they're so pretty on you! xo

  4. I love the black framed glasses style like you're wearing here! xx

  5. Ah these are so cute :) I'm always stealing my boyfriends glasses because I think they look better on me, shame they do no good for my eyes so these would be perrrrrfect!


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