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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque

Hi guys, sorry i haven't posted in a few days it was baby monsters birthday party today, so as you can imagine I've been a bit busy haha. Anyway i wanted to talk about one of the main hair masques I've used to get my hair back to being in good condition. Most readers will probably already know that a few weeks ago i used the Loreal wild ombre kit to ombre my hair and it really killed the ends of my hair, if you want to know more about the kit please see my separate post. My hair has always been in good condition so I've never really needed to do hair masques, but seem as the ends of my hair my was like straw and was getting badly tangled i figured now would be a good time. 
The salon i go to uses Macadamia oil so i knew how amazing my hair felt after i went there so i decided to pop in and pick up the sample size of the deep repair masque. This is a 30ml sachet and was plenty to cover all my hair, and i have long really thick hair. My salon sells it for £4.10 but prices may very depending where you buy this from. It says to apply on clean hair and leave on for seven minutes, however my hairdresser said the longer you leave it on for the better. I shampooed my hair twice as normal so it was clean and smothered all my hair from root to tip, to keep the moisture in put a carrier bag over my hair (like a shower cap) and kept it on for about a hour and a half. This stuff smells unbelievably good, and is really thick and creamy so it really clings onto your hair, which i really liked. I decided to leave it on for so long as it was quite expensive and when i wash my hair i always leave my conditioner in for about ten minutes anyway, so i wanted to get the most out of this masque and make sure my hair had time to really soak all the goodness in.

 After i rinsed it all out and dried my hair i was extremely pleased with the results, now i knew the Macadamia range was good but this improved the condition of my hair dramatically. My hair actually felt soft again and i could run my fingers through without it constantly pulling, and it still smelt amazing. Now my hair still isn't in the condition it used to be but compared to what it was it is certainly in a good condition that i can now live with. I am in love with this product so much so i will certainly be purchasing the bigger tub, they start around the £20 mark but in my eyes it's certainly worth every penny. 

If you are interested in this but you don't know a salon that sells them, you can get these from a lot of websites. I have selected the get hooked package for you from feel unique, if you are interested and would like to give it a try. Have you tried this masque or any product from the Macadamia range? I know I'm certainly in love with it. I hope your all having a great weekend, thanks for reading and i shall see you all again soon x



  1. Ooh I haven't tried anything from the Macadamia range but I'll definitely be picking one of these up - I'm looking for a really good hair treatment so this seems perfect. Love that you used a carrier bag; I always seem to end up using one too!x

    1. Haha i don't own a shower cap so a tesco carrier had to do, as you can imagine i looked the bomb haha, glad i'm not the only one who has done this. I love the range, it's not cheep but my god my hair feels so good after it's worth it xx

  2. definetely will buy this :) my hair look so frizzy and dry and unhealthy :(

  3. This product is that the best repair mask that I even have ever used on my hair!! Jamaican Black Castor Oil


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