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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mark Hill Rock Chick Wave Wand

Hello again lovelies. Some of you may know from my beauty and make up haul that i bought myself a pair of Mark Hills rock chick wave wand curlers. There are lots of different Mark Hill curlers and wave wands to chose from as i found out. But i decided on these as i didn't want to bother with a clamp because i thought it would be easier and quicker for me just to hold the end of my hair. I also chose this pair as i didn't want full on ringlet curls and thought this would give me the look i was after, and of course the pink animal print is just an added bonus.
Now I'm not gonna lie to you guys, i am pants when it comes to hair....i mean really rubbish haha. I have never been one of these girls that can do lots of fancy lovely looks with their hair, it's just part of girlyness that seems to have passed me by. However no more shall it pass me by and i shall have lovely wavy hair dam it haha.
All i done was section off my hair, then with the wand held upside down take a small section of hair and wrap it around the wand away from my face. I done this process all over my head, apart from the very top section. It did take me a bit of time as i do have extremely thick long hair, and like i said i am rubbish when it comes to hair so with it being my first time, it took awhile for me to get the hang of it. To finish off i simply teased the top of my hair to add some volume and then lightly sprayed it with hair spray.

 As you can see with the wand you also get these two rather odd looking gloves, to help prevent you from burning yourself. I got to admit i didn't really get on with them so i didn't bother wearing them, and i only burnt myself once wahooo. The wand itself is so easy to use, simply plug it in hold the on button and select the temperature you wish. It also has i little wire stand on it that flips out for it to rest on, cause as you can imagine it gets extremely hot. I found it super easy to use, so if i can use it and get my hair looking that nice on my first attempt, anyone can trust me. 
I even really like how it looked the next day and was surprised that it was still nice and wavy, even though i had slept in it and brushed it. I got this from Boots for just £30, at the moment they are half price so they are originally £60, but i do believe they are half price until the 27th of December. I'm really glad i picked these up, they look great and are super easy to use and I'm extremely pleased with the results. If you are looking for a pair to give you this kind of look i would certainly recommend them. Thanks for reading, i hope you have a great day and i shall see you all again soon x


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